CHARLESTON, W.Va. — As prices for almost everything go up, Appalachian Power is offering several programs in the months ahead to help save customers money.

“I’d like customers to be looking out for several programs we’re going to be introducing that are pretty exciting,” said Appalachian Power Spokesperson Jeri Matheney.

Matheney said, already in place, are instant rebates for compact fluorescent bulbs.  Customers who make the switch will notice the bulbs in their local retailer.  They are clearly marked with the Appalachian Power logo.

“If you’re at Lowe’s or Wal-Mart or another retailer you can find the sticker on the price tag,” she said.  “You can tell it’s discounted because those will be priced a lot lower than the ones sitting right beside it on the shelf and don’t have a discount.”

Matheney said the next program they plan to roll out in the summer will benefit customers just in time for spring cleaning.  They’ll offer a $50 rebate for any old refrigerator or freezer.

“Old refrigerators and freezers that are working, but they’re in your garage are really electricity hogs,” Matheney said. “People who turn them in, we’ll have a program that will pick them up and customers can get a $50 rebate for them.”

Matheney said there are many other suggestions to save on your electric bill every month. You can find those ideas at the Appalachian Power website.

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  • karen walker

    i got a kemore refrigerators it was purchase in 2001 it work but the ice maker is frozzen are the ice together i just has it fixed about 3 month ago sear put in a new ice maker in it but he not working right if i get a new energy saver would i still get the rebate for you are to picked it up if i deside to get a new one this one is not an energy saver i want to go with an energy saver

  • Voter

    How about if you quit raising the rates. That would be a big savings to us.

    • Robert

      Thank Obama