CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Washington High grabbed the top seed in the boys Class AAA state tournament scheduled for next week at the Charleston Civic Center. The West Virginia SSAC released the seedings after the AAA regional finals wrapped up Tuesday night.


1. Washington

2. South Charleston

3. Hedgesville

4. George Washington

5. Huntington

6. Parkersburg South

7. Hurricane

8. Morgantown

Play in the boys tournament begins Wednesday, March 19. All games will be broadcast by MetroNews radio affiliates and can be heard via streaming at

AAA QUARTERFINALS (Wednesday, March 19)
11:15 a.m. No. 2 South Charleston vs. No. 7 Hurricane
7:15 p.m. No. 1 Washington vs. No. 8 Morgantown
AAA QUARTERFINALS (Thursday, March 20)
11:15 a.m. No. 4 George Washington vs. No. 5 Huntington
7:15 p.m. No. 3 Hedgesville vs. No. 6 Parkersburg South
AAA SEMIFINALS (Friday, March 21)
5:30 p.m. Washington/Morgantown winner vs. George Washington/Huntington winner
9 p.m. South Charleston/Hurricane winner vs. Hedgesville/Parkersburg South
7:15 p.m. Semifinal winners



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  • Aaron

    Perhaps it is off topic, but are the recent non-sports headlines involving Martinsburg athletes causation or correlation for the recent success at that school?

    • WVfan304

      You mean the TWO martinsburg players. That's 2 of about they 70 different players they've had in the last 2 years.

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  • sugarbear12

    Eastern panhandle fan. Martinsburg in particular. I'm going with a Washington vs SC matchup. I think SC would crush Hedgesville. Will be a great game if this matchup takes place.

    • EPfan

      Don't underestimate Hedgesville. I am a Mburg supporter and I know that Church finds a way to win. SC is probably overrated anyway - teams from that area always seem to be overrated (except on the girl side?).

  • Bob

    Since the year 2000 the southern part of the start has won 11 and the eastern panhandle has won 3.So why are you on here talking trash when you have nothing to back it up.

    • EPfan

      Back to the future.

    • Epahandle

      You also had a college basketball program in Huntington for three straight years. As well as an open door where students played for SC one year then went to GW, or Cabell or somewhere where they were winning. So yea you've had success the last 14 years, but the last 5 belong to the EP

      • Kory

        SC always has talent. It's never been an open door or one and done there either. The only player we had in recent memory that left was Elmore. Played a year in prep school then went to GW. We had Henry and Dobson who stayed. Both D1 players and one in the NFL now. What D1 talent came from there other than Pittsnogle?

        • EPanhandle

          Steve Roach, Brandon Barrett, Nate Sowers, Dante Grantham, Eugene German, Kevin Pittsnogle I think the list could continue. Oh and the rest of the panhandle could put up a list of about ten more.

          • ChrisEP

            Dont forget about QJ Peterson who is the star as a freshman at VMI. And CJ Burks will go D1 after this season for Hedgesville. Domo from Washington as well.

      • Ted

        Where do you get last 5 you mean last 2 you guys are so amazing know your facts.

        • Epanhandle

          What I mean is in the last 5 years (recent years) The EP has won four out of 5 state championships for football, three out of five for basketball, and three out of 5 for baseball. So yes the EP runs the three major sports. For the last 5 years. What kills me though is that the Southern part of the state for some reason hates and always makes ignorant comments about the North or EP. Dag on people we are all WV people we should be more concerned with why our athletes aren't being recruited. Why isn't our state allowed to practice all year round? Why are our parents charging courts, yelling at coaches, or complaining about something they have no control of. We need to get together as a state and get these young men and women the exposure and opportunities that our surrounding states get. Sorry for the little rant.

          • EPanhandle

            I totally agree ^^^^ It would be nice if the SSAC would come up with a way to make that happen. I guess we will find out in a couple years.

          • EPfan

            I agree 100%. There are some many D1, D11, D111 teams in America that the majority of these players could go somewhere. It would probably mean educating the coaches and actually have one person on each coaching staff who job it is to promote and find athletic scholarships for these student athletes. In my experience, the focus seems to be on the in state universities and not on the other oportunities that might be available elsewhere?

    • Kory

      To be technical they won cause Parkersburg South won in 2003

  • jay zoom

    (Ricky Bobby) according to the bookies in Nevada and yes they do have a line on the state tourney - Washington is the favorite - Hedgesville is second and Morgantown is third.

    • Kory

      I like how this bracket is set up. Teams from the north will have to go through teams from the south in order to have an eastern panhandle showdown. Not a GW fan but if they beat Huntington then Washington will have their hands full. They haven't seen a player like John Elmore yet this year. If it wasn't for his dad and brother playing for VMI then he would have gone to a better school. Hedgesville better look out for SC to. Can't wait to hear what people have to say if SC and GW play for the title.

      • EPfan

        Washington has 4 or 5 John Elmores. Damo - and just about everyone from the panhandle who follows high school basketball knows who I am referencing - is (by far) the best player in the stae of West Virginia this year. For those who you who have not seen the "Fab Five" (and I use that phrase lightly because I know what happened to the original) will be in for a big surprise when they come calling in Charleston. I know these young men and their coaches are very humble and probably do not like all this excitement about them; however, I believe they have a team that is markedly better than the one Martinsburg won with last year.

        • Kory

          4 or 5 John Elmores.....really. I guess all 4 or 5 of those players from Washington average about 30 points a game then, and plays efficiently as John does

          • Epanhandle

            Kory what you are forgetting is that your boy is the only player on his team. Yes Domo, Kendell, Rome, Malique, Keldon, and Hundley could be putting up 30 on any given night. However they are a TEAM and work together as a unit. You will soon find out.

  • EP_Haters

    All of this eastern panhandle pride is good and all....but if Washington gets upset (which is highly unlikely) I won't be rooting for Hedgesville.

    • Ricky Bobby

      I agree, as long as someone from the Eastern Panhandle wins

  • Ricky Bobby

    No one is beating Washington, just like no one could beat Martinsburg last year. The Eastern Panhandle will dominate again like we have since 2009!

  • DR

    Blah blah blah and let the easterners start whining bout how they get screwed / no media attention / everyone in "mainland WV" Hates us / BLAH BLAH BLAH! I do know this, there are some great people from the eastern panhandle BUT you bloggers on here always seem like cry babies in football, basketball, baseball, track, well just EVERY SPORT!

    • JackFlemingFan

      DR, I don't know what county you are from nor do I really care, but you know the Eastern Panhandle gets no respect from the other parts of West Virginia. People in other parts of the state; such as you, are jealous of the Eastern Panhandle as there is plenty of economic growth and jobs here which leads to plenty of taxes flowing into Charleston to keep clowns like you happy. One could even go so far as suggesting that the Eastern Panhandle is the State of West Virginia. Now getting back to sports, each year teams from the Eastern Panhandle aren't given the respect they deserve. Washington High School is an exception as they are ranked #1 in high school basketball. I have seen Washington High School play basketball and they are the real deal and you and everyone else are in for a rude awakening thinking they are not. The only time some sort of 'respect' is shown is when a high school team from the Eastern Panhandle (Hedgesville, Martinsburg, Jefferson or Washington) wins another state championship in baseball, basketball, football, tennis, track, etc. So you keep adding your 'highly intelligent comments' and slamming the Eastern Panhandle and the Eastern Panhandle will keep proving you and all your kind wrong by winning state championships again and again and again..................

    • DWM

      No, they used to whine about getting screwed, now mostly, they just are beating their chest over winning another basketball, football, or baseball title.

      The scary thought that many don't realize is that they have dominated football and basketball at the same time that they took Jefferson and made it Jefferson and Washington and took Martinsburg and Hedgesville and made it Martinsburg, Hedgesville, and Spring Mills. They've added two AAA schools, making the remaining schools smaller, and are still dominating.

  • EPfan

    The finals in Charleston is going to be an all Eastern Panhandle thing this year. Washington/Hedgesville-4. I am sure Kelly Church will try to pull one more Rabbit out of his bag of tricks but Washington will have the answer. Coach Danny Bullet and his coaching team has prepared their players for battle and they are operating like a well oiled machine. Good luck Washington as you bring back the hardware to the Eastern Panhandle where it belongs. Good luck to Hedgesville as well.

    • 25309

      SC will bring home the Championship with that stingy defense!!!! Go Black Eagles!!!!!

      • Not SC This Year!

        25309, NOT HAPPENING THIS YEAR!!!!


    Washington will win state title!!!!


    The good old boys need to recognize that the best in ALL sports are here in the Eastern Panhandle.(other than home cooking wrestling in Huntington). Some day Charleston will have to give up all the power and understand that the best is in the Eastern Pan!!!!!!!!

    • Steve

      I don't understand "home cooking" for wrestling in Huntington. I am positive that there are few if any officials from Huntington or the surrounding area. The closest officials are from the Charleston area and if there is any issue it would be that Huntington beats the area teams every year. If you had a clue you would understand that success in many of these sports is cyclical, meaning that teams go through ups and downs for a few years. Get over youself!


        I totally understand the ups and downs of sports 'steve' but move the venues around. Give the rest of the state a chance to host championships. The Eastern Pan has the resources to host such events. And if YOU know sports, it's alot easier to compete when you can walk out your front door than travel 5-7 hours away.

        • Steve

          There is no need to put quotation marks around my name it actually is Steve. I agree that the venues should be moved around, and it is easier if you don't have to travel, but I don't know that it is a deciding factor in state title or tournament games. If it were you would not see Parkersburg or South win all the wrestling tournaments prior to the last two years, or you would always see a school from the Kanawha Valley always winning the basketball tournaments. I think many kids like going to a different part of the state for events. It is up to committees in different regions to bid on the events. I would love to see them spread around too. There are many quality places to have these events.

    • kory

      There are AA teams in recent memory that would have gave your schools up there a run for their money, even this year. I hate that there is such a distance cause I'd love to see more north vs south matchups during the course of the year.


        Football, basketball, Baseball, track. Forget about it.

  • ryan

    no way hedgesville #3, not saying they don't belong, just not the 3rd best team in the state

    • EPfan

      In my mind Hedgesville should be rank number two since that's probable where they will be ranked when the dust clears. All the other sections play among themselves and believe, falsely, that they are good. We will find out in a little over one week. Washington will finish first and Hedgesville second unless Church can have his team slow it down enough again this year (remember 2012) to create another shocker? Go EP teams..

      • Kory

        How do you see Hedgesville as a #2 and not SC?? Let me ask this, what was the competition like for your schools up there other than Washington and Hedgesville?
        SC beat Beckley twice, GW twice, Hurricane and Huntington who are both in the tourny. Won every game except for a fluke against Capital. Also beat one of the best teams in KY.

        • Kory

          Jefferson, Sherando, Musselman, Berkeley Springs, Spring Mills, Hampshire!! Competition lacked up there this year so don't go by the eye test and who you beat.

          • Ricky Bobby

            Every team in the Eastern Panhandle was weak this year except for Washington but yet Martinsburg Hedgesville and Musselman were in the top 10 all year so the rest of the state must be pretty weak as well

    • Aaron

      Why not? They play in arguably the toughest region in the state and while GW perhaps has a case, both teams lost sectional finals and Hedgesville does have a better record. At this points, it's semantics.

  • Skins

    How does hurricane get 7 th seed

    • BBall Fan

      Hurricane has better record and beat Parkersburg South by 20 during season. SSAC at its finest

      • JimBo

        SSAC has no controll over seedings. The sixteen teams remaining fill out a ballot ranking the teams 1 thru 16 and cannot vote for their own team, so after the regional finals the remaining 8 teams are seeded according to how the coaches voted.

      • kory

        I agree Hurricane should be the 6th seed. Parkersburg South losing to Morgantown twice and Parkersburg alone should put them at 7.

  • mtbg fan

    you must have not seen washington or hedgesville play here comes the panhandle for #3

    • kory

      I will say I'm glad to see Washington come out of the eastern panhandle. If Huntington wouldn't have let off the gas against Martinsburg then it may have been a different story with Washington last year. They are fun to watch and they're fast but I think SC can match them. SC is a defensive nightmare year in and year out.

      • Big Show

        kory, your so korny! LOL

        Washington all the way!!!!!!

  • kory

    This is South Charlestons time!! After all the years SC has made the tournament, championship game and falling short is not going to happen. No more Mayo and Huntington, no more missing a free throw to give Martinsburg a win and definitely no Beckley to stand in the way. Go Black Eagles and bring home the trophy.

    • ChrisEP

      SC is overrated just about every year since the 09 season when they reached the finals. I do think they will be strong next season and the year after with Brandon Knapper coming back. Possibly a title coming then but I don`t see it this year.

    • Aaron

      Wouldn't it be interesting if young Mr. Elmore were to lead GW to the promised land.

    • 25309

      Black Eagles bringin home that SHIP!!!!!!