MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — An autopsy reveals an elderly Martinsburg woman died a brutal death at the hands of a killer. Martha Tyler, 72, was found dead Saturday with her hands bound and a bag over her head.

“The cause of death is strangulation and suffocation,” said Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Gary Harmison.

Harmison said they believe the incident happened early Saturday morning, but are still unsure of a motive. Although Tyler had valuables in the home, none had been touched and there was no sign of forced entry.

“Our theory is she either knew the person or she let the person in under some pretext because there was no forced entry,” he said. “The family did a walk through and as far as we know, nothing was taken. She had computers, jewelery and everything appeared intact.”

About two weeks ago somebody kicked in the door of Tyler’s home and she was robbed. The door had been repaired from the incident, but it’s unclear if the murder and the break-in are connected.  Tyler was a widow and her husband died about a year ago. She had a pet dog which was with her when she was discovered.

“We do have some leads we’re following up on,” Harmison said. “We have a person we’re looking at.”


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  • Jonus Grumby

    Eastern Panhandle news sources are reporting an arrest has been made. The alleged perpetrator knew the victim & was said to have used her bank card(s) many times following her death.

  • taylornicolecollins

    Im tired of my tax money going to better these people in prison. they need to fix this issue and when the person who did this is caught, i hope they get a million times worse to them as they did to this innocent elderly lady. scum bag! Thats horrible to do to anyone especially an elderly lady who cannot defend herself. rot in h*** u piece of sh**. .... god bless the family who are hurt in this case. my you all find closure.

  • chasmo

    Mr. Bullsnip : you are 1000% correct- need to find this P O S with a bullet in their head or just cut them and let them bleed out on the street. Citizens of WV, haven't you had ENOUGH of this type of behavior ?? No need for " appeals " on CERTAIN CRIMINAL ACTS . Can anyone supply the NUMBER doing LIFE W/OUT MERCY / CHANCE OF PAROLE ? Check it out. Think about this as everything we as law abiding citizens need just to " make it" keeps going up in prices , yet these POS continue to live via our TAX MONEY ! ENOUGH is ENOUGH

  • Mr Bullsnip

    If they do catch this piece of s@$* I think they should give him/her a date with old sparky or just hang him/her at the nearest tree. Lets quit wasting taxpayers dollars on housing and feeding this scum.