MORGANTOWN, W.Va.— Continuing their quest for taller defensive backs, West Virginia’s coaches received a 2015 commitment from 6-foot-2 Sheldrick Redwine of Miami, Fla.

Redwine became the 10th pledge for next year’s class, one recruiting analysts are forecasting to be among the Mountaineers’ most acclaimed ever. He has yet to receive a star rating from Rivals, which will change once players are reclassified amid the summer camps circuit.

Redwine, the fifth commitment from Florida, was recruited by running backs coach JaJuan Seider and holds offers from Cincinnati, Marshall, UAB, Temple, Appalachian State, Charlotte and Western Michigan.

Redwine has primarily played cornerback at Killian High, though his size also could translate to safety in college. West Virginia’s tallest member of the secondary currently is 6-2 redshirt freshman Malik Greaves, who’s expected to see playing time this fall. The rest of the regulars range from sophomore cornerback Daryl Worley, junior safety K.J. Dillon and suspended senior Travis Bell—all listed at 6-foot-1—to junior safety Karl Joseph, who’s 5-10.

Two other defensive back commitments in the 2015 class, 6-foot-3 Kendrell McFadden and 6-foot Kelvin Williams, also have the size WVU coaches hope can disrupt Big 12 receivers.

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  • Shawn 108

    I try to read all these posts and sometimes get tired of all the complaining. yep 4-8 sucks and for as bad as we played all last year, juggled QBs, up and down running game, we still were 20 or so plays from being at least a .500 team. We just need the guys that are here to work hard and make more plays. We also need a QB. If this Skylar Howard or William Crest is as good as advertised and our WRs make a few more plays we might be a little more fun to watch

  • Shawn 108

    Welcome to MOUNTAINEER nation

  • 76 Alumni! Michael Stephan III

    Great addition!

  • Wvu fan

    I agree with Barry a true fan is always behind them good season or bad

  • Barry

    You call yourselves fans and all you do is complain and discount the hard work the entire staff does. Who left the cupboard bare ? Not the current staff. ! Get a life and become a TRUE fan. Stop whining and start supporting.

    • Steve

      Barry is the man. All of you who think that holgs and Ollie are ruining the team need to find a different sport to follow because your heads are clearly a mile up your brown-eye. The cupboard was indeed left bare, it wasn't the move to the big 12.

  • jay zoom

    as we all can see the talent that has committed to WVU are whats left over from other major colleges bottom of the lists prospects. once again in 2015 a 4 - 8 season is at hand. THANKS OLLIE

    • Big John

      Need to root for Pitt-Do not need you on this board

    • N2DRT

      JZ eats hot dogs at 8 a.m.

    • JWWS

      So a highly rated recruiting class by many experts will translate into a 4-8 season. Why don't you just find another team to support because you are a discrace to WVU. I can remember not too long ago when 1 season in 4 being good was acceptable. When the cabinet is left bare it takes a while to get it stocked again.

      • wvuman31

        Boom JWWS!!! @jayzoom we have already stolen two top florida players from top school Jovon Durante and Kendrell Mcfadden both of these guys are being heavily recruited by top teams like Miami, FSU, Fla, and UofA and are both invited to the Army High school All american game where the nations best talent goes to play. And in this recent recruiting class we stole Donte-Thomas Williams, Dravon Henry, Yodny Cajuste, and Davonte James. This team is a deep as it's ever been since Rich Rod was last in Motown. We are a young but very talented team. Holgs just has to find this team a good QB and I as a Mountaineer fan who bleeds gold and blue through and through believes he can do that. Do your research before you open your mouth!

  • jwg66

    Getting early committments is a good thing. We are getting kids high on our list. Just remember, they still need to sign their LOI, qualify academically and enroll. Have also noticed we are getting more early enrollees which is great. This allows our coaches to more speciffically go after other positions of need while helping the players to transition to college. We need to work our way out of the high attrition losses from coach Stew's last 2 classes. Maybe then we can compete.


    I laud the chase for bigger, faster , stronger . . . let's not forget the base FACTOR . . . skill at playing the game . . .
    speed & size don't do you corner , or your team any good , if he is unwilling to engage a runner turning the corner or sacrificing his body to disrupt the convoy of blockers . . .
    unlike the O guys being chased , the best D guys don't always play for highly successful HS teams . . .

  • squad

    for real, very happy to see this class get better and better..welcome

  • squad

    sweatsuit huggins..ask him if....oh...sorry this is football...uh..doesn't wear the school colors, blah blah blah.....

    thought id just bust them out before...well, you know

  • Alex

    This young man maybe a 4 or 5 star by this time next year. We don't know, but he no doubt has potential, or our coaches would not have recruited him..... I am looking forward to football season.

    • Les Go

      I'm looking forward to football season, even during football season.

      Last year's games really were mostly distasteful and sad to witness, for the Mountaineer faithful. Nobody probably felt that keen pain, more than the Mountaineer players and it's coaches. The team had some good talent last year, but it seemed like the players lacked that winning spark, that had been there in years gone by. The lack of spark is something that shouldn't totally be blamed on the players, but on the coaches as well.

      The Mountaineers should scout their coaching talent, as well as scouting the playing talent. We saw last year and the year before, how the old buddy system coach recruiting strategy in MoTown has worked out and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

  • Dave

    This 2015 class just seems to keep getting better all the time. Excellent job coaches on recruiting. Congratulations Sheldrick on your commitment to the Mountaineers and best of luck with your upcoming season.

  • harvey Lantz

    Good smart signing..2015 looks like a banner year for the Mountaineers..Love it..Hey Big joe,,along with a great school,,and great athletics,,W.V.U also has a fantastic medical dept..You really should go visit it...Seems you might have a serious case of Visional rectumitis..

  • WVcoal

    Welcome aboard Sheldrick! It's a great day to be a Mountaineer!

  • Big joe

    Glad we signed him early to beat those other big time schools , like app. St. Michigan oops Im sorry I mean western Michigan . Boy we are really out recruiting those big boys!

    • Mtnpwr

      Hey Big Joe, this kid hasn't signed yet he's just committed. That can change! But hopefully he'll sign next year. Look's like a solid recruit! Let's Go Mountaineers!

    • Bondo

      You forgot Marshall.

      • terry mays

        marshall will never compete with wvu...never

    • WVUAlum04

      Go back to rooting for Marshla and their world beating last place, strength of schedule. You probably never even attended WVU, ya bandwagoner.

    • BigB

      Joe, I'm not sure your watching WVU recruiting, this player might not have offers from big schools but as of right now our 2015 class is rank in the top 5 in the nation!

      • Realist

        I'm not sure being one of the smellier recruiting classes is something to be proud of.