MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — National audiences have been introduced to the tragic story of Skylar Neese over the last several days with NBC’s Dateline and The Dr. Phil Show profiling the brutal murder of the 16-year-old girl from Monongalia County.

Ron Rittenhouse/Dominion Post

Monongalia County Prosecutor Marcia Ashdown and Skylar Neese’s father, Dave Neese, addressed reporters following the sentencing of Rachel Shoaf.

Skylar’s father Dave Neese has been pleased with the way national media outlets of portrayed his daughter’s story so far.

“Dateline’s producers were with us for a long time,” said Neese during an interview on WAJR-AM’s Morgantown AM with Kay Murray and Jim Stallings. “They did phenomenal and also Dr. Phil. Everything was phenomenal, it was a treat to go out there and meet him.”

Prosecutors have said both Shoaf and Eddy picked up Neese on the night of July 6, 2012 and drove their University High School classmate to Greene County, Pa.  At an agreed upon time, they stabbed Neese at least ten times with kitchen knives, tackling her when she tried to escape.

After being unable to bury Neese’s body, the two left it covered with branches in a ditch.  Shoaf lead investigators to the site in early 2013.

Neese says Dr. Phil, who is famous for his brand of tough love and can often be gruff with guests, seemed to be a bit more sensitive to him and his wife Mary during their appearance on the show.

“He told me to grieve as much as I want to grieve and that is what me and Mary do,” said Neese.

Since Skylar’s disappearance Neese has conducted numerous interviews with local and national media answering many of the same questions countless times but he insists media have never been intrusive or been a disruption for he and Mary.

“Not at all. I want Skylar’s story to be out there. As tragic as it is, if we can save another teen, it’s worth it. I mean, it’s not worth Skylar being gone but it is worth the trouble or whatever else they say we’re going through.”

Both Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf are serving prison sentences for Skylar’s death. Eddy pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with mercy. Shoaf pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and received a 30-year prison sentence.

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    When I was in Nam a pregnant lady of the village got drunk, went to sleep with a cigarette smoldering, she made it out alive, but burned down 4 village homes, if you could call them that. She went to a tribunal court and this is what they decided and carried out. They allowed her to have her baby and then chose a day where at noon they invited all the comminuty to come watch, took her to the town square and in front of a firing squad shot her to death.

  • chasmo

    To the Citizens of WV : I wonder if you feel the anger that I feel KNOWING that my Tax Money is keeping these pieces of S*&* alive just one day, makes me sick @ my stomach. Don't you believe that ENOUGH is ENOUGH THAT IN certain criminal cases , execution is the ONLY ANSWER- no appeals needed. Prices of everything keeps increasing for us, law abiding citizens, but NOT for the POS doing life w/out mercy / parole . Think about this, please. We need Capital Punishment ASAP

  • Amo

    Please check out Skylar's promise, a site set up by the Neese family. The Neese family is going to make available petitions to be sent to publishers and networks stating we, the public, will not purchase or watch anything the murderers and their families produce so they can not make a profit from the story. It will also include a template, that can be used by the Neese family, when the murderers become eligible for parole to petition the court to deny the parole.

  • Mtn. Man

    What boggles my mind is that these two demons could be free in 10 and 15 years. I hope the courts show them the same mercy that they showed the Neese girl that July night.

  • Wes in Harpers Ferry

    Prayers to the Neese family. Even as a parent I have a hard time imagining the pain they must endure daily. My heart breaks for them.

  • Hillbilly

    I heard a rumor that one of the defendants or her family is trying to sell her story for a million bucks...


    I don't know, and I figure that's none of my business, how much, if any, they receive from these shows. Woodchuck, are you a parent? Even if you aren't God should have given you enough empathy to understand that all the money in the world wouldn't replace their daughter for them.

  • Woodchuck0

    Did the family or others who were interviewed get paid for any of the publicity?

    I heard a rumor that ther is a movie deal also in the process of getting started. Any solid word?

    • Guardian

      And you care, why? This is going to alter your life, how? Or is it that you're envious over someone getting some money? Well, all the money on earth won't bring back Skylar and is a poor, poor consolation for losing one's only child.

      This class envy / class warfare stuff the Dems and the president have been stirring up really works, doesn't it? A page right out of Marx and Lennin.