MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — The star quarterback of last season’s state champion Martinsburg High football team awaits a preliminary hearing after being charged this week with a felony in connection with videos found on his cell phone.

Martinsburg police allege Malique Watkins, 18, of Martinsburg, had three videos on his phone that showed a 19-year-old girl engaging in sexual activity with a 17-year-old.

Police took the iPhone in late November for forensic testing. Investigators said the videos were taken on Oct. 27, 2013. He was charged Monday.

Watkins led the Martinsburg High School Bulldogs to their fourth straight AAA title last December. He has signed a letter of intent to play at Fairmont State University. He is free on $15,000 bail awaiting a March 26 preliminary hearing.  He is charged with one count of of possessing sexually explicit material involving a juvenile.

Another former Martinsburg High quarterback, Cookie Clinton, was indicted last month on a number of felony charges in separate cases.

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  • Wasted Talent

    4 in a row championships in football. So why aren't there any DIV 1 scholarships going to our athletes? Too many of our STAR student athletes behind bars or fall short of their true potential. The schools and coaches need to put the kids futures before their reputation. Too many coaches walk around with their chest out like the did something by winning championships. Months or years later you hear or see the former star athlete unemployed and uneducated on the streets.

  • FedUp


    The pattern runs from 2010-2013...4 years of W.V. High School State Football Championships!!!!

  • Judge

    4 in a row!!!!!

  • Jaybo83

    As someone who knows Malique Watkins, I'll say this about him: he's a good kid from a good home, not a thug as some want to call him. Better check the definition of the word. That being said, he's made a couple of stupid decisions which could follow him for the rest of his life.since the videos depict a minor, he could charged as a sex offender, not a tag that's easy to shake.

  • MHS Parent

    If they confiscated every teenagers phone more then half would be arrested for the contents on their phones.

    • Wasted Talent

      ........and your point is?

  • RDC

    Don't be hypocritical. How many males on this site would have been doing the same thing with a 19 year old female when they themselves were 17. Now that 18 year old QB will be labeled a "sex offender". Pure BS.

  • EP_Haters

    As an 18 year old senior, if I knew I'd be considered a thug for filming part of the ménage à trois I was having with a 17 and 19 year old.... I'd be ok with being a thug!

    Let's not spout ignorance people.

  • Shadow

    i didn't see anything that said the Police had authority to confiscate his cell phone and search it. Certainly sounds like an invasion of privacy but then we have the CIA and NSA doing it to all of us. My question is: How did he know the girl was not 18, we don't have our birthdates written on our brow. I doubt if the police did either until they started looking for her. Looks like a setup.

  • joeyjojo

    An 18 year old had pictures of a 17 year old and a 19 year old. THE HORROR!!!

  • booldogsuck

    Wait till Cookie and Geetchi both team up again at the ERJ. Can you imagine if they could form a football team like "The Longest Yard?" Those ole boys would be like Paul Crew and Nate Scarborough!

  • Jonus Grumby

    Seems to be a pattern at Martinsburg High School.

    • #1 Judge

      there is a pattern....4 in a row!!!!!!

    • Jaybo83

      2 kids in a 1700 +\- student population get in trouble and that's a pattern? C'mon man...

      • Martinsburg Resident

        No where in my post did I say there was a pattern... "there is a problem"... you, school administrators, parents, BOE, etc... can all keep denying facts, but that does not mean there is no problem. I'm not going to argue the facts (it is what it is), I just want to see someone step up and correct a bad atmosphere where certain kids do as they please with no fear of the consequences

    • Martinsburg Resident

      Very sad for this young man... poor choices & bad influences in a young persons life can be devastating. These young students need leadership @ home & @ school. At some point the Berkeley Co. BOE & PARENTS or parental caretakers have to take some corrective action. There is obviously a problem... too many bright futures are being ruined for what?

  • chasmo

    Lets NOT bash MHS- once again, it appears that some of the athletes @ MHS put themselves into situations where they easily ruin their lives. I would have to believe that there will be MUCH MORE information to come out soon. 4 Peat , YES, however, seems like ALWAYS SOMETHING tarnishes the wins. Total Shame . Maybe the Board needs to start STEPPING IN - numerous numerous " terrible PR " for the schools in the county : felons, fights @ athletic contests, people getting ejected , including those representing the schools and , of course, transfers .... think about this , apparently certain schools need some serious assistance .

    • Kim

      I agree. I'm clearly not a fan of Martinsburg, but the BOARD is to blame for these kids getting away with this stuff. If Administration would actually PUNISH these dum-dum kids when they make stupid decisions (running out on courts during games, ejections during games, investigating a little more when they hear that certain kids are screwing up) instead of being too scared to say anything, maybe they could avoid getting into serious trouble like this when they are older. When there are no consequences, there's no change. Our Board needs to WAKE UP and SET SOME HARD BOUNDARIES so we can nip this in the bud!!!!!!

      • chasmo

        Kim : what PLANET on you on ?? Each one of these thugs made their OWN DECISION to do what they did -from the felons to being "T" up @ games - one of the local schools just might lead the state in the players receiving 'T " s to lack of crowd control involving the school where apparently the fighting takes place- it is NOT the BOARDS FAULT - however , the board does DEFINITELY need to step up and START CLEANING UP THE SCHOOLS - appears to be a lot of SPLINELESS PEOPLE in charge of MANY .. think about it.

        • Kim

          Chasmo, I meant the board was to blame for not stepping in. I was agreeing with you. You need to calm down, you made yourself look dumb.

          • meltzen

            you do realize education is being taken over by social justice and many schools around the country are being informed by the higher ups not to suspend kids as much because they dont want to be labeled as suspending more students of certain races... Arn Duncan has quoted saying, education is so much more than just education but social justice..... I agree students need to be accountable for their actions and if consquences come from those actions they need to be enforced... but the education system is changing...parents need to be involved in every aspect of their childs life. If your not raising your child then someone else is instilling things in them. Be a parent and not a friend.

          • Kim

            AND I figured this would turn into an "anti hedgesville" rant. Thank GOD you can't leave your ridiculous comments in the journal anymore. Lol!!!

  • DWL

    Martinsburg’s “sport” enablers are introducing a new product this year to bolster the team’s bond & bail funds. They’re offering a collector card series of the “athletes”, with their mug shots taken during their intake into the regional jail system. The jump suit colors even match their school colors. Also hear the boosters are even changing their names to the “chain gang”. The cheer leaders from cell block B will be on the side lines cheering them on, yelling “da BARS” !!!

  • Independent View

    Should he expect a call from Rich Rod?

  • Funky

    Most of y'all hypocrites will be cheering on a Huggins recruit that did this times three.

    • joeyjojo

      Wrong. The girl on Holtons phone was over 18.

      • Juggernaut

        The girl in Maliques phone was also 19, and the teen boy (not malique) was 17. I'm sure the 19 y/o and 17 y/o both have the video in their phone too.