MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — A Martinsburg man was charged with murder Tuesday night after he told police he was responsible for a 72-year-old woman’s death.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department took William Jackson, 38, into custody for allegedly killing Martha Tyler. Her body was found Saturday. She had been strangled and suffocated. 


William Jackson

Police allege Jackson killed Tyler and took her bank card. He made 30 transactions with the card after the murder. Investigators were able to identify Jackson on surveillance video at the businesses.

Police said during their interview with Jackson he said he had done odd jobs for Tyler in the past and when he went to her home last weekend he was having drug withdrawal problems and blacked out. Police said Jackson told them he woke up and Tyler was dead with a bag over her head and hands tied behind her back.

Investigators said Jackson’s previous relationship with Tyler would explain why there were no signs of forced entry at her home.

Jackson is being held without bail in the Eastern Regional Jail.


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  • Jonus Grumby

    So, this guy allegedly blacked out from drug withdrawal and murdered Ms. Tyler as a result. Was he going through withdrawal while he used her bank card 30 times?

  • PHD

    I agree this is a horrible crime. Wonder what Mr. Jackson's background is? I'd say he has lived a depressed life. A product of his environment. I hope he gets counseling and education while he is incarcerated. Very sad.

  • DWL

    This POS is but a symptom of the crisis existing in the eastern panhandle that the politicians bury their head in the sand like ostriches, and ignore. Even the Rec-Center parking lots are garbage receptacles for the urchin waste called addicts. Nothing- absolutely nothing – is being done to stave the flow of this blight of decent society. You have a liberal mayor that is more worried about the length of a park bench than he was about the park he shoved down the taxpayers’ throat at a price tag of $1.8mil+ that does nothing but draw hookers, drunks, and toilets. The town is dead. The reason – DRUGS & THE INFESTATION IT BRINGS!

    • Jonus Grumby

      The drug problem and associated overdoses in the Martinsburg/Berkeley County area have become an epidemic. The elected officials simply turn their heads. They ALL need to be shown the door.

    • chasmo

      DWL : you are so correct . Can't drive downtown w/out the hookers & druggies trying their best to " succeed " - need a major major clean up - With this being said, CAPITAL PUNISHMENT is a must ...

      • DWL

        Liberals will never allow the re-institution of capital punishment for fear it will be one of their relatives strapped to the table with the IV plugged in (or themselves). The reality of capital punishment is, never has a convict, to which his court imposed punishment has been carried out, has ever committed another crime, with the exception of voting in Mingo Co and for O twice.

  • chasmo

    Sharpton, Jessie : Where are you ? This POS apparently " blacked out " for a few hrs and then ALL OF SUDDEN he " awakes" and uses the " card " approximately 30 times in a very short period of time. No need for " appeals' ,we just need to stop his heart beating and remove his trachea - Then ALL will be good . What a total POS !!

  • jay zoom

    if convicted put a bullet between his eyes and say next case. can I load the gun

  • chasmo

    Please, cut this POS and let him bleed out ! We need and deserve Capital Punishment ASAP !

  • me

    I can see his lawyer using the drug issue as a way to get this POS off with lesser charge. IUope him and his lawyer rot in hell!

  • ole sasquatch

    How awful. No excuse for this.

  • Teufel

    Another example of need for the death penalty

    • MOCO man

      I agree........perfect candidate for the death penalty........

  • zero tolerance

    The "blackout" defense is almost as reliable as the "Twinkie" defense.