CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The CEO of the Girl Scouts of the Black Diamond Council says the scouts will be out at booths across West Virginia in the coming weeks, working to make additional cookie sales.

“Our sales have been down through the initial sales and so we’re hoping that it’s going to pick up through booth sales where you can find girls at local stores on the weekends,” said Beth Casey.

Pre-orders of Girl Scout cookies have already been delivered.  “The weather in January, we think, strongly affected the girls’ initial orders,” she said.

Casey joined Daisies, Brownies and Girl Scouts from Kanawha County and surrounding areas at the Charleston Marriott on Wednesday to mark National Girl Scout Day with the Annual Girl Scout Great Cookie Tasteoff.

During the event, the girls work in teams with a Marriott chef to make desserts utilizing Girl Scout cookies.  The menu included Thin Mint brownies, Southern peanut butter pie made with Tagalongs and a Savannah Smiles lemon parfait.

“We made Samoa sweet rolls,” said Brownie Emma Simmons from Cross Lanes of her team’s concoction.  “It’s cream cheese with Samoa bits.”  She said the dessert, rolled into crepes, was “really, really good.”

MetroNews’ Jennifer Smith worked on a team with Girl Scouts from Troop 2285 in Elkview to make Dulce de Leche cheesecake.  Nikki Bowling and Sara Lilly, who both attend Elkview Middle School, were also part of that team.

Lilly admitted cookie sales have been tough this year.  She said she sold close to 300 boxes of cookies.  “Usually, I sell almost over 1,000 (boxes of cookies) but, this year, it was kind of down.”

A full list of Girl Scout cookie sale locations is available at

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  • DWL

    Great propaganda video that is 2min & 19sec of 100% lies, distortions and BS. Please indicate what portion of the video contained the truthful statement. The whole thing was a PR failure.

  • Girlscoutsdoesaworldofgood

    For the real truth, watch this video on You Tube by Ana Marie Chavez, CEO of Girl Scouts.

  • DWL

    Five months ago, the Muffin Munching scouts appointed Krista Kokjohn-Poehler, an “out” lesbian, as their “Chief Girl Experience Officer”. Indoctrination by the left continues.

    I hope folks also realize any donations you make to the United Way also fund these organizations. They deserve not a single dime!

  • hillbilly

    Someone is getting really rich off of these girl scout cookies .

  • Hillbilly

    They have take two organizations that have worked so well for years and forced them into something different.. maybe not for the better. I was in the Boy Scouts a long time ago.. it was a great program then.

  • what

    PPH ??

    • Hillbilly

      Planned ParentHood!

  • Mike

    People are starting how the GSA and tied in with PPH. As much as I liked the cookies I will not buy any more and haven't since I read about the ties. I also do not support the BSA because of the way they are going. Its a shame that adults are doing what they can to destroy what both have stood for.

    • Jasper SouthernWV

      I also will not support either organization....the GSA and BSA are both promoting ideas that should be left up to the parents to discuss with their children....I used to support both of I'm ashamed that they have a place in our state to gather at....I think a new organization will eventually replace both of them in the future...its just a matter of time before they both become a distant past.

    • DWL

      I so agree.