CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin issued a proclamation Wednesday afternoon extending the extended session of the legislature until Friday to allow a House and Senate conference committee to complete work on the new state budget.

House of Delegates Speaker Tim Miley said he expects a vote on the new budget Friday along with a special session, which would allow lawmakers to take votes on several bills that failed to pass on the last night of the regular session last Saturday.

The bills on agenda will likely include two supplementary appropriation bills that will help the current state budget along with a measure that sets up the framework for salary increases for county elected officials.

The so-called “bucket bill” having to do with allocations from Excess Lottery Funds will also likely make the agenda along with the bill that has to do with the disposal of drill cuttings from work in the Marcellus shale.



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  • Gary

    These politicans are a disgrace. They won't make the hard decisions that need to be made because they are up for re-election. You have people like Sponagule and his cronies trying to censure the attorney general because he's a Republican but no ethics bill for all of them. They just want to raid the rainy day funds .In a couple of years all that money will be gone. How are they going to pay for all these extra freeloaders they are putting on Medicare after three years. That 5-10 percent is going to add up to a lot of money. There ought to be term limits on state and federal politicans. You can serve two terms and you get the same benefits we get: obamacare Ira's and social security. Lets vote these cronies out. Also Secretary of State Tennant another Obama puppet is running for rockefellers seat but she is keeping her job while she runs for Senate in case she loses she still has a job. I think a person shouldn't be able to do that.

  • stingray

    dont forgot fix potholes bad everywhere

  • Woodchuck

    No money for our roads but these greedy politicians continue to fill their pockets. They will face their judgement day.

  • wayne root

    Bring back Joe Manchin! At least he knew how to manage the budget and work with the legislature.

    • Aaron

      I'm not a fan but Earl Ray knew how to run the Senate as well. The current crop have not shown leadership abilities, at least in my humble opinion.

  • Big Jim

    Hmmm, money is tight, but we are going to stay and work more days so that we can get paid more.

    What about all those days they met only for a few minutes, started late, or left early. Most Fridays they left before noon. But now that they didn't do what they were supposed to do, we get to pay them more.

    Only in WV.

  • RogerD

    I believe there may be a misprint or typo. Shouldn't it say "Special Ed. Session"?

    • The bookman

      That's a pretty obnoxious, immature, and ignorant remark, sir. Do me a favor. Stop by your local elementary school and sign up to volunteer in a special needs classroom. After that experience let me know if you still feel these children are deserving of the denigration to which you subject them by such tasteless repertoire.

      Grow up!

      • to64

        Stop by your local clinic and see about getting that stick removed. Seriously...

      • JJ

        Exactly. Those kids are vastly smarter and more capable than our elected officials.

  • Aaron

    This session of our leaderless legislature is going to go on and on and on and on....

    • The bookman

      I'd chime in but Sarah would get mad again. She thinks Kessler and Miley are tops.

      • stophating

        To use the nomenclature of the Supreme Court.... I'll concur in part and dissent in part....

        Kessler is a senseless fool, at best....

        I'm willing to give Miley another year, this was his first as speaker..... Everyone deserves two months to learn their job, even if they only work two months per year.

      • Aaron

        Bless her heart...

        You know I can now say anything I like, right!

        • The bookman

          Go ahead, consider yourself warned! Hold on, let me get a comfortable chair......ok, go ahead.

          • Aaron

            If Sarah thinks the current leadership had anything to do with the rainy day fund that will be raided once the current session finally does end, then she is either naive, biased or st...well, bless her heart.

            The only member of the current leadership in the Legislature when the current rainy day fund was created is current House Majority Leader Harry Keith White. None of the others had embarked on their job of fleecing tax payers.

            She can argue different if she wants but she will be wrong.