CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Members of both the state Senate and state House of Delegates will vote Friday on the state’s more than $4 billion budget for the fiscal year that begins on July 1.

After long days and nights of talks that started with an extended session on Monday, leading lawmakers reached a deal Thursday evening.

“The conferees put the ball on the one yard line.  It’s fourth and goal and now the coaches are huddling and they need to punch it over,” said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Roman Prezioso (D-Marion, 13), earlier in the day, on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline.”

Prezioso said the latest form of the budget bill would take $142 million from the Rainy Day Fund to balance the budget.  If a bill dealing with lottery revenues is approved in a Special Session, the take from the Rainy Day Fund would drop to $121 million.

The lottery bill, also dubbed the “bucket bill” or “haircut bill,” addresses allocations from excess lottery funds.

Prezioso said the latest proposal would reduce lottery revenues for infrastructure by $20 million for one year, while taking 10 percent from revenues for racetrack development — including those in the thoroughbred and greyhound industry — permanently.  The current $10 million allocation would fall to $9 million.

The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Fund was also a focus for the budget conferees. The sides agreed to take approximately $10 million from the $19 million with some of that going to the Aged and Disabled Waiver Program.


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  • Alice Click

    Gov. Tomblin should sign the Child Pain Protection Act! It's important to tell him he is the "Executive", not the "Judicial" and he should not judge whether it is constitutional or not. The "Legislative" passed it overwhelmingly. He should sign and if it is taken to Court then the Court can decide the constitutionality.

  • Michael

    Being bold enough to legalize either medical or recreational cannabis could have saved hundreds of thousands in law enforcement and court costs, saved that much in prescription drug costs for SS Disability patients and PTSD vets, and ended five decades of lies and disinformation. We saw a lot of time wasted on a meaningless meth bill, and more wasted on the emotional but basically empty issue of abortions, and yet more wasted on a holding tank bill that was re-written to satisfy the companies it is meant to regulate. Our prisons are overcrowded, our culture is fragmented, our infrastructure is crumbling and our communities are falling apart as the party hacks in the legislature enact meaningless laws and ignore clear and workable solutions, hoarding their favorite pork while slashing wildly at any suggestion of compromise.

  • Michael

    Did the DOH employees get there bonus?

  • Gary

    You've had this extra time and this is the best you can do? What a disgrace. Oh I forgot your up for re-election. We can't make the hard decisions that need to be made. What happened to the $1 cigarrete tax? How about a tax on all alcohol products? How about getting rid of all the dead weight jn the Wv Department of education headquarters? We have more employees in that office than the state of Ny which has 10 times the students. We have 1 employee for every 416 students while Ny has 1 employee for every 5000 students. What are they doing drinking coffee and eating bon bons. Oh I'm sorry your running for office and don't have time for the hard decisions. The roads are getting terrible have you noticed. These politicans will run thru the rainy day funds in the next couple of years. In 3 years the state starts paying 5% and then 10 % on all the extra people Tomblin has put on Medicaid; actually everone thats on Medicaid. That's going to run into a lot of money for these free loaders and after 2020 I can't find out what the states parts going to be. I can't get an answer from Rockefeller or Manchin. I guess there still writing obamacare.

  • WVUFan

    Yeah let's take money from infrastructure so we can keep driving on roads and bridges that are falling apart. We need more money for infrastructure, not less. We as West Virginians should be willing to pay a few extra dollars for registration fees, tolls, taxes or whatever else in order to fix and maintain our infrastructure. If not, it will always be hard to draw new businesses to the state and grow the economy. More importantly, we won't have safe roads and highways to travel on and to pass on to future generations.

  • Maynard

    Thank you for your expertise and leadership, Senator Prezioso. Tough times don't last but tough leaders like you with the courage to do what is right will get us through despite a lack of leadership elsewhere.

    Great budget in tough times!

  • zero tolerance

    None of the delegates/senators had the fortitude to introduce a bill that would increase taxes so they gut the Rain Day Fund which is not much different from the US Congress/Senate raiding the Social Security Funds. They are foaming at the mouth to spend unintended money which if you think about it, gutting the Raining Day Fund becomes a subsidy of their re-election campaigns.

  • WhgFeeling

    I wander how much they would have to take if there were no raises this year?

  • Aaron

    When Lee Iococca ask, where have all the leaders gone, he didn't give West Virginia first look.

    In the word of Sir Charles

    Tear -a-bul!!!

  • The bookman

    Senator Prezioso,

    Please refrain from football analogies. You guys in the legislature resembled our defense against Baylor's offense during the worst football game most of us have ever witnessed this session. Honestly, I don't hold you accountable as much as Kessler and Miley, and more importantly the Governor. In listening to you it is apparent you were aware of the coming shortfall and the available solutions, however leadership in legislature and the Governor's mansion were non existent in dealing with the reality during this election year. Distance yourself if at all possible if you expect to maintain the level of stature you currently enjoy.

  • TLC

    Just can't leave that Consumer Protection Fund alone. You know that fund is to protect us, the consumers.

    • The bookman

      Taking half and leaving 2 years of budget value is fair and reasonable. I hope they consulted the AG and made an effort to repair the damage THEY have done.