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Cameron Ridley and the long arms of Texas are giving West Virginia a beating in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The final game of the Big 12 quarterfinals wasn’t worth the wait.

The West Virginia Mountaineers—possessors of the No. 6 seed and aspirations of an extended weekend—had another chance at Texas, but the result was even worse than the first two times.

Here is a recap of the live-game updates from the Sprint Center, where West Virginia suffered a 66-49 loss and a second straight one-and-done at the conference tournament:

A few seconds before the horn, Gary Browne sinks the most meaningless 3-pointer in Big 12 tournament history and WVU’s stay in Kansas City is finished. Brandon Watkins scores 10 off the bench to give West Virginia SOMEBODY in double-figures. Terry Henderson adds eight as the Mountaineers (17-15) give back all the momentum derived from the Kansas upset. … Eron Harris and Juwan Staten—the backcourt tandem that averaging 36 points—combined for seven points on 2-of-16 shooting. West Virginia’s entire starting five produced just 20 points.
TEXAS 60, WEST VIRGINIA 36 (3:22 second half)
Rick Barnes lifted his final starter at around the five-minute mark, and the garbage-time parade continues. (Holmes departs with 20 and Felix 16 as they combined on 13-of-20 shooting.) Staten’s night appears finished after an ankle injury. The All-Big 12 player suffered through a brutal evening, as did his teammates, and you wonder what the mindset will be going into the NIT.
TEXAS 49, WEST VIRGINIA 22 (11:43 second half)
Nate Adrian hit a 3 from the right wing, and Bob Huggins’ perimeter-oriented team is now 1-of-11 from the perimeter. … Staten is playing at a million miles-per-hour in an attempt to jumpstart WVU, but he’s 1-of-11 himself and has just four points. … I’m reminded of a quote from Tuesday, when we asked Baylor’s Scott Drew if pre-qualified NCAA teams were at a disadvantage against hungrier teams in their league tournaments. Drew essentially said desperate teams can be too desperate, falling victim to their drive to make things happen. “Players wind up trying to do things they can’t do,” he said. “I’d prefer my team to be playing loose.”
TEXAS 35, WEST VIRGINIA 14 (halftime)
If West Virginia needs a pick-me-up, it should remember that it also trailed Texas by 21 during the second half in Morgantown on Jan. 13 and managed to make the game competitive late. … But enough with the history; let’s discuss the train wreck that’s occurring tonight. Eron Harris has missed all three shots and isn’t faring much better on defense. The Mountaineers are 0-of-8 from 3-point range and they’ve had four shots blocked.
TEXAS 35, WEST VIRGINIA 14 (halftime)
After a 6-for-33 shooting half, the Mountaineers have nowhere to go but up. Of course they’ll need to go waaaaay up to threaten Texas in the second half. The Longhorns have 11 points from Holmes, 10 from Felix and six from freshman Martez Walker, who converted a four-point play upon being bumped by Staten while nailing a shot right in front of the WVU bench. … Noreen’s five points are topping WVU, while Watkins has four, Staten three and Williams two. That’s the first time I can recall listing ALL of team’s scorers at halftime.
TEXAS 35, WEST VIRGINIA 14 (halftime)
Having some fun with fellow scribe Mitch Vingle, who just tweeted: “f nothing else this should assure that Juwan Staten returns next season.” To which I hastily replied: “I was thinking this might lead him to declare at halftime.” … Staten is 1-of-9 from the floor, but in his defense, he’s not hurting the team’s FG percentage that much.
TEXAS 31, WEST VIRGINIA 10 (3:13 first half)
Thanks to a Kevin Noreen putback, West Virginia has pulled even with Javan Felix at 10-all. I wouldn’t have guessed that the Mountaineers could shoot 5-of-29 blindfolded in a wind tunnel, but what do I know. I actually picked these guys to upset Texas tonight.
TEXAS 29, WEST VIRGINIA 8 (5:04 first half)
After Wednesday’s shootaround, WVU freshman Devin Williams surmised that “the jitters and the nervousness should be out.” Well, it may nto be completely the fault of jitters or nerves, but West Virginia is completely out of sorts and out of this game right now.
TEXAS 23, WEST VIRGINIA 8 (6:34 first half)
Texas is shooting 52 percent from the floor and the Mountaineers are juuusssssst a bit lower—at 16 percent. Juwan Staten has opened the game 1-of-7, with his only basket a breakaway layup.
TEXAS 19, WEST VIRGINIA 4 (11:52 first half)
Brandon Watkins has two baskets for West Virginia. What’s more, Brandon Watkins has THE two baskets for West Virginia, which is 2-for-16 through eight unbelievably bad minutes.
TEXAS 12, WEST VIRGINIA 0 (15:52 first half)
Jonathan Holmes’ gimpy right knee looks pretty solid so far, as the Texas forward has seven points in four minutes. West Virginia started 0-for-8 from the floor, while the Longhorns are 4-of-7 and squashing any notion that they aren’t as hungry to play as WVU.
Bob Huggins’ sideline stool, used by the coach throughout the regular-season, made the trip to Kansas City. However, the Big 12 forced West Virginia to sacrifice a bench seat in order to bring the stool, which Huggins has been using because an ailing hip makes it harder to get into and out of a regular chair.
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  • bball fan

    I don't think WVU could win a church league or intramural tournament. I don't know if it is more painful to watch Williams in the post or Harris trying to dribble by anybody. Absolutely horrendous embarrassing

  • Tim C

    This team hasn't quit all year until tonight. They should hang their heads in shame. They don't even deserve an NIT bid with a performance like this. All the starters have been absolutely worthless tonight. If I were Huggs I would bench them now and let the bench finish the game. I have been watching the Mounties for 45 years this is the worst I have ever seen. If Huggs can't teach Harris to play defense by next year then I would let him ride the pine.

  • Big Larry

    They are now down 30 points...

    Hope and pray it doesn't go to 40 points...

    This is a beat down of Epic Proportions.

  • pghmountaineer

    I long for the day when we can consistently show that we belong in the Big 12 in both sports.
    And one more thing, I don't agree with going to the NIT. That's a waist.

  • William

    Staten couldn't wait to get off the court!
    When he got the chance, ran as fast as he could to the locker room!

  • pghmountaineer

    Finally, Staten takes himself out of the game.
    I don't know what's going on with him but he's not even close to being himself.

  • pghmountaineer

    It's time to put our enthusiasm behind the Lady Mountaineers. They deserve it.
    These type of games show what a team is really made of. You all saw what Kansas did when they were down by 25 against us. They refused to go away quietly. It's obvious tonight that our guys just want the game to end.
    There's no fight left in them.

  • Aaron S.

    On their 4th possession, the ball came to Harris on a wide open 3 from the top of the key and he moved it over to Staten. The commentators said it was good ball movement.

    It was not. It was Harris gun shy. He can't do that.

  • James

    Why is Nathan Adrian in the game, can some1 please explain

    • Aaron S.

      William was unavailable tonight so they're going with Adrian.

    • Charles

      He can't do any worse than anyone else is doing.

  • Huge Fan

    That was a very ugly 1st half. Can't get any worse in the 2nd is the best part. Starters seem very timid knowing it's one and done game. None of the starters seem to have their game on which is surprising. Usually we have at least one that is giving it their all. 1st 5 minutes will let us know if they want it or settle for a hopeful NIT invitation. Texas once again is playing their best us against us.

    William, is Marshall going to post season of any type in BB!

  • Billy

    Even my dog is holding his head down.

  • Charles

    Huggs obviously went shopping after the Kansas game to spend his $25,000. He sure didn't spend any time practicing the team for this game. This is a total embarrassment. Why are we paying this man $3 million dollars a year? I could do this well. He needs to give it up and resign.

    • William

      He makes $10,000.00 everyday!
      Monday $10,000.00
      Tuesday $10,000.00
      Wednesday 10,000.00
      Thursday $10,000.00
      Friday $10,000.00
      Saturday $10,000.00
      Sunday $10,000.00
      Every week -
      Sweatsuit Huggins makes $70,000.00 dollars!
      What an outrageous amount of money for a PART TIME JOB & coaching a kids game!

  • James

    Lets be realistic here, did any1 of us really expect us to win tonight, we have no inside game, Williams is to inconsistent, Noreen cant jump 3 inches off the court, Adrian is 6'10 and all he wants to do is shoot 3 pointers, which he sucks at, doesnt even deserve a scholarship, money bought that, Harris turns the damn ball over to much, and Staten looks like he has finally wore out, hard to carry a team all year long, only thing we can hope for is that Holton and Macon can provide some inside help, cause what we have now is horrible

  • Aaron S.

    18% shooting, man, I'm not sure you can get any worse than that.

  • Leroy j Gibbs

    They are shutting down Staten. Terrible nonexistent defense. Can't win this way.Can't win a nit game this way. I am very disappointed but still love the mountaineers