BETHANY, W.Va. — A popular student hangout near Bethany College in Ohio County was the site of an undercover operation earlier this week.

The state Alcohol Beverage Control Agency along with the State Police entered Bubba’s Bison Inn on Main Street in Bethany Wednesday night after receiving several complaints about underage drinking.

State Police wrote 27 citations for underage drinking.

A spokesperson with the state told MetroNews that as a result of the incident the bar’s Class A Private Club License would be reviewed.

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  • Stupid

    Bethany is in Brooke county. And if it weren't for bubbas, Bethany's enrollment would be even lower. That place is a selling point for that school.

    • proudlyconservative

      You must be a WLU student.

  • DD

    If they shut bubbas down do you think these students are going to stop drinking? No, they are going to drive to Weirton and Wheeling. This means they will be coming home around 2 am on the very "safe" roads of 67 and 88 most likely drunk. Hopefully no one gets killed over this decision.

  • SadDay

    Who would complain about underage drinking at Bubba's? Talk about a wet blanket!

  • WhgFeeling

    Some laws I really do not understand. I am not at all in support of this place and sanctions probably should take place BUT I have to take issue with such laws that prohibit ADULTS from partaking incertain activities that since they are in the limbo age are considered underage. An 18-21 yr old can serve the country in a military capacity, kill in a military capacity, vote for whomever they wish, move out and live on their own, etc.......HOWEVER they cannot partake in an alcoholic drink or can they purchase a handgun. These things make no sense to me.

    One minute we call them adults when we want them to vote for a certain candidate but then we call them our "babies" or "children" when we don't agree with a war or some societal issue (drinking) we may not agree with.