HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Marshall athletics director Mike Hamrick didn’t like the feeling inside the Cam Henderson Center as the 2013-14 season drew to a close and The Herd struggled to reach double-digit wins for the second straight season.

After Marshall limped to an 11-22 finish, coach Tom Herrion submitted his resignation Friday morning, ending a four-year tenure. He was 67-67 overall but just 22-41 the past two years.

“At the end of the day the program wasn’t moving in the direction that both Tom and I thought it should move in,” Hamrick said during a news conference Friday afternoon. “Tom is a classy guy. He’s a friend. He was loyal to Marshall University.”

Marshall’s season ended Wednesday night with a 73-58 loss to Old Dominion in the second round of the C-USA tournament.

“After meeting with Mike earlier today, I have decided that it is in the best interest of all parties that I resign my position as head basketball coach at Marshall University,” Herrion said. “I greatly appreciate the opportunity that was given to me and will cherish the last four years and the many great people I have met and the memorable moments we achieved. My family and I have enjoyed being a part of the Marshall and greater Huntington community. We wish the entire Thundering Herd Nation great success moving forward.”

The final two years of the Tom Herrion era were a stark contrast to the first two.

During his first season the Herrion led Thundering Herd to an invitation to the Tournament. The next season, Marshall caught fire in the Conference USA Tournament beating Tulsa in a magical triple-overtime game and then rival Southern Miss to reach its first ever C-USA Tournament Championship game. Marshall earned a bid to the postseason NIT.

The 2012-13 began with talk of The Thundering Herd being a top-25 program and a threat to Memphis’ stranglehold on the league. However, Marshall never met those expectations and instead spiraled downward, losing 41 games over the last two seasons.

“I have high expectations,” said Hamrick. “I sensed this year there was not a lot of energy in our program and I sensed apathy in our fan base. There was a lot of apathy within our program.”

“We were all at the games in February and March. We saw the crowds. We saw the lack of enthusiasm in that building. That’s not how you build a program and Tom and I discussed that.”

Hamrick said a nationwide search will start immediately to find a successor but declined to comment on possible candidates.

“We have to bring the energy back to Thundering Herd basketball and we have to find the right guy to do that,” he said.

Herrion still has two years remaining on his contract and will be paid a buyout of around $550,000. Hamrick said the buyout will be paid with private funds and ticket revenue.

“Tom gave Marshall everything he had, but sometimes things just don’t work out. At the end of the day we lost 22 basketball games,” Hamrick said.

“Basketball is critical to the success of our athletics program. We have to successful in basketball and I believe we can.”

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  • jay zoom

    my vote goes to BOB HUGGINS he's a loser and so is marshall

    • richard

      jay are a loser for saying such a thing. huggins is not a loser. he is a hall of fame coach who has won everywhere he has coached. whats with people like you who feel the need to cut people down all the time? i bet you are a horrible co-worker. trouble maker i would say. you are the type nobody wants to be round. so glad i don't know you. you are the type of person i would get rid of in my life. a cancer that brings others down.

      • Jeff t

        Do you actually think jay zoom has a job? He is on welfare and uses our tax dollars on Internet service so he can say stupid things about those who have actually accomplished something in life.

  • Bross

    As a WVU fan, I just want to say, here is a quarter Tom, call someone that cares!

    • Aaron

      Why comment then? Seems like a pretty classless act to me. Am I wrong?

  • Mike

    What Coach would want to coach this train wreck.MU will never get a "name" coach.

    • Bill

      As a WVU fan I would hate to see'em go but Huggins would be a great fit for Marshall.

      • Aaron

        Seems to me there was speculation regarding Huggins when he was fired at Cincinnati. There line of thinking was taht Huggy Bear could bring Bill Walker, OJ Mayo and others to Huntington and compete for a national championship. The previous AD stuck by Jirsa. Maybe that's why Hamrick has his job now.

  • Larry

    Just think how much taxpayer money has been wasted here. Marshall basketball has to lose money, then you factor in that they are going to pay him a half million not to coach, it's incredible. I don't buy for a second that this will be paid by "private" money.

  • Daniel Williams

    Two names to consider, Gary Nottingham & Bob Bolen.

  • Greg

    Herrion won with Donnie Jones players early on but hasn't done anything since but bring in JC and non-qualifiers. He was a great cheerleader for football and the univetsity on the sidelines.

  • fayette


  • TB

    73 to 28 to Old Dominion?

  • Roy Denjen II

    Hire Patrick Beilein. Would be a great fit.

    • Interesting123

      If MU is going to hire a Beilien guy I would much rather hire a guy who has been to the show with a D-1 team. I.e. Jeff Neubauer.

    • David Kennedy

      Wisest post on this blog.....

      Beilein is the answer.

  • Juan

    Good luck in your future endeavors!

  • Aaron

    Perhaps I'm being a bit naive but I think Marshall should look to Wheeling for their next coach.

  • Tim C

    Not being a Marshall fan, I can say this. It's hard to improve when your best player bolts for greener pastures. Herrion is a good coach and will land on his feet somewhere.

    • Ms Horsewoman

      Kane if everything is true should have been here less time than Justin Coleman. Its reported he punched Robert Goff in the head in a closed scrimmage against Miami OH. It was so violent that Charlie Coles pulled his team off the court, he also screamed and stormed out of the Henderson Center because a girl that went to get the team subway, got his order wrong.

      Kane was asked to find a new home, wasn't his choice.

    • Aaron

      The bolting wasn't by young Mr. Kane's choosing. He was told his services were no longer needed.

  • Tom

    The history of basketball at Marshall is not good. I don't know the cause or the solution. I doubt if a new coach will do much to change the direction of the program. Any success he might have will be fleeting since he will quickly be lured away for a more lucrative job at a more successful school. Herd basketball is a never ending circle of disappointments.

    • Larry

      True, makes me glad I'm not a Marshall fan, or a fan of basketball at all.

      • Aquarius

        You don't like Marshall
        You don't don't like basketball
        You posted twice on a Marshall basketball story

  • Mister Man

    Looking at the recruits coming in, I thought Coach H. would get things turned around. Sad to see you go Coach H.

  • Independent View

    Good luck Coach Herrion and I hope you secure another coaching job. I do not believe that anyone could say that you never gave your best efforts.
    Unfortunately, this may set the program back several years by hurting recruitment efforts and time for a new coach to implement his own methods.
    Hold your head up coach, you gave it your best!