CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The owner of The Greenbrier Resort is staying positive.  On Friday’s MetroNews “Talkline,” Jim Justice said he sees nothing but good things coming out of plans for the New Orleans Saints to spend part of the NFL team’s training camp time at The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs.

“I really hate for anyone to dwell on any level of negativism because this is such a positive thing,” said Justice to his critics.  “It’s promoting hope in West Virginia.”

As part of his deal with the Saints, which runs through 2016, Justice has agreed to spend $20 million building three football practice fields and a 55,000 square foot multi-use building at The Greenbrier.  During the July training camp, Justice said the Saints players and staff members will stay at the resort.

To help with construction, Justice sought a tax credit from the Legislature.

Lawmakers approved a ten year, possible $25 million total tax credit, specifically for three projects at The Greenbrier, in an amendment to the West Virginia Tourism Development Act.  It was approved on the final night of the 2014 Regular Legislative Session and sent to Governor Earl Ray Tomblin for his signature.

For the NFL training camp infrastructure alone, The Greenbrier would be eligible for a $5 million credit over ten years.

Justice said he thinks the credit is appropriate.  “We need to promote tourism all over our state,” he said.  “We’ve got such an incredible state and people who come to our state, when they come, they want to come for lots of things.”

Additionally, The Greenbrier will seek the tax credit against the corporate net income tax for a planned $90 million medical facility, next door to the resort, that was first announced in 2011.  The third project reportedly involves the addition of ski hills at The Greenbrier.

Altogether, Justice estimated the total investment for all three projects would total $400 million.  “We’re headed down the right path here,” said Justice.  “There’s no one that’s going to put a negative thought in my mind.  I mean, this is all positive, this is great stuff for our state.”

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  • Ray

    If you want to build hope in WV you need to build commerce and promote the state in a positive way. Creating jobs for foreign workers is not the way to build a bridge between the haves and have nots. I personally would build a millitary school in Lewisburg or a four year college or both to feed the oschool. I would also invest in the greatest asset that WV has, it's people. I would build a indoor water park for WV. A hockey arena. Lewisburg has the wide open space to be a matropolis in WV. It also has some of the greatest people in America living there.

  • Chuck

    I love how everyone gets on here to just complain. It's so great! Let's see.....everybody on here I bet lives Charlotte, Atlanta, or any point in Florida. Fancy stores, restaurants, cool things to see. Well I guarantee it all happened because somebody invested in it, and 2 somebody got a tax incentive. Now days people that is how things work. Want a factory. Better have a good tax deal in mind. What a fancy shopping center. Better be offering some tax breaks. The whole south is littered with these type of deals. But , don't do it here. I don't like it. But complain when you don't have a job or somewhere cool to hang out. Let's just keep doing it the way we have. It has worked so well!!!!! He is investing here. Unlike every other company. So.

  • griff

    the only people this will really help is the Justice family & his cronies. the rest of still have to pay our taxes. The politicians who passed will probably have free stays at the greenbrier

  • Watching

    Some of you who think this will bring jobs to West Virginians needs to go to White Sulphur Springs and see the foreigners walking up and down the streets from housing to The Greenbrier. They are fooling you.

  • Watching

    More BS from the capitol! While they raise my property taxes they give him a break. Just how is this suppose to help West Virginia? Jim Justice is a business man and this puts money in his pocket, nothing more. Do you think he really cares about WV?

  • Frank/Moundaville

    Promoting hope of what?..............that Justice makes more money? I admire entrepreneurial spirit, but he did not need this tax break. It smacks of favoritism. What about other honest business people trying to make a buck? Justice just has a bigger stage and he has our legislators eating out of his hand...............shameful.

  • Aaron

    Were I a high school football coach, I would look to taking my team to camp like they used to. I think this has the ability to benefit more than just the Saints.

  • justin

    i dont understand.. why would do this ? to make his pockets fatter...

    • Greg

      Well, duh?

  • whatamoroon

    If the Saints use it in July, can WVU then use those three practice fields in August until school starts? That would be great for the players and coaches.

    • The DrunkenGambler

      Oh it would make for a great recruiting tool for our program. And I good just put my office there and coach via the internet. I really don't like myself associated with WVU anyway

      • The DrunkenGambler

        "and I could"

    • Harpers Ferry

      A football field is a football field. Really? Because WVU lacks for quality football fields right?

      • The DNC

        Really? you think it would be a good idea to turn the WVU HC coach loose near a casino and that much booze?

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Gem, it is amazing the hope several thousand jobs would give all West Virginians.

    It would seem West Virginia is the best thing to happen to Louisiana taxpayers.

  • wvrefugee

    While living in the Louisville, KY area I remember when the Bengals started camp in Georgetown, KY on the campus of Georgetown College. It has been a huge economic impact for the area. Biggest negative is the player DUI's....aka Chris Henry and Pacman Jones!

  • Larry

    Huge news, "game changer", we all know every rabid Saints fan will flock here to watch them for a week or two, after all, any real football fan would much rather travel thousands of miles to watch practice, than attend an actual game. WV just hit the big time. Having a partial NFL training camp in your state is some of the best economic news possible.

    • Harpers Ferry

      WVMetronews commenters - darned if you do and darned if you don't!

  • Big Bob-E

    AAAHHHHHH can tell spring in near in the great State of West Virginia....the negative Nancy's are in full bloom.

  • Robert

    I'd much rather see Mr.Justice promote "hope" for West Virginians with something like a Greenbrier Initiative for Education Institute or the like rather than hosting pro ball players for a few weeks.

    Give West Virginia real hope, Mr.Justice, not just a sideshow.

  • Jim N Charleston

    Every good con promotes & sells hope. $25 million in tax credits over 10 years for a 3-4 week per year NFL training camp is a heck of a con. From one Jim to another, bravo Jimbo, the suckers swallowed it hook, line, & sinker.

    Jim N So Charleston

    • Greg

      What, ido you think your public assistance check will be running late because of this?

    • Aaron

      Actually I think the maximum amount he'll get out of this venture is $5 million.

      • The DNC

        5 mil was the tax break for the "infrastructure" of the facilities. He's probably also getting a special tax rate on the money from the Saints on any leases and maybe any money on made from their gambling profits from the Saint personnel