HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Huntington Police Chief Skip Holbrook is reportedly the top choice as the next police chief in Columbia, South Carolina. Holbrook was there Friday.

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams¬†told the Huntington Herald Dispatch Friday¬†Holbrook has not resigned and he’s hopeful he’ll stay in Huntington.

Holbrook was chosen as Huntington’s police chief in June 2007.

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  • WVcitizen

    Sounds like a win win for both cities!

  • sam

    Columbia will chew this man up and spit him out. Do your research before you accept this job. When this happens you will be the bad guy like all the others, plus your the wrong color to please the color!

    • Larry

      What are you trying to say, that only an Asian could be the chief of Columbia?

  • Patriot

    I sure hope Sheriff McComas replaces him. He'll get Huntington straightened out!

  • Mike

    He needs to leave "Little Detroit" as fast as he can. Columbia SC is a great town.

  • Larry

    I can't think of anything about Columbia that's better than Huntington, except everything.