WELCH, W.Va. — Every middle school student in McDowell County will get a new laptop in events scheduled this week by the Reconnecting McDowell effort.

“Laptops have become an important tool for homework. Once a student in rural McDowell logs on to the World Wide Web, the same world opens up to them as it does for everyone else,” Gayle Manchin, chair of Reconnecting McDowell, said in a prepared statement.

There are 875 laptops to give out to students, their parents or guardians. The first event is set for 5:30 p.m. Monday at Mount View Middle School. The give out continues Tuesday evening at Sandy River Middle School in Avondale and then Wednesday evening at Southside K-8 School in War.

A multi-partner $284,000 grant is paying for the laptops.


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  • Worm

    Larry..I'm with you. Instead of throwing money at a lost cause stop the government checks and send U-Hauls. If it was up the liberals the gold mining towns in California would still be in existence.

  • Benhere

    Pick up a copy of the Sunday New York Times. McDowell County is front page and tells how wondeful life is in...Wild And Wonderful.

    • Larry

      I read it, seemed to be a promotion of Socialism and Obamacare.

  • Worm

    The first thing the poor kids need to find is Map Quest. Then the quickest way out of McDowell County and West Virginia.

    • Harpers Ferry

      Exactly! Why put put forth the effort to get an education and then, later, return and make a positive difference on McDowell County when you can just leave. SMH.

      • Whip

        Read the main editorial article in the Charleston Gazette today. Then come back and tell me how to change the current conditions in this incredibly sad situation. Gary was once viewed as the model coal mining town the world. How do I know this? My family escaped before being trapped in this horrific economic and social disaster that is McDowell County West Virginia.

      • Larry

        I sense your sarcasm, but I think I am with Worm on this one, McDowell Co. isn't coming back, ever. Obama has killed coal, and there's just no other justifiable reason to live there.