CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Forty-six of the state’s 55 schools districts were impacted Monday by the Sunday night-Monday morning snow event. Thirty-nine of those 46 counties closed school for the day.

The heavy, wet snow left behind several inches in central and mountain counties. The snow may not be around long. The forecast was calling for temperatures in the 40s later Monday and into the mid-50s Tuesday.

Driving conditions were slippery in spots Monday morning. Those conditions contributed to a pair of accidents on Interstate 77 near the Leon Sullivan exit in Charleston. Emergency dispatchers said there were a total of 11 vehicles involved in the two accidents. The interstate was closed for about two hours.

The Winter Storm Warning from the National Weather Service was set to expire at 11 a.m. Monday.

The snow also caused power outages in both the Appalachian Power and Mon Power service areas.

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  • griff

    the snow days are becoming quite ridiculous. Most people now days either have front wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. What do the school buses have chains hanging beneath them if they are never used.

  • Hillbilly

    When is everyone going to wise up and stop driving your cars , shut down all of the coal mines and send all of your money to other countries so they can fight the war on Global Warming , so says the guy that invented the internet , Al Gore !!!!

    • ScienceNerd

      It's called "climate change." Climate is defined as weather patterns over time, not just what happens with the weather in one season or over several months. California is having their hottest, driest winter ever. Australia has had record-breaking heat this year. It's not just what's going in in WV at any given time. It's a whole picture of what's happening globally.

    • ole sasquatch

      I just don't know how long we have left. It may be time to panic!

    • Uncle Tom

      LOL!! Good one!!