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The boys basketball state tournament officially gets underway on Wednesday from the Charleston Civic Center. .

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A complete look at the day-by-day schedule for this week’s boys basketball state championship from the Charleston Civic Center. Quarterfinal action officially gets underway on Wednesday.



11:15 a.m. No. 2 South Charleston (24-1) vs. No. 7 Hurricane (19-6)

7:15 p.m. No. 1 Washington (24-0) vs. No. 8 Morgantown (15-10)



11:15 a.m. No. 4 George Washington (19-6) vs. No. 5 Huntington (20-4)

7:15 p.m. No. 3 Hedgesville (18-5)  vs. No. 6 Parkersburg South (19-6)



5:30 p.m. Washington/Morgantown winner vs. George Washington/Huntington winner

9:00 p.m. South Charleston/Hurricane winner vs. Hedgesville/Parkersburg South



7:15 p.m. Semifinal winners


CLASS AA QUARTERFINALS (Wednesday, March 19)

9:30 a.m. No. 3 Bluefield (22-2) vs. No. 6 Chapmanville (20-5)

1:00 p.m. No. 2 Poca (24-1) vs. No. 7 Fairmont Senior (15-9)

5:30 p.m. No. 1 Robert C. Byrd (22-0) vs. No. 8 East Fairmont (11-13)

9:00 p.m. No. 4 Westside (18-6) vs. No. 5 Bridgeport (18-7)


CLASS AA SEMIFINALS (Friday, March 21) 

9:30 a.m. Bluefield/Chapmanville winner vs. Poca/Fairmont Senior winner

1:00 p.m. Robert C. Byrd/East Fairmont winner vs. Westside/Bridgeport winner


CLASS AA CHAMPIONSHIP, (Saturday, March 22) 

12:00 p.m. Semifinal winners


CLASS A QUARTERFINALS (Thursday, March 20)

9:30 a.m. No. 3 Charleston Catholic (19-6) vs. No. 6 Valley (Fayette) (22-3)

1:00 p.m. No. 2 Notre Dame (20-4) vs. No. 7 Tucker County (17-6)

5:30 p.m. No. 1 Wheeling Central (22-3) vs. No. 8 Parkersburg Catholic (16-8)

9:00 p.m. No. 4 Clay-Battelle (20-5) vs. No. 5 Greater Beckley Christian (18-5)


CLASS A SEMIFINALS (Friday, March 21)

11:15 a.m. Charleston Catholic/Valley (Fayette) winner vs. Notre Dame/Tucker County winner

7:15 p.m. Wheeling Central/Parkersburg Catholic vs. Clay-Battelle/Greater Beckley Christian winner


CLASS A CHAMPIONSHIP (Saturday, March 22)

2:30 p.m. Semifinal winners

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  • Cardinal

    Let public schools hire a "best for the position" Coach rather than a wanna be Bobby Knight with a teaching degree. Good coaches build PROGRAMS long before these young boys and girls hit the high school level. Its an easy change....

    • Aaron

      Occasionally they do. Look at Paul Sutherland at Winfield and the success he had.

      Wait, maybe that's not a good example.

  • Todd

    Go east Fairmont

  • Todd

    Are these games on tv

  • Kiddkornbred

    Ok in your recruiting argument someone please tell me from a basketball POV what is in it for the kids. What would it benefit you to go to Greater Beckley Christian School and get less recognition and play your home games is a shoebox as opposed to going to AAA Woodrow Wilson and playing at the Raleigh County Armory surrounded by championship banners. I heard the argument made that it was to make it to Charleston. That makes zero sense. Unless you learned the word basketball for the first time this week if you live in WV you know Woodrow Wilson High School has had some fairly "decent" teams.
    So you are a talented HS basketball player in Beckley and you are approached by the "GBCS Recruiter" How would you like to go to private school for free and play for a team that might someday win a Class A state championship.......I think you say nope I think I will go to WWHS for free and try to add to the multiple state championship banners. Argument over thank you all for your time. I would've ended it for you earlier but I have been busy.

    • Aaron

      What about the kid that lives in Gauley Bridge, Summersville or Whitesville who's mom or dad works in Beckley? Why is it that the only players you mention only come from WW? Are there not players at Oak Hill who would travel to play at GBC? I know very little about that school but I do know that regardless of what private school parents say, their schools hold documented advantages over their Class A counterparts.

      • Mags

        AMEN! There should be 4 Classes, A, AA, AAA, and Catholic/Private

      • Kiddkornbred

        Aaron I don't have a real strong opinion about the situation I just posted because I get bored where I don't have to work anymore. You see my daughter plays middle school basketball at Greater Beckley and with all the money they gave us I was able to retire.

        • Aaron

          Good for you. Perhaps you should spend some of it on learning how to do research. There are numerous studies that prove your comments wrong. Start wit G-O-O-G-L-E.

          • Aaron

            No, I am not Aaron Simmons and the kids from Wirt County related to Parkersburg Catholic and a similar conversation years ago. The NEVER recruited either and of course they in no way held any advantaged over their public school counterparts, at least according to the parents who argued the same case we see in these threads.

            Except that did. And they do.

          • Kiddkornbred

            Are you Aaron simmons

          • Kiddkornbred

            The answer I wanted was about how these kids from wood count Wirt county and st Mary's were getting to school everyday. And why this recruiting school has been to only two state tournaments in forty years. The Wvssac four year eligibility rule actually states that your four years of eligibility starts in 9th grade.

          • Aaron

            "Please answer me and I will read it after churc"

            answer what?

          • Aaron

            If GBC is allowing 8th graders to play varsity sports, they are robbing the players of their Senior years as a player only gets 4 years of eligibility. No player can play 5 years of ANY varsity sport.

          • Kiddkornbred

            Please answer me and I will read it after churc

          • Kiddkornbred

            Maybe some from fayette I doubt Wyoming or Boone though. And I comprehend just fine. If you type Ripley Ravenswood Wood county Wirt county. You can't very we'll expect me to comprehend Boone Wyoming. And you need to calm down.

          • Aaron

            I see in addition to research, you need to take a reading comprehension course.

            How many kids come from Raleigh County? How about Fayette County? Any from Wyoming, Boone or Mercer or Kanawha County?

            Is that too difficult for you to figure out or do I need to dumb it down further?

          • Kiddkornbred

            Ok I see what question you are talking about. Most of the kids if not enrolled at GBC would be at Woodrow Wilson however some are Probably from Shady Springs-Liberty and Independence since all the high schools in Raleigh county are like 25 minutes away from each other. However some of the kids on the sports teams would be in one of the middle school feeders since GBC sometimes let's 8th grade students play varsity sports so they can field a whole team. I hope I have now answered your question as you have asked.

          • Kiddkornbred

            I answered your question with a question. But I will answer your question. No No our basketball players are not driving from St Mary's LoL 4 hours away and I honestly do not believe there are any black people in Jackson county. Or is it one of the white kids on the J V team that we recruited from there.. You are silly. And like I asked before did we just now start recruiting because Greater Beckley has only been good for two years. I propose that next year we join forces against the catholic schools since GBC is the only non catholic private school in the Wvssac.But I still want you to tell me bout these kids driving four hours to school

          • Aaron S.

            As time is clearly not an issue, I'll take that to mean you can't answer the question.

          • Kiddkornbred

            Oh my. We'll we have no dorm rooms at GBC. Are the kids from Wood Wirt and Ravenswood teleporting or riding in helicopters??

          • Aaron

            "Tell me one thing I said that was actually wrong"

            It's not what you said, it's what you omitted. Since you know so much about the GBC team and have so much free time on your hand, tell me, were they not students at GBC, at what school would the players be enrolled?

            I had that conversation with a PC supporter a years back and the answer surprised even him. In addition to the kids in Wood County, kids were coming from Ravenswood, Wirt County, Ripley, Saint Mary's, and many who's parents lived in OH.

            Research of WC drew the same results. I guess we shall see If you're willing to have an honest debate instead or simply defend the private school your kid attends as Irish does.

          • Kiddkornbred

            Private school coach is right Staunton-Bailey and Kidd could are both amazing and did not need to go to gbc to start probably just wanted to play for Barksdale. Heartbreaking loss a tonight after overcoming such a 22 point deficit. I really felt bad for those kids tonight. They are so fun to watch.

          • kiddkornbred

            Ok other than the same generic stuff you spew from your simple mind over and over. Tell me one thing I said that was actually wrong

        • hoopster

          Im glad you were able to retire because its obvious you never played on a competetive basketball team. What you fail to undestand is WWs 6th or 7th man would be Greater Beckleys BEST PLAYER!...If you need proof of the difference in class A and AAA watch the games at the tourney. So that being said the recruiting is pretty easy for "recruiters"

          • hoopster

            Exactly my point "Coach"....didnt he transfer in to GBC? Say whatever you want to convince yourself why he transferred...."Im not buying it"..guess you better get "recruiting" since it didnt work out this year fo ya! So you need to stop yapping about stuff you DO know ALL about!!!!

          • Private school coach

            You obviously didn't see GBC play this year. Staunton-Bailey could play for any team in the state. They don't have to recruit. Dave Barksdale is an assistant. Everyone in Beckley want their son to play for Coach. As a coach at a private school, we don't give scholarships and don't approach kids. If they want to pay tuition, come on over! You should know what you're talking about before you start yapping about it.

          • hoopster

            Mike and Kidd
            Whats kinda sad is that your told something thats 100% factual and of course you say you dont believe it (No.....No.... It cant be true) Its pointless to say anything else to you. For the record it was an assistant coach at CCHS. Mike I guess all their really good players start in grade school like Bo King? or maybe you meant to say "role players" you know what those are?

          • Kiddkornbred

            I too mike do not buy this fib. It's kind of sad really.

          • mike

            hey, hoopster, don't leave us hanging. Which Catholic school sent a "recruiter" to recruit you? I am not buying it. My experience has been that the catholic schools don't recruit. the parents send their kids to catholic school often starting in grade school.

          • hoopster

            Bishop...when did I say they were recruiting the "best players"? Let me explain it to you by facts. I played at a AAA school as a freshman was not the best player on the team was recruited to a catholic school by a so called "recruiter". Instantly as a sophomore I am the best player on that single A team. I was def not the best player on the AAA team. So whats typical is you talking about something you know nothing about and thinking everybody wants to bash the private schools. I do not have a jealous ax to grind but just wanted to let you know the real truth.

          • Bishop

            hoopster - If Woodrow's 6th or 7th best player would be GBC's, then how is that GBC - or any private school - is recruiting the best players in their area? So typical of you and so many others. Speak out of both sides of your mouth. Those who truly know WV high school basketball know private school bashers have a jealous ax to grind. Thank you for proving this more.

          • Kiddkornbred

            Played on competitive teams and have watched ww and gbc several times this year. Gbc has two guards who could start for any AAA team in the state.

  • stephen

    gary, best suggestion I heard yet about the private schools. put them all in the same region or make them play double A.

  • Jim K

    Will MetroNews be streaming the games on the internet? I may be out of state Wednesday and would like to be able to listen.

  • CB fan

    In this forum I'm reading about recruiting I was lucky enough to get to see clay battelle play madonna this year in football I noticed a lot of madonna fans liscense plates were showing they were from ohio last time I checked madonna is a private school makes me wonder do they really have that many fans from ohio probally not $$$$$$$$$

  • Robert

    I think everybody can agree that Park South and Parkersburg Catholic won't be winning the boys title this year either. Disappointing year to follow high school ball in Parkersburg with the big reds being even more awful. It's gotta be hard being Wheeling's red headed step sister.

  • Gary

    How about this put all the private schools in 1 region. That way only 2 privates will make it to Charleston.

  • RJ

    Wheeling Central is battled tested having come out of a stacked Region 1 Section 1.

    • john

      Not to tough of a region. Only 1 team came out of it.

  • Lori Mueller

    Why are people such haters aganist Wheeling Central? Central has a SOLID team and didnt get to the #1 spot by playing teams that are bottom of the barrel.

  • Irish_time

    Before the Class A bashing gets into 4th gear, I ask for the following of said bashers from a longtime Chas. Catholic fan/parent. Bring to this forum ONE "recruit" that has played for CCHS since it began its string of appearing in 8 title games in the last 9 years. Just one name. Be prepared to be schooled if you do. Funny, those these forums didn't exist years ago, the fans of Mullens, Pineville, Peterstown, Burch, Mount Hope, etc. would have never complained about private schools. They didn't have to, they supported their rural sports teams and watched their schools earn state titles as a result. Too bad public schools of today don't have the pride to do the same.

    • Irish Fan Always

      I get so sick of people saying CCHS recruits. Who in their right mind would choose to send their child to a A-AA school for sports? If someone is that good, they would be better off in a AAA school, however, we send our kids there for the EDUCATION! The basketball team consists of kids that have been in Catholic school since Kindergarten. So, is it safe to assume that as 5 yr olds-CCHS knew what their talent level would be? Im gonna say--NO! Stop with the recruiting comments-Let the kids play and the best team will win. And just to clarify- I am also a single parent who works 2 jobs and sacrifices a lot so my kids are able to attend CCHS. People just need to stop assuming things you know nothing about! The recruiting comments and income level comments will never stop regardless of being invalid!

    • mrotha

      The catholic schools draw players from a AAA population and compete with schools from counties that support a A population. It simply not fair game. All private schools in counties with AAA populations must start playing at the AA level. Plain simple and fair...

      • Bishop

        mrotha - By such logic, you also think Class AA schools living in AAA populations should move up to Class AAA then cause they can draw from much larger areas than rural AA schools. Fine, move up Class A schools. Gotta do the same then for Class AA schools in same situation. Good luck convincing Class AA schools in Kanawha and Putnam counties that.

    • TC

      Correct me if I'm wrong here but didn't private schools have there own tourney before??

    • KN

      That has got to be the most ignorant comment I've read yet. Public schools have no pride? Are you serious? And by the way, this Catholic family has a kid that plays for a small public school. Private schools have advantages that public schools do not. That makes us all the MORE proud of their accomplishments.

    • FedUp

      I am so sick of this “support your public school” BS argument. I, for one, am not someone who believes that private schools do recruit. However, along those same lines, I realize that their dominance is due to an altogether different, yet uniquely private school factor, called $$$$. As I have posted before … The issue in the Public vs. Private debate is much more complex than this simple minded "recruiting" argument that keeps coming up. First, break down the geography of private schools, they are in Morgantown, Wheeling, Huntington, Charleston, Beckley .... IE the largest cities. Are there any other public single A schools in these metro areas we could compare athletic performance against? No. If my son wanted to play varsity basketball, we lived in Charleston, and he was good but not quite good enough to make the GW team, i would pay to send him to Charleston Catholic. That transitions to another point, money$$$. Where is the highest concentration of professionals with disposable income btw? in these larger cities. Not only does this wealth allow individuals to send their kids to private schools it also makes it easier to hire private coaches, travel for AAU games, attend basketball camps, purchase expensive training equipment, etc. Stay-at-home moms married to guys bringing in six figures a year live for this stuff: they start young, they play together with other kids from their gated communities, and they all attend private school together. I should know because I went through it with my son. So if you want to argue about something it’s not recruiting vs not recruiting it’s the haves vs the have nots. You can’t fault them for doing the exact same thing you would do if you had the means and, fair or not, it’s called life. I do however believe that having the private schools in single A has generated a level of competition to where the winner of single A could probably beat the winner of AA and maybe all but the top ten teams in AAA. Therefore, enjoy the advantages that life has provided but don’t turn around and suggest that parents and fans of public schools “$upport” their programs the same way that private school parents can only afford to.

      • Public school parent

        Hey CC lovers,
        You guys recruit Bo King he helped u guys to win a few.

        • Irish_time

          Finally, someone brave enough to provide a name. If you will recall - and you won't - Bo enrolled at CCHS beginning his 9th grade year and newspaper articles from those days will remind you that it was no secret his mom made him go there in hopes that the private school atmosphere would serve him better than the public school he was supposed to attend. There were times Bo sat out the first quarters of games, an edict imposed by his mom, not the coach. His going there had nothing to do with "recruiting" and everything to do with a single parent's decision. His high school-aged brother attends public school. Does that make you happy?

          • Aaron S.

            When Bo played at CC and I had this conversation with another CC fan, they said he went to CC feeder schools. If they were wrong then about players going all the way through feeder schools, how are we to know others aren't wrong today?

          • hoopster

            So Bo's education was more important than said brothers?...how interesting.....

      • Irish_time

        Aaron - FedUp - Wow: Read these boards more carefully. The amount of posters who say Catholic schools recruit and give scholarships is numerous. Thus, I continue to challenge for anyone to bring concrete proof. Aaron - FedUp - easy on the class warfare card. CCHS won the state baseball title last year. Have you ever seen their practice field? It's a glorified cow pasture. CCHS does not even have a weight room. As for geographic draw, who is going to pay 8 grand a year to play sports knowing very, very few will even play college sports? Aaron - you are a Poca fan. Poca has 10 times the geographic draw than rural Class AA schools. What an advantage. Does this mean Poca should play in Class AAA? Remember, any student can attend any high school and play sports without sitting out providing said student does so upon entering the 9th grade.
        FedUp - I can state for a fact the vast majority of CCHS parents work. Private trainers? Gated communities? Expensive equipment? My kids have none of that - not even close - and they have state title plaques in their rooms. You are the one hurling insults.
        Answer this you three. Why is it that Class A rural schools of yesteryear - which are now closed - could regularly beat private schools en route to state titles in the marquee sports? What's the difference between Mullens, Pineville, etc. and Meadow Bridge? There is where you will find your answer why private schools dominate.

        • DIRK PERRY


        • Aaron

          I do have one question for you Irish. I recall seeing plaques at the complex on Hillcrest that touted CC's participation in national and regional catholic tournaments.

          You also state that schools of yesteryear won multiple championships? Are you claiming that private schools competed in yesteryear against those teams and was more successful then current private schools?

        • Aaron

          You're mistaken on several points Irish. First, I've been to the CCHS facility on Hillcrest. I find it difficult to believe that there is not a weight room in that facility.

          I also happen to know that CCHS plays their home games at UC's field. You can cry the blues all you want but the baseball team is not lacking in funding.

          You are also wrong about Poca's geographic area. It borders Kanawha County at Nitro and extends 8 miles northwest to Red House and then northeast out Red House Hill to the Jackson County line. It is actually one of the smaller geographic draws in the state which is why Poca is one of the smaller Class AA schools.

          Of course, by your theory that any kid can attend the school of their choice prior to their 9th grade year with no loss of eligibility means that every school in the state should be Class AAA. Is that what you are championing? Or do we set enrollment guidelines by the areas in which parents and coaches carpool to transport kids to school. That practice is not common in public schools but it most certainly takes place daily in high school.

          Like it or not, private schools have distinct advantages over their public school counterparts. Far too many studies have concluded as much in multiple states to dispute that simple fact. Fed-up touched on some of them but that is by no means the end of the list. Those reasons are why so many states do not allow private schools to compete in post season play.

          Personally, I don’t really care as I have no skin in the game. When my kids were in school and Poca competed against CC, we were more than competitive winning more than we lost in baseball and though none of mine played basketball, in the consecutive years mine attended Poca, they beat CC either 6 or 7 out of 10 games.

          And finally, you are wrong when you say I’m a fan of Poca. Having sent kids through that school, I am certainly no fan. I support many of the kids on the basketball team because I know many of their parents but as to the “school with the steeple,” I have many issues.

          Anything else?

        • Bishop

          Forget it Irish. Private school bashers here will never answer your questions or post facts. They will only sing the same old (false, invalid claims) song.

          • Aaron

            Are you saying that schools of yesteryear dominated private schools, regardless of the spelling? Or just other public schools?

            I'll leave the rest of your lies alone but I do wonder what you are referring to by that comment young lady.

          • Irish_time

            To Jimmy - you state, "CCHS has played in title game 8 of last 9 years come on they don't do that without recruiting." OK I am STILL waiting. Who are the recruits? Name them! No more inneundo. Call out the CCHS athletes. I await to be entertained by your answer.

            Ditto for you Mountaineer. Please continue to insult us by telling us who "the low income kids" are who were recruited to play sports at CCHS. Parkersburg Catholic recruits? Not only do you not provide specifics (again), PC has not been a contender in quite a while.

            Aaron - what are the documented advantages that private schools in West Virginia hold an advantage over their public school counterparts. Talk about apples to oranges comparisons. You cite national studies. That's like saying West Virginians favor gun control because Americans on the whole favor gun control.

            As for the CCHS facilities - the baseball team plays approx. 30 games a year, only a third of them are home games at UC due to costs. And they never practice there. No there is not a weight facility at Hillcrest and the regional and national participation plaques you cite only exist in your mind, like a lot of your assertions.

            You missed the point (again) about Poca's boundries. Poca can draw students from anywhere in Putnam County, not just its defined school zone, and Nitro (in Kanawha Co.). No doubt Webster and Summer county schools would love to have a bigger base to draw students. So does Poca have an advantage or not? I say Poca does not have an advantage and neither do private schools.

            As for your Northfork (it is "Norfolk - and I never referred to that school), Mullins (it is "Mullens") and Williamson (I never referred to Williamson), comments, your comments go in so many circular directions you make no coherent statement. Have your husband express it for you.

          • Aaron

            I'm not bashing private schools. I offered that opportunity to my youngest two and both declined. I'm also not making accusations of recruiting although I'm not so naive to believe it doesn't occur, I know it is not as blatant as most claim it is. I also know that more recruiting goes on among players than from coaches, in both private schools and public schools.

            I am saying that there are documented advantages that private schools hold over public schools and that as such, those schools are not playing on an even keel with their Class A counterparts. Irish cannot respond to that fact so she makes asinine comments regarding the SSAC rule that allows students who enter the 9th grade to attend out of district as putting public schools on equal ground with private schools. I'm sorry but calling an orange an apple does not make it so.

            She then cites teams from yesteryear like Northfork High School, Mullins and Williamson dominating athletics and attempts to compare today’s private schools to that era as if it is the same. Again, it’s still an orange, particularly given the amount of recruiting that actually went on half a decade ago. As I told her, I don’t have skin in this game thus I don’t really care but by the same token, when ignorant comments that insinuate that pride is a determining factor in the success of private schools over public schools, I’m going to pull the BS card on that fallacy.

            And that’s my two cents worth. For what it’s worth.

          • Jimmy

            Bishop you seem to know all about these private schools do you recruit for them? CCHS has played in title game 8 of last 9 years come on they don't do that without recruiting. GBC has enrollment of 64 kids you don't make it to Charleston with those numbers without recruiting. You say private schools don't recruit then what do you call it?

          • mountaineer

            Bishop. I know what goes on in the Northern Panhandle and in Parkersbug with the Catholic schools basketball programs. I don't need to call kids out on here or be specific. I know you know also but don't want to admit it. In fact by the sounds on here most people know. I think maybe you recently just woke up from under a rock. So theres your answer.

      • Wow

        FedUp, very well written, I agree with all you said. If I had the money and a private school close to me I would send my kid there, sports or no sports, just better schools. Just because I don't have the means to do so doesn't mean I begrudge the people that do. I'm happy for them and their kids.

        • mountaineer

          How about those low income kids that PLAY sports at a private school? The way you all talk it takes money to attend a private school? Maybe because they are a good high school athlete then they get financial support so they can transfer or be recruited to play there and get their education? And help win that class A championship? If they were just your average kid then they would still be in a public school. Somebody help me out here? I just don't understand what you are saying?

    • Aaron

      It has nothing to do with pride. Like it or not, private schools have numerous advantages over the public schools with whom they compete. From facilities, travel teams and financial support to larger drawing area's, studies have demonstrated how private schools hold advantages over public schools.

      You may very well argue that CC does not recruit but you cannot say they win because they have more pride the a public school. That's quite simply malarkey.

  • Larry

    Those kids were like, "look, he has a camera, it will look so cool if we all point at him and do our best to make a real serious face!"

  • The Pope

    Only 5 of the 8 single A's are private schools, and only 4 are Catholic, that's a bummer.

  • Aaron

    Too bad we don't have an undefeated team in Class A.

    Hedgesville over Washington in AAA

    Bluefield over RCB in AA

    Charleston Catholic over WC in A.

    It should be an outstanding tournament.

    • Steve

      AA game is a easy pick.But AAA and A I disagree you you.

    • Beaver Nation

      Aaron,You came around to what everybody was saying I see.

      • 1louddog

        Isn't Bluefield the team with a bunch of 5th year seniors on it?

        • Bluefieldrocks

          Yep, we have 5th-year seniors like the accused felon Watkins. That's how you win, right?

        • Outstanding

          Some maybe 6th year. But it's ok the judge said so, I think a couple petitioning the governor to get another year in won't be 22 until day before championship next year.

          • danburd

            Cortney Walton can play at aaa level

          • Beaver Pride

            Lol it amazes me we win everybody else cries.Can you say repeat!!! We just arrived in our home away from home.

        • Beaver Pride

          Lol you are funny.Everybody on here is already trying to make excuses why we will win.All we got to say is that 3 seed they gave us.Poca is the one we are going to take that out on.

          • 1louddog

            Beaver Pride, just joking dude, you know playing on your pride. For real I think it will be Bluefield over RCB by 7-10 points.

          • Beaver Pride

            Aaron,We are not over looking them at all.But Ithey have been quiet and not talking snack about us.So we will show them the same respect.We just have one question for you.Are you going to stick around and watch us cut down the nets Saturday?Or are you going to get on the Bus and head back with Poca.

          • Aaron

            The schedule above says the play Chapmanville first. I would think they would focus on them first.

      • Aaron

        I've not come around to anything. I've never said anyone other than Bluefield would win it. What I said was they won't go to Charleston and cakewalk to the Championship.

        I think they will have tougher games than expected in all 3 rounds and while I like their experience and believe that will carry them in close games, I won't be the least bit surprised if they're back in class on Thursday.

        • Beaver Pride

          Back in class my Thursday we all about 4 of us busted out laughing at the same time.Thanks for a good laugh!

          • Aaron S.

            I write my own material, thank you.

          • Bluefieldrocks

            "I hope you were on recess and didn't get in trouble for laughing in class."

            Wow, do you write your own material or did you pay big dollars for that "zinger?"

          • Aaron

            I hope you were on recess and didn't get in trouble for laughing in class.