CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston City Council voted Monday night to rescind a controversial gun purchase ordinance and now awaits possible court action on a bill recently passed by state lawmakers.

Mayor Danny Jones said the 1993 ordinance that limits the sale of handguns in the city limits to one a month with a three-day waiting period has served its purpose.

“It accomplished what it was meant to accomplish,” Jones said.

The mayor now wants Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin to veto the legislature’s municipal gun bill passed earlier this month that opens the door for those with conceal carry permits to carry guns into some municipal buildings. Jones believes the pro-gun lobby pushed the bill through the legislature because it’s upset with Charleston’s gun purchase ordinance.

“They’ve used this ordinance to turn it into a 40-page bill to put guns in Head Start programs (in community centers) and that’s a fight that I’m making and will continue to make,” Jones said, adding the city will challenge the new measure in court if Gov. Tomblin signs it into law.

“We’re hoping to get the governor to veto that bill. If he doesn’t, of course, we’re going to court,” Jones said.

Tomblin hasn’t commented on the bill. Jones hopes to get a meeting with him sometime later this week.


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  • Dope the Scope

    Dear Danny,

    If the Head-Start programs in your "City" rec centers are County and/or State funded then maybe we should move to have them removed from those locations and placed where they belong

    Now, Mr. Jones, yesterday I was at a very large sporting goods store in your ineptly ran city and let me tell'ya, I can't express the jubilation coming from employees at the gun counter. Not only was their jubilation being verbally expressed but they were also giving out the governors phone number with instructions to call and complain about you and encourage him to sign the BILL.

    As I heard you boastfully say on the radio in an attitude and tone reminiscent of Barney Fife yesterday you've "been friends with Earl Ray for 40 years, he'll let you in to see him"-- I can pretty much guarantee you your hissy fit will do you little good with defeating or amending the law... Maybe it's just time the head Start program comes out of the King Center. After all why did we pay to build you that big impressive elementary school on Florida Street if you going to use a rec-center for head-start.

  • stophating

    Did anyone catch the tantrum that Mr. Jones threw on decision makers this week? I had read stories about his temper, but after seeing him on television I believe everything that I've read about him. He is an embarrassment to be mayor of our capital city.

  • Danny Jones Brother

    To stop Danny Jones from getting his way, write the Governor and tell him your views. He only has until Saturday 3-22 -14 to either sign or veto Senate Bill 317.

    Go to:

    And write your opinion or call the Governor's office:

    Office Telephone:
    (304) 558-2000 or 1-888-438-2731

    Governor’s Mansion:
    (304) 558-3588

  • 2XLPatriot

    Mayor Jones is the poster child for the result of uninformed voters. A sign above or in front of a building will not deter crimminals with guns who have malice in their hearts. A law abiding citizen who respects others and "Legally" carries a gun will deter a crimminal and will more often than not PREVENT a shooting by malicious people. Crimminals are cowards by nature. They need to use violence to get what they want becuase they don't have the courage or determination to work for what they need or want. I have no problem with legal, law abiding citizens carrying guns around my children and would honestly feel safer knowing that good people have the upper hand if a crimminal showed up with malintent.

    I carry every day and everywhere I am legally permitted and have for years. I have had people ask me "What are you afraid of?" My response is simple. "Absolutely nothing!" I am equally defended against some dirtbag who would do me or my loved ones harm and I am undoubtedly better trained and experienced. I will only use my gun to protect my loved ones, myself or innocent people in danger. The only folks who should be wary or afraid of legally armed, responsible citizens are those who have evil intent. Danny Jones, put on your big boy pants and quit whinning like a little brat. You and your supporters are a joke and a disgrace to the people, spirit and traditions of West Virginia.

    • GASoline71

      Right on Patriot!

  • teufel

    Time for Govenor to sign bill and shut Mayor up

  • Indpendent View

    This move by Danny Jones is a complete sham! The 2013 session of the legislature carried an amendment that if a municipality continued or accepted Home Rule, by law, they must recind their gun laws, because the right to legislate gun laws rests with the state. Mr. Jones had no compunction with implementing the portion of the new Home Rule law that was passed in 2013 and he wated by implementing an increased sales tax in Charleston. However, he not only chose to ignore the portion of the Home Rule Law that he disagreed with and thumbed his nose at recinding Charleston's arbiturary and capricious gun laws.
    The WV Citizens Defense League respectfully asked the maor to follow the law and recind the ordinances. Again, he refused. The WVCDL filed a lawsuit in Kanawha Couty Circuit Court asking the court to make the mayor follow state law. Again, he refused. The people had enough and spoke through the 2014 Legislature and SB 317 was passed, unamiously in the Senate and 95 to 5 in the House.
    Then, before the bill is passed by the legislature and then when it passed he has been lobbying the governor in attempts to convince the governor to veto the bill. What's he offering in return? Charleston recinding an ordinance and that's just one part of the ordinances, that he was suppossed to recind after the 2013 bill was passed. Now he is again using Charleston recinding this one gun ordinance as his bargaining chip, when in fact, he was supposed to do so after the 2013 Home Rule Bill!
    Does Danny Jones truly believe that people are ignorant to the facts that he 1) ignored state law 2) that he's offering a concession that is meaningless because he thumbed his nose at the 2013 legislation, has been drug into court to mandate he follow state law and the legislature spoke with a clear voice of the people in passing SB 317!
    The maypr's mantra for years was stopping drug deals. Now, it's the kids.
    It's not about either, it's about CONTROL!

  • JT

    Danny Jones, you just can't fix stupid.

    Now if some nut job wants to go out in a "blaze of glory" you just advertised the locations that's best for them.

    Now, to be realistic... Law abiding citizens are not your enemy and WILL do the right thing. Criminals will still carry firearms where ever they want and now you won't have a single defense for them.

    • Wowbagger


      Face it Danny ( gun free zone) Jones is the poster child of 'you just can't fix stupid".

  • Larry

    Is it just me, or is his moustache looking more and more like Adolphs?

  • C. F. T.

    Jones, is doing what politicos do best, pandering for votes.

  • The Answer

    Jones is nothing but a whiny assed cry baby if doesn't get his way.
    The only thing that keeps getting him elected is he has everyone but the people who live in Charleston paying their bills.
    Ie: USER FEE and the so called Civic Center Remodel SALES TAX.
    Hey cry baby how about some free garbage bags up Elkview River way...

    • Todd

      I couldn't have said it better myself answer. Well said.

  • dusty

    Jones sure made an A** out of himself Sunday on Decision Makers,showed he wants to be Home Ruler.This should be his last move.

  • Uh oh

    If we pass laws to stop law abiding citizens from carrying guns, then only the criminals will have guns because they don't care about the laws to begin with. How will we protect ourselves? Ask Mexico how that's working out. And before someone says "just call the police" remember that the most inept criminal can fire off an entire magazine before you can even dial your phone.

  • Enough

    Governor, don't settle for this political trick from Jones. The Charleston gun laws that were dropped are minor in comparison to the issue of the City of Charleston being able to establish unmarked and unannounced gun free zones. No one wants to legally carry weapons into the Charleston recreation centers: this concern so loudly expressed by Jones is a ploy to retain his ability to establish these unmarked and arbitrary no gun zones. He has done this repeatedly every time city streets are closed for temporary city events, thereby creating instant city parks with no marked boundaries. He can label rec centers a school if he likes to get his recreation center ban. What we really need are consistent and well known gun free zones statewide so law abiding citizens do not unknowingly break laws and face potentially serious felonies and ruined lives.
    The city of Charleston needs to obey state and federal laws, specially the 2nd Amendment. This is the right thing to do.