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This photo was shown in court Monday of a man, believed to be Charles Severance, leaving the Russian Embassy.

WHEELING, W.Va. — A Virginia fugitive, in custody in West Virginia, is fighting extradition.

Charles Severance, 53, refused to waive extradition during a hearing in Wheeling Monday morning. Severance is being held on a weapons charge. He’s also wanted for questioning in connection with three murders in the Alexandria, Virginia area.

Ohio County Prosecutor Scott Smith asked a judge to remove Severance’s $100,000 bail during Monday’s hearing.

“He is a flight risk and a danger to the public,” Smith told MetroNews. He added the murder cases are significant. “He hasn’t been charged but he’s a suspect or somebody they want to talk to and I felt that was one component to my argument that he is a danger to the public.”

The judge agreed that Severance be held without bail until another hearing set for Wednesday.

Prosecutor Smith said when Severance found out he was wanted for questioning in Virginia he went to the Russian Embassy for asylum but was denied. He then ended up in Wheeling. He was arrested at the Ohio County Public Library last Thursday.

Smith said he is working with Virginia authorities on a governor’s warrant, which could eventually send Severance back to Virginia.

“We are going to do that as soon as possible and go forward with the proceedings,” Prosecutor Smith said.

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    freaking Nostrodamus!!

  • Wow

    When I look at him, s**thouse rats immediately come to mind.

  • Buck

    I thought Santa Claus went back to the North Pole for the winter

  • MOCO man

    Of course he doesn't want to go to Virginia..........lets run and hide in a state that isn't smart enough to carry the death penalty........ignorant Democrats!!!

    • Jason412

      Virginia has only executed 2 people since 2011. At age 53 this guy will probably die of natural causes waiting to be executed even if he is extradited and receives the death penalty.

      • Mr. Bill O. Rights

        Why, is he guilty? Has he been charged with anything other than a weapons charge?