WASHINGTON, D.C. — Just when you thought the National Invitation Tournament might bring a humdrum conclusion to West Virginia’s season, the Mountaineers find themselves here in our nation’s capital, playing inside a high school-sized, but a high school-sized gym with the framed jerseys of Patrick Ewing, Dikembe Mutombo and Alonzo Mourning adorning the wall.

While there was no center of Ewing or Dikembe or Zo’s ilk on the floor tonight, the Hoyas had guards making shots. D’Vaunte Smith-Rivera scored 23 of his 32 points in the second half and Markel Starks added 14 points, seven rebounds and seven assists a Georgetown took command late for a 77-65 win.

The Hoyas (18-14) won their first game at McDonough Arena since 2009 and West Virginia (17-16) remained winless in the postseason since 2011. Here are the in-game updates from throughout the night:

In their second-half uprising, the Hoyas outscored WVU 47-32 and out-rebounded the Mountaineers 20-13. Smith-Rivera made 7-of-10 shots in the half—including 3-of-4 from 3-point range—as West Virginia’s defensive slips proved costly
GEORGETOWN 66, WEST VIRGINIA 51 (3:47 second half)
Down by double-digits, WVU tries the halfcourt trap, which Starks breaks down easily for a drive-and-kick to Smith-Rivera. Result? Three-ball! (Smith-Rivera up to 26 points.) On the other end Staten tries to answer only to be called for a charge a Starks beats him to the spot. This one has turned ugly, with the Hoyas outscoring WVU 36-18 in the second half.
GEORGETOWN 61, WEST VIRGINIA 51 (7:05 second half)
Devin Williams’ foul at the 9:23 mark allows him to join Noreen in the four-foul club. And after Lubick leaks out for a breakaway dunk, the “We Are Georgetown!” chants are ringing with much fervor.
GEORGETOWN 55, WEST VIRGINIA 49 (9:49 second half)
Smith-Rivera energized the Hoyas with 12 points in the first 10 minutes of the second half. He’s up to 21 now and Georgetown has made 10-of-14 shots in the half (71 percent). Starks is just 5-of-15 overall and 1-of-5 from 3, but he crossed-over Staten in transition for a sweet layup. He also has six assists.
Georgetown made only 37 percent of its shots, but gave itself three chances on the half’s final possession. The third one went down, courtesy of Aaron Bowen, to make it a three-point margin at intermission. … D’Vaunte Smith-Rivera has nine points, albeit on 2-of-7 shooting. Backcourt mate Markel Smarts is 2-of-9 for five points.
Staten makes a twisting scoop shot for an and-1 with 29 seconds left before the break. That gives him 15 for the half on 6-of-7 shooting—a nice bounce-back game from the Texas loss. Remi Dibo also scores 11, taking more shots than anyone in blue. But hey, a little aggression out of the Frenchman can’t hurt, right? And here’s the stunning part: All of Dibo’s points came from inside the 3-point line. West Virginia shot 54 percent overall.
WEST VIRGINIA 22, GEORGETOWN 21 (3:33 first half)
I’m no trainer, but Juwan Staten’s left ankle looks strong and steady. He has made a few of his trademark bursts to the rim and I haven’t noticed him wincing even once. He has eight points on 3-of-4 shooting, including his first 3-pointer since Feb. 1.
WEST VIRGINIA 13, GEORGETOWN 13 (7:38 first half)
Noreen picked up his third foul, shoving Moses Ayegba about 20 feet from the basket. I’m not sure why. Long-repressed aggression from the last matchup in 2012? They say a Minnesotan never forgets. (OK, so the officials apparently redirected one of Noreen’s earlier fouls to someone else. Hard to keep up with wi-fi blocking access to live stats, but I’m not complaining—that only ups the quaintness factor of the gym even more.) Foul trouble is mounting for WVU as William, Watkins, Adrian and Noreen have two each. Basically, everybody over 6-foot-3, save for Dibo who has one.
WEST VIRGINIA 10, GEORGETOWN 9 (11:49 first half)
Among the richest storylines tonight was—what else?—Kevin Noreen vs. Nate Lubick. Dubbed the Stunna in McDonough, this showdown of screen-setting, garbage-grabbing bigs had the making of its own 30 for 30, but the refs intervened and Noreen picked up two fouls in two minutes upon entering. This makes me sad for role players everywhere.
WEST VIRGINIA 7, GEORGETOWN 4 (15:17 first half)
Jabril Trawick needed a mere 19 seconds to go all Princeton offense on WVU’s defense, back-cutting for a layup against Nathan Adrian. Give Adrian credit, though—he eliminated the passing daylight two possessions later and caused a deflection. … On WVU’s end, Eron Harris canned his first shot, a deep 3-pointer, matching his full-game output against Texas last Thursday in Kansas City.
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  • wvuclassof12

    If the wvu men's bball coach had ANYother name other than Bob Huggins he would of been ran out of town. It's sad to see the mountaineers unwilling to change and getting worse every year. Every year since the final four we have screwed up our recruiting and never capitalized on that chance to step up, we might need to rethink the whole Huggins is our guy approach.

  • jay zoom

    to (wvu fan in boston) if the WVU team would of had a higher seed against their opponent it would of been played in Morgantown. high seed gets home floor regardless of size. sad but true

  • WVU fan in Boston

    Finally this season is over, which was very painful to watch. There were only two decent wins over ISU and KS both at home. There needs to be a huge improvement in the team next year. With all the money invested in the new basketball only facility, and which Huggins wanted, the payoff needs to come next season.
    Lastly what a joke of playing a Div 1 NIT game in a 2500 seat gym, we might as well re-open Stansbury Hall on the main campus for WVU games.

  • jay zoom

    it was asked by (john) what has oliver luck done about the performance of the team that Huggins is coaching and his own ability to coach. (at this time) NOTHING - NOTHING - NOTHING Dana Holgersen NOTHING - NOTHING - NOTHING the only thing the greedy S.O.B. cares about is $$$$$$$$ and spending time in his office trying to figure how to rip off the mountaineer faithful for the 2014 - 2015 season. (look what he did to Stewart - leave no doubt - then he stabbed him in the back (GOD REST HIS SOUL. since his arrival at his so called Alma Mater his performance is next to nothing and the only thing he cares about is a paycheck and trips to NFL games he could careless about MOUNTAINEER FANS AND THE PERFORMANCE OF HUGGINS AND HOLGERSEN maybe all three should go and Staten should stay.

    • Aaron

      Dude, your ignorance is showing. I don't want to speak ill of the deceased but what was done to the previous coach was his own doing.

    • squad

      I'm not sure "stabbed him in the back" is a real accurate statement of what happened with Bill (I love wv so much ill run down the coach in waiting to protect my job and when there's any questions just whip out the good ole boy talk) Stewart. Look the guy is dead and I liked the guy but to portray that somehow HE got screwed in the face of his actions is BEYOND LAUGHABLE.yes, jay you are beyond a joke with that comment.-you have crossed the threshold into insanity.

  • Joe W Wv

    I have watched this team for along time and Huggs, this is the first time I seen in his face he looked tired, like he wanted this game and season to END. He had no energy left. Not sure if he wants to retire , but I feel if this team was in good shape he would aside. Maybe in his though he will give it up after next year if we get on the winning way.

    This is the second year now. He has no one to blame but himself, these are the players of his recruits. I understand the job of the HC. They depend on the assistance to do do their job as well. Someone has failed to do their job. Maybe it's time to replace some assistance and get rid of the old buddy thing. Don't get me wrong I have supported WVU and our coaches but something is not right inside the locker room.

    If I would rate this years team and progression, I would give them a D+ over last years team.

  • mad hatter

    it's just frustrating that people make comments as if they have watched every game the eers played this yr... but the fact is, and this relates to there comments, it's very apparent they watched very few games at all.
    And again, who recruited these guys if they are so bad, who observed them playing high school games , or aau games?
    We collasped in the second half just like we've done in many games this yr, this isn't new. Have you watched any games at all? Some of these players are simply not div.1 material, but then i haven't bee coaching for 40 yrs. or am i a HOF coach, who did great things at another university.
    And now, if staten choses to go pro, we'll stumble thru another season with possibly a .500 record , and be satisfied we make it to the first round of the NIT, and lose. Mediocrity at it's best....but at 10,000 bucks a day, what's the hurry.

  • Aaron

    As I watched the 2nd half unfold, I felt like I was watching the Baylor game all over again. Very little effort on the defensive end that resulted from frustration on the offensive end. Fans can blame the coaching staff all they want but at some point, players have to step up and give effort. You can't have 2 players exerting maximum effort on the defensive end only to be let down by teammates.

    While I understand the need for shooters, I think Huggs and team have got to recruit kids who can play defense and are willing to work on that end of the court. If all players were willing to work as hard as Kevin Noreen, he of the wasted scholarship (according to others) this team would be fine.

    While I'm disappointed at the outcome of last nights game, it's still a great day to be a Mountaineer.

  • Coalwiz

    This team could have done better and Huggs would probably admit that. The close losses at the start of the year doomed the team to NIT unless the were amazing in the Big 12. They were .500 in the Big 12, which isn't bad when you recognize that this is the best conference in the NCAA this year (according to all the experts.) And if you watched most of the games this year the commentators at some point would put the watchers on the notice that WVU losses no one of this team AND has two really good players sitting on the bench that are available for next year. Most of those commentators mentioned having a Top 25 team and possibly a team that will be Sweet 16 worthy.

    If next year's team plays worse than this years team please feel free to bash the coach then....otherwise recognize that we hit expectations (for those outside of the state reviewing WVU) which doesn't mean we should be satisfied, but recognize that it was a horrendous year either.

  • SYD

    Four things to be thankfull for, GIRLS BB TEAM, WOMENS SOCCER TEAM , RIFLE TEAM and THE BUCS start to play in a couple weeks. One last thing; I would love to know what all the people who think WVU FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL is going to improve next year are SMOKING!!!!

    • mad hatter

      certainly , we aren't going to be any better in football, but then holgie will tell us that we are light yrs ahead of where we were last yr. and Luck, since he gave him this great contract will back him all the way to another 4-8 season.

  • El Supremo

    The entire state based media covering West Virginia University athletics are scared / reluctant / hesitant to make an honest evaluation of the coaching staff. The West Virginia based media have become Katie Couric journalists--nothing but softball questions to Coaches Huggins and Holgorsen.

    Which is worse--a coach that hires his cronies or a sportswriter that refuses to be objective?

    • rekterx

      I'm still waiting for the Bob Huggins at the Nike Coaching Clinic story from a WV writer.

  • Pride

    This is a young team that showed improvement. Poor ending but 2014-15 should be very promising. Hugs is a great coach. Lets be patient with this group.

  • mad hatter

    i think all that have watched us play all season, saw this coming, the good first half ,and the swoon in the second half. We're use to it,.
    We have a young average talented team ,except for Staten, who is super human on the court.
    We have freshmen playing lots of minutes , because we recruited players that couldn't qualify...
    We have one player, that has made huge advances in his game this season, and the rest are essentially no better than the beginning of the season.
    We have a hc that seems bewildered , just like last yr. His assistants seem like that just aren't coaching as the team does not follow bob's orders.
    So, the final result, we have a broken program. Top to bottom.. .An AD with no experience on the college level, gave away the ranch on two contracts, huggins and holgie.
    I am ashamed and emb arrassed at what Luck , holgie and huggins have done to our athletic dept, to say we are mediocre at best, in both sports, is the understatement of the yr.

  • One And Done

    Who didn't see THIS one coming?

    This game wasn't as close as the score indicates. WVU got THRASHED by the Hoyas. "One and Done," the perfect way for this Bob Huggins team to end the season.

  • Mike

    You are what your record says you are. 17-16

  • john

    Allan, could you kindly give your grade on Huggins since he has been here? Is he worth the 3 Million plus per year? Why hasn't he made changes in his staff? Why does he blame players that HE RECRUITED? Why does he live to talk about his glory days at Cincy? Can he correct this course of what has been a sinking ship? What has Oliver said about the results of this basketball team with a coach that isn't getting the results that reflects his salary? Finally do you, or any of the writers who cover WVU get tough with Huggins at all or do you allow this guy just to answer "Soft" questions?

    • Mtneer Marv

      Wow, you said everything that my brother and I were talking about on the phone after the game.