CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Garrett Cullen and C.J. Ricker talk with Fred Persinger looking at this week’s boys basketball state tournament. You can watch the segment above.

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  • mike

    And the eastern panhandle doesn't own single A either. Guess they don't have any private schools up there.

  • Reality

    Sorry, we can't own AA in Jefferson and Berkeley counties. Nothing that small here.

  • Kory

    I didn't know Hurricane was a defensive juggernaut. SC has 3 times as many fouls as Hurricane. Hopefully someone that watched the game can comment on this later. That's unheard of from SC. They didn't win that many games this year by playing sloppy. Something don't sound right.

  • Tiger pride

    Don't get comfy beaver pride!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beaver Pride

    We have arrived in Charleston.Are home away from home.Can everybody say repeat!!! Go ahead and put our name on the prize!!!

    • College Ave

      Would the next person who uses "Can you say…" turn around and go home, please.

      Thank you.

    • douglas

      who? Eastern Panhandle runs this state economically and athetlically. we own baseball, track, football, basketball, top 4 sports. and we are going to keep owning it as well. in just berkeley and jefferson counties. have a beautiful day. no doubts about it.

      • Kory

        You don't own baseball. Since 2006 the south has won the same amount of state titles as the eastern panhandle, 4 each. And that's just AAA. Football, fair argument just because of Martinsburg. Before their run South Charleston, Parkersburg and Morgantown were on top consistently. Ok, Jefferson has track. Don't get me started on basketball. You're looking at the past 2 years. Go back since 2000 and tell me who has more titles.

      • Beaver Pride

        You don't own AA 6 out of last 7 are from southern WV.Got to go win this game.So we can move on to second round.Watch those 3's come raining down this morning!!! Boom,Boom,Boom!!!!