CHARLESTON, W.Va. — For the first time in West Virginia boys basketball history Chapmanville Regional High School in Logan County made it to the state tournament. In fact, they played the 101st tournament’s very first game Wednesday, matched up against Bluefield.

There was one fan in the crowd who garnered a lot of attention. The 1970 graduate of Chapmanville High who sat right behind the scoring table was none other than Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin.

“Bluefield is a great school but I guess I am a little partial to my school,” said Tomblin.

He wasn’t alone in cheering on the team.

“Offense, Tigers Offense!”

Dozens of students were in the cheering section rooting on their team. Sarah Shumate was on the front row dressed in Chapmanville orange and black.

“We made history doing this. This is our first time getting to states and the town has backed us up so well,” she said. “It’s just an exciting time to get to come up here!”

But from the start it was tough going. Bluefield is the defending AA state champions and the Beavers played like it Wednesday with an impressive 63-34 win over the Tigers.

Gov. Tomblin was still optimistic at halftime but it wasn’t meant to be.

“Well….it doesn’t look real good right now but there’s always the second half!”

Shumate said she was still proud of the team and traveling to Charleston for the state tournament is something she’ll never forget.

“It’s great that they got this far. We love it either way!”

For their first tournament berth fans said the Chapmanville Tigers did their town and governor proud.


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  • steve

    That's how Logan survived for years-give me a break-it's called tradition and winning basketball

  • Laker19

    Are we sure Bluefield won? Because apparently in Logan Co. you can tie the game, but the refs can take it away from you...

    I'm surprised ERT didn't bring that behavior with him to the game......

    • Bobby

      Did We cheat when we beat Skyhawks in football to hear Scott fans say we probably.did quit crying we beat you two out of three this season counting football three out of four and will probably beat you in baseball Scott tissues should be your nickname

    • Aaron

      I know right. The only place to play worse than Logan County as far as poor refereeing is Boone County, right!!!

  • Truth

    Wonder if old Carl was selling drugs there. Gov. returned to his old stomping grounds. Where corruption ran wild. Due to his corrupt family.

  • Aaron

    Regardless of the final score, Chapmanville represented their school, community and county well as they brought by far the most fans to the game.

    Not only was the student section filled top to bottom but so were both sides of the arena on their end of the floor and not only did they cheer until the bitter end, they did so in a very sportsman-like manner that should reward them with best cheer section for the tournament.

    It was a refreshing reminder of what the state tournament was all about. They may very well of been on the bottom side of the score but they are by no means losers. Congratulations Chapmanville.

    • WV77Steve

      +1 This is what high school sports should really be all about. What great excitement and what great support for their team.

  • Vic

    The whole story needs to be told on how they got there, I would really be proud too!!

  • Tom

    The article should have read: Chapmanville roars for the first time...and the State Tournament.

    • Robino

      Upset your Logan Wildcats didn't make it? Shut up, Tom.

    • Larry

      I don't know if I'd go that far, but wow, that was a thrashing.

  • Larry

    Judging by the score, I'd say it was more of a meow.