BECKLEY, W.Va. — A former Raleigh County nurse will spend three years on probation and perform 100 hours of community service¬†after using her position to illegally obtain oxycodone that she later sold.

Crystal Gail Graham, 38, of Beckley was sentenced Wednesday in U.S. District Court.

She plead guilty last November to a charge of obtaining oxycodone by misrepresentation, fraud, forgery, deception and subterfuge while working as a licensed practical nurse at Beckley’s Jackie Withrow Hospital.

Graham has since been fired.

She sold the oxycodone to an informant working with the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department.

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  • Gary

    She should of gotten a prison sentence. The prosecuting attorneys and judges in this state are a joke. Everything seems suspended sentence fixes everything. They seem to always side on the side of the criminal. Just like last week when that woman got 7 years for killing another mother.

  • Call them as I see them

    What did the governors relation get......I guarantee you he will get off Scott free or so easy you won't hear about it.

  • Jima

    She is in the helping profession and should be helping people not dealing drugs and destroying people! She is educated and was greedy - hell- nurses make good money! She is worse than the guy on the corner selling pot!

  • griff

    nope she doesn't deserve a 2nd chance. she got off too easy if you ask me

    • Call them as I see them

      Envy from those who didn't spend any time in college or acquiring a skill to enrich their lives. Griff and Jima, get a skill and make some money. Don't be jealous of what you could have as well. Everyone deserves a second chance, otherwise we should just implement capital punishment for everyone convicted of anything.

  • Good Luck

    I wish this nurse a successful rehab and return to her profession. While what she did was wrong, she deserves a second chance. All deserve a second chance to return to fully capable status. This occurs just as much with Physician's and Pharmacists. But they enjoy obscurity and a chance to recover and return to their professional status once they satisfy rigid program milestones. However, from what I have seen in this state, the WV Board of Nursing does everything they can to completely destroy nurses. I keep hearing that "nurses eat their own". Time for a change. Other states nursing boards support their nurses and a chance to recover and return if suitable to their skilled practice. Just another agency in WV that has their head buried in the sand and in the dark ages.

  • Truth

    No one is talking about what Carl got. What happens when you are one of the, "GOOD OLD BOYS."

    • Jima

      ....why don't you tell us who Carl is!!!!

  • the truth

    You will never be done with Oxy abuse. When you can get a dollar a milligram or 80.00 to 160.00 per pill you are always going to have someone who is willing to sell. It will just hurt the people who actually need it.

    • Jason412

      This is oxycodone, not name brand Oxycontin(oxycodone extended release). The highest milligram of Oxycodone is 30. So she was probably making about $30 a pill in exchange for risking her career..

      Also, if you look at the DEA reports on the price of name brand Oxycontin since it was made tamper-resistant the price has plummeted and is a far less desirable product among drug addicts as it can't easily be crushed. If we want to be done with oxy abuse, we should stop letting drug companies do whatever they want, and the FDA should require all oxycodone to be made tamper resistant.

      It will lead to an increase in heroin abuse for this generation, but at least we wouldn't have the next generation getting started on oxy and switching to heroin.