CHARLESTON, W.Va. — An executive with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation says tens of thousands of West Virginians still have not enrolled for the health care insurance that’s required in the Affordable Care Act with less than two weeks remaining before the enrollment deadline.

Dr. John Lumpkin, senior vice president and director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation — a nonpartisan resource — recently issued a reminder to state residents that the enrollment deadline is March 31.

“The window does close (then) for most people and it will open up again on Nov. 15,” said Lumpkin.

People who don’t have health insurance after March 31 may be subjected to tax penalties through the Internal Revenue Service.

As of earlier this month, almost 11,000 West Virginians had registered for health care coverage through the federal exchange.  Lumpkin, though, said as many as 60,000 West Virginians could qualify for health insurance subsidies.

“There are many people who don’t know about the fact that they can get financial assistance and people should let their neighbors know, their family members know, if they go to, they can find out about their eligibility and get this very important health insurance,” Lumpkin told MetroNews.

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield is the only company offering health insurance plans on West Virginia’s exchange.

Additionally, since October, more than 87,000 state residents have qualified and enrolled in coverage through the Medicaid expansion.

Nationally, officials with the Obama Administration estimated five million total Americans have chosen a health insurance plan through the federal and state exchanges.  The goal of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is six million enrollees before the deadline.

The enrollment portal is  People who don’t have computer access can call 1-800-318-2596 for assistance with enrollment.

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  • Lucille Martin

    I would like to no more about your health plan, but,call me, my email sometime I dont recieve
    the message, I need health insurance, but on a
    fix income, have retired, will be waiting for a
    respond from you. thanks 810-471-0364

  • David Kennedy

    Several states have already 'Opted Out of the Affordable Care Act. (Obama-Care)

    With it being such a hardship on the 'paying customer, I'm sure our governor could rescind the Affordable Care Act with an Executive Order.

    If its a 'Right to have health care, let the people vote on it correctly and have it added to the 'Bill of Rights. ie: Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness....and Health Care, Food Stamps and an Obama-phone.
    When Obama starts giving out the free Cadillacs, I'll ship over and become a good Democrat.

  • Mountain Navy

    This is what happens when you vote democrat.

  • the truth

    93000 on the Medicaid rolls. Now it is up to us 30% who work in West Virginia to pay for it.

  • taylor

    So does the state medical card cover for this crap if people recieve it? Yet us or don't get it have another bilk monthly to worry about

  • fed up

    Still wondering how many of those 11,000 had insurance previously, but were cancelled because of the mandates...and forced off their plans....never believe any numbers from the government- the "devil is in the details" How many of those actually paid? How many are paying more for coverage? How many are getting less coverage than what they had previously? How many were forced to purchase policy requirements they don't need such as maternity care? etc......

  • bulldog95

    That 5 million includes those that have put it in the shopping cart, not those that have actually paid for it. Those numbers dont exist according to the government. I call bullsnot, they just dont want to release those low ball numbers.