CHARLESTON, W.Va. — No. 7 Hurricane provided an early boys basketball state tournament upset, shocking No. 2 South Charleston 63-47 in the Class AAA quarterfinals Wednesday.

Hurricane (20-6) was led by a  game-high 21 points from J.T. Rogoszweski, who finished 7-of-10 shooting. Trey Dawson chipped in 12 points, while Henry Sorsaia added 11 points and 11 boards.

“Hell of a game,” said Redskins coach Lance Sutherland. “We played defense, which is what we had to do to win. Our preparation paid off and these guys played a great game.”

South Charleston (24-2) played without leading scorers Brandon Knapper and A.D. Cunnigham throughout much of the first half as the tandem sat with three fouls each. Coming out of the half, both picked up their fourth fouls and didn’t return to the game until the score was lopsided.

“When you have those guys in foul trouble sitting on the bench next to me, then it makes it more difficult,” South Charleston coach Vic Herbert said. “I think Hurricane was the aggressor. They got us back on our heels and kind of picked us apart at times.”

The Redskins trailed 12-5 early when forward Rogoszweski drove baseline and slammed home a dunk. The play sparked a 12-0 run and Hurricane never trailed again.

“That was a great intensity booster, and we knew we had to come out with a lot of energy,” Dawson said. “A play like that just gets the crowd going and makes us play better defense.”

The win avenged an earlier-season 74-62 loss to South Charleston and was the first state tournament win for Hurricane’s program.

“It feels great, it’s only the second time in school history we’re here,” Dawson said. “To make it to the semifinals in our second year is just amazing. It’s a real community booster.”

South Charleston was paced by 11 points each from Jonah Cosby and Cunningham. Kentre Grier added 10 points and Knapper was held to just two points—18 below his average.

Hurricane was dominated on the boards, losing the battle 41-25, including 25-6 on the offensive glass. The 25 offensive rebounds led to a 61-35 shot differential in South Charleston’s favor. But Hurricane made 54 percent of its shots to just 31 percent for the Black Eagles.

“Tonight we just couldn’t throw a quarter in the ocean,” Cunningham said. “It was very frustrating.”

Hurricane will face the Hedgesville-Parkersburg South survivor in the Class AAA semifinals on Friday.

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  • Southern Comfort

    Well I guess Fred and the boys gotta root for Huntington and Hurricane now!

  • steve

    Coach Herbert has this thing where he takes good teams to Charleston and lose. Been doing it for years-don't act shocked

  • Bball fan!

    SC beat themselves hurricane came to play and SC didn't . Hurricane had a game plan and followed it . Its youth with SC they will be back they accomplished more this year than expected. SC was worn down and it showed but that's youth they will be back stronger and better. Again rankings don't matter usually experience wins over youth. good luck to hurricane.

  • Cynthia Hyre Jones

    Way to go Redskins! I graduated in 1987 and now live in Indiana. I have a junior who plays basketball for his school who is also going to Semi-State (IN, Class 2A) this Saturday for the first time in school history! They are the Generals, however, but they are Black and Gold, not Green! So Go Redskins and Generals!! Good Luck to you all!

  • bball fanatic

    Really make me chuckle...You already have a champion chosen. Maybe you are right...maybe not...but one thing for sure it will not be SC..i bet you had them in the championship game before they lost...haha but it just goes to show you that numbers DO NOT mean anything...#2..#7..blah blah...maybe its just whoever shows up to play. And if you think the referees were obviously DID NOT see the game...SC played dirty the entire game...but you know what..I don't blame them..they learned it from their coach obviously...he has no class!! If you watched the end of the game...he DID NOT shake the hands of one player of Hurricane! That is the most pathetic thing of this whole tournament!

    • North Central WV Fan

      I noticed it as well...that the SC Head Coach did not shake the hands of the Hurricane players. A terrible display of sportsmanship!

  • charles

    Doesn't matter anyways cause Washington will win the whole thing

  • mike

    Sounds like the refs controlled the outcome of this one. And maybe the SC coach should have pulled his starters when they had just two fouls instead of letting them get three in the first half.

    • Coach H.

      You have zero clue what you are talking about bud. Hurricane wanted this game way more. They got SC frustrated and all they knew to do was foul. The refs gave SC a few breaks if anything.

      • wvfan05

        not a fan for either team, but what dirty fouls from SC...the game I was watching I could clearly hear slaps from hurricane players, the SC players would touch hurricane, and they shoot free throws. 19-28 (huuricane) compared to 7-9 free throws (SC), felt sorry for them (SC). Big difference for 2 teams playing hard.

      • jeremy

        Coach H. We all know how bad the referees are in this state and they definitely do make a difference in the outcome.

    • Aaron

      That's not the case at all. Hurricane out-played SC in all aspects of the game save rebounding. The fouls were legitimate and in all honestly, could have been worse. In the final quarter, at least 2 SC players should have been called for flagrant fouls and could have been tossed. It was a very poor display of sportsmanship be 2 players, one of which had to be physically pulled into the handshake line at the end of the game.

      • Ref

        Hats off the Hurricane those kids and the coach played one heck of a ball game. With that said the ref did take SC aggressiveness away early in the game foul count at half time was 20 to 3. Not saying SC would've won because they played terrible, but the ref took their game plan away early.

        • wvfan05

          Longtime follwer of Valley team basketball. It's amazing after reflecting and discussing the officiating in this State, why is it when teams like SC, Woodrow, Huntington, or Capital play each other, the refs let the kids beat each other up, but not when any of those teams play the rest of the field the games are called one sided tight. Watched this go on for years, the teams with more athletes and speed are given less room to touch and be physical, than teams not as's a shame. Has to be more consistant across the board, and throughout the state. I seen SC and Woodrow play twice and it was a blood bath, watched Capital and Woodrow play same thing, nothing was called. Watched Hurricane and SC play earlier this season, SC didn't shoot 1 freethrow until the 4th quarter, and it took an SC assistant coach to get a tech because he yelled "foul" outloud in the 4th to get the refs attention to the injustice of no calls. While Elmore from GW shoots close to 15-20 freethrows every game... Just wondering.

  • Aaron

    Hurricane played a very disciplined game and hit some big shots. The only surprise for me was taht SC shot 31%. I would have guessed less than 20%. That has to be the worst shooting effort I've seen in my years of going to the tournament.

    That's why they play the games though. Far too many times, a team that stood no chance has managed to win games they shouldn't.

  • Eastern sweep

    Washington vs. Hedgesville for the championship.

    • HHS vs HHS

      Eastern Sweep...........You like eating Crow? LOL

      • wvfan05

        ALL MSAC region 4 Championship