KINGWOOD, W.Va. — A Preston County woman is being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail for allegedly shooting and killing her husband.

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Nicole Knotts, 23, was being held in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

State Police said the body of Matthew Knotts was found in the couple’s home in Bruceton Mills on Tuesday.  The body was reportedly hidden in a bathroom under clothes and other household items.

The accused is Nicole Knotts, 23, who is charged with first-degree murder and concealment of a body.

Matthew Knotts was reported missing on Monday. He had not been to work in weeks and his mother said she had not been able to reach him since March 7.

Originally, Nicole Knotts had claimed Matthew left the area with a girlfriend.

The investigation was continuing Wednesday.

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  • Maureen

    It's sad when people don't understand that there's a thing called divorce!! If your not happy in your marriage. Feel so sad for those kids that has no clue about what has happened to their father who loved them sooo dearly. Now their left without both parents. Life is so cruel. Hope they comes to the hands of some loving, caring and amazing family that will truely love them and be there for them always.

  • Maureen

    Mathew was my granddaughter Tigerlily's father's brother. Tigerlily lives in Sweden and she's as old as Mats oldest daughter age 4. It's very heartbreaking for the knotts family for their loss. Our thoughts and prayer are with them.

  • Kelley

    Electric Bleachers----Gather them all up once a year....ZAP! Make it a party!

  • Kelly

    As tragic as this is, thank god she didn't hurt the girls. Matt was a good guy who obviously loved his family very much.

  • griff

    how long is it going to be before the death penalty is reinstated in WV???

    • Realist

      Look up how much it costs to keep someone on death row and you will see it isn't going to happen anytime soon. WV simply can't afford to have a death penalty.

      • Mbhandy

        Well we could afford it if they fixed the appeals process and actually enforced day of penalty.

  • NCWV

    I have no idea who her family is, but they must be so proud of their little sociopath...

  • William

    Ready, Aim, Fire > next case!

  • taylornicolecollins

    That exactly what i thought. divorce should have been the answer not this.

  • Penny Gordon

    Does she not know what divorce is.....she should get what she deserves....

  • taylornicolecollins

    Sounds to me he knew what went on and took part maybe in this. The poor children involved, i hope matts family are able to get them and raise them. My finacee knew matt in school and said he was a really nice guy. Didnt they just buy a home or maybe I'm wrong.? I just hope she gets what she deserves from this.

  • Don

    The boyfriend has not been arrested yet but all of Matts guns were recovered at the boyfriends house along with the murder weapon.
    The children have been in the house the whole time. I assume Nicole kept the door locked to the room where Matt laid dead.

  • taylornicolecollins

    This is horrible. Especially for the mother in law with cancer and now dealing with this. who was the boyfriend of nicole? Did he have anything in this since I'm sure he knew she was married? Not saying he did at all but they haven't made that clear either.god bless matt and his family.

  • susie

    Where was the two children while their dad laid dead on the bathroom floor? This is really sick as far as I am concerned. The boyfriend should be thankful that she has been arrested because he could have been laying on the floor beside of her husband. I read also that the mother in law was being treated for cancer. God help her now that she has to go through this.

  • Don

    Matt was a good guy and a good father. He will be greatly missed. As far as Nicole...who could leave a dead body in their house for days with their 2 children? Nicole had her boyfriend over while Matt lay dead in the bathroom. She had to keep piling on clothes to keep the smell down.
    There is a special place in hell for this woman!

  • In da stickes

    Case study in sociopathy.