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Eron Harris averaged 17 points per game as a sophomore, fifth-best in the Big 12. But his defense and ballhandling need sharpening—as does his ability to embrace being a marked man by opponents.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — What a wickedly warped season that was for the West Virginia basketball team. One marked by tantalizing losses early, fragile fade-aways late and a flurry of hope-spawning moments in the middle. It tanked and spiked and ultimately tanked again, with credits rolling to the bellows of “Hoya Saxa.”

The accumulation of all that? Try 17-16. One game over .500. One-and-done in the NIT. Not one of Bob Huggins’ best teams, though certainly a rung up from the 2013 squad that was undeniably his worst. I don’t know if he “fixed it” as much as he duct-taped it to a point where it wasn’t leaking lethargy like last year.

The Mountaineers finished 6-12 against teams in the NCAA tournament field. Not earth-moving but four of those wins came against teams seeded No. 2, No. 3, No. 5 and No. 6.

It was a season made hard to categorize because of obvious roster deficiencies, though these deficiencies involved players who were recognized gambles from the moment they signed. (More on the Amazing Ineligible Duo of Holton and Macon below.) On occasion, Huggins maximized the nine scholarship players he carried. In other games he couldn’t get guys properly aligned out of a timeout.

Those moments of perplexity made Huggins question whether certain players were buying in, just as it simultaneously made us question how he was selling it to them. Somewhere between the sender and receiver, the messages must have turned to static. Will next year’s team be more receptive?

There are many questions concerning the 2014-15 Mountaineers. Let’s boil it down to the first four:

1. Does Juwan Staten stay?
If the Wannie Rocket returns, West Virginia should be an NCAA tournament team. If he doesn’t, the point guard job falls to senior Gary Browne or incoming freshmen Jevon Carter and Daxter Smiles (each of whom spent this season primarily playing shooting guard). That’s not just a drop-off—it’s a New River Gorge-type drop-off.

It’s hard to fathom Staten playing much better than he did this season, but after the NIT loss he said he’d be disappointed if he didn’t show similar gains next season.

Whether he could become a first-round draft pick isn’t immediately clear, which is why he’ll petition feedback from NBA general managers. Two things working against him are height (he’s listed at 6-1, but isn’t) and shooting range. The latter is something he can enhance during the offseason in hopes of making his dribble-drive game that much more dangerous. But for all his reluctance to shoot 3s, Staten wound up making 6-of-15 for 40 percent.

2. How much will Jonathan Holton and Elijah Macon contribute?
The wait-til-next-year refrain regarding Holton and Macon only grew louder every time West Virginia was outscored in the paint. Yet carping on their absences was foolhardy given that their eligibilities were a gamble from the jump. When Huggins’ staff signed two guys with a mix of academic craters and legal baggage, there was a chance neither would see the court this season.

The risk may yet pay off, but we won’t find out until next fall. And even then, Macon inability to practice this season puts him a marked disadvantage. Will he be capable of sliding into the rotation and wielding an impact, or must he undergo the same bumpy initiation this season’s first-year players did? (And what his entry means for rising sophomore Brandon Watkins will be worth following. A Year 2 redshirt perhaps?)

Holton, with two years’ actual college playing experience as well as a season of Huggins’ practices behind him, must contribute big as a shot-challenger and rebounder.

Until they actually see either player taking the court, fans are forgiven for being leery. But recall that back in January, Huggins beamed over both players making the fall-semester dean’s list (Macon in general studies, Holton in sociology and anthropology).

3. What to make of Harristotle, version 3.0
Watching Eron Harris light up Kansas (28 points), Oklahoma (28 points) and Baylor (32 points), you sensed a clutch shot-maker coming of age. Watching him disappear twice against Texas (three and six points) and at Oklahoma (five points) revealed that his climb from anonymity to Big 12 top-five scorer takes some adjustments.

Cast as a role player in high school, Harris wasn’t the kind of prospect recruiters charter since eighth grade.

“My freshman year I played on the freshman team, and my sophomore year I played on the JV and I got moved up to varsity for one game,” he said. “I wasn’t too confident, but I was trying to find my way. I was trying to find what my game was, how athletic I was, what was my niche specialty. Everybody else was getting ranked, everybody else was getting recruited, but I really wasn’t.”

And in that respect he’s still learning and occasionally failing to handle the attention teams with extensive scouting reports apply to him.

“I have never been that guy. And now that there’s a suggestion that I am the guy, or that I could be one of the guys, it’s crazy for me mentally.”

Along those lines of keeping his head straight, try deconstructing this recent postgame answer to a question about having a bounce-back performance:

“Sometimes my dad has to remind me that it’s not as big as I make it sometimes. When you don’t succeed all the time—when you get down on yourself, and you think that the world’s over and I’m not a good basketball player and I’m not getting as much hype as this other guy, my team isn’t winning—I’m not worth anything. Sometimes you think that.

“I do care (about winning) and I’m a competitive person, and sometimes I get angry when we lose. But you can’t be angry forever. You’ve got to snap back it in.”

4. How to rid the defensive demons?
While adding two long-armed forwards like Holton and Macon should help, their mere presence won’t remedy all the problems of defensive intensity, execution and commitment.

“The core of our program has got to be those guys that are sitting in that locker room,” Huggins said post-Georgetown. “They’ve got to set the tone. They’ve got to be the people who make that commitment to being special.

“It’s about being special. Why not aspire to be special? And I think we’ve got some guys who will. I really do. I think they’ll put the time in. But I can’t do it. I didn’t do it for any of those other guys I’ve had. They did.”

Staten made that commitment last offseason and became an conference player of the year candidate and All-Defensive Big 12 selection. He needs teammates like Remi Dibo and, yes, Harris to guard better.

“It basically boils down to the same thing, and that’s defense,” Staten said Tuesday night. “That’s something we’ve done a poor job of all year, and that’s something that ultimately came back to bite us in the end.”

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  • william price

    Huggins is living too much in the past. He always talks about the players he use to have instead of the players he does have. Recruit better and you will only talk about the players u do have. Need to release some coaches and get better recruiters..Stop screaming and using the F word. Your kids are not listening. We may need a young coach like the one at Robert Morris. We are tired of overpaid & underporform

    • Bill

      You and I are in agreement. I hear Huggins always blaming the players and not himself. He seems so immature... like a bully that always got his way. Bottom line. he is grossly overpaid and given way too much credit for his coaching exploits. He is ordinary at best. I think many good recruits write him off because of his reputation. Parents don't want their kid to be around an individual with questionable character. That is why we get these "leftovers that seem to be same old story.

    • 4WVUinKY

      Agree. I have written about this at length on this and other WV BB sites. His approach to BB and the young men he is responsible for is antiquated. Today's youth "has" to be managed differently...agree or disagree with that statement, it is what it is. He "was" a good coach with a certain style of player and as you note, he references those players a lot. Reminds me of my granddad who kept telling me the same WWII stories over and over. Very good man but living in he past. Adapt or die.

      I give Coach Huggins one more season. I can't peer into his mind but would think that missing NCAA's in '15 would signal his retirement from coaching and into a different role @ WVU.

      Just my take.

  • Shawn

    IMO, if Huggs doesn't get back to the NCAA tourney next year he'll hang it up. I think he'll do it because he's a good coach. Good coaches know when kids dont respond to you anymore and he'll hang it up if it gets to that point.

    I do feel that if/when he does retire, WVU needs to go after a younger coach who can relate to these kids. Alot of these kids like a coach who will get on the floor and shoot around with them.

    • Capt. Obvious

      Name a coach in Huggs' situation who walked away from 30 mil?

      He's taken zero responsibility publicly for setting this past year's team up for failure and routinely places blame on players he recruited and who he put in a position to fail.

      We all had high hopes when Huggs arrived but it ain't happening and we need to brace ourselves for more first round NIT exits.

      "We didn't come here to win the NIT"

      No you did not!

    • David Kennedy

      Very good point here...
      I would like to add. We never hear much about grades...
      I'm wondering who will have the grades to play ball?

    • 4WVUinKY

      Good points.

  • leroy j gibbs

    think we can get a better coach at 3 million a year?

    • WV Grad

      More wins that losses in the last two seasons combined.
      Is this a good investment for the $4.4 million spent on the head coach's salary?

  • Realist


    I feel like you missed a big key by not discussing the development of Williams. He showed some flashes of brilliance at different points in the season but he was never quite aggressive enough. If he can bulk up and become more aggressive he could provide a huge presence in the future.

  • mad hatter

    i just don't think huggins can recruit top talent.With this practice facility, i had much higher hopes, but that has sunk in the quick sand... Having to recruit players like macon, holton, and possibly dibo, it leaves me with a feeling that maybe beilein was correct in his summation of trying to recruit to morgantown.
    then i look at iowa state , kst. kansas, and those places can't be better than motown?
    Is it huggin's reputation that is running recruits to other teams and away from wvu?
    I don't know,, only huggins and his assistants know that one.
    whatever, our program has taken a nose dive and after this past season, i don't think fix it bob has fixed it.. And as per Luck, he likes him and my guess isthat he'll be here as long as he wants.

    • Aaron

      How many 4 star recruits came to WV before Coach Huggins and what players is Coach Huggins running to other programs?

      Given your expertise, you should have no trouble "elaborating."

      • mad hatter

        i think recruiting, and coaching have past him by,,, being one game over .500 the last three yrs. tells it all.
        Beilein would not have let this program tank like huggins... Huggins is not the coach he used to be, just look at his record, he's getting fat off the wuv donors and alum, literally,, i am speaking rhetorically, and i concur with myself, being frustrated with our lack of intensity, and results.

        • Aaron

          You keep saying that but in about four months of posting you have yet to offer anything of substance to back up that claim.

          Nothing. The only solution I have seen came from "another" poster who rights in the exact same style that you do suggested paying players ala Duke, Gonzaga and Florida.

          Is that you suggestion?

          • Aaron

            Just how many monikers do you have? And I'm the one that is supposed to be obsessed.

            Seriously dude, what is wrong with you?

          • Auto Correct

            "who rights"..."who writes"
            "ala"..."aka" (you should add that you have proof of this and provide said proof. See how all those times you ask others to elaborate comes back to haunt you? Shame on you!)
            "you suggestion"..."your suggestion".

            Here I thought you posted before that you had two degrees and had won hundreds of basketball games. Seems neither is the case.

            "Auto Correct drives the lane, changes her shot, puts it up and in...good! Foul on Aaron...and one. Auto Correct will go to the line and shoot one as Aaron takes a seat on the bench having fouled out just 3 minutes into the game."

      • Air On

        I say there old chap, might you expand on your post a bit and please past the tea?

  • JD

    Aaron must be on Huggins staff: .500 over the last 3 seasons...49 wins, 48 losses. Average at best, and a record that will get most coaches run. He is responsible for this grease fire of a program. When he starts living his own life in a disciplined and healthy manner then his players will listen to him.

    • Aaron

      Nope, I'm not on the staff. I just understand the game and recruiting.

      • Beaver Sniffer

        According to you...Please list your experience and provide references.

        • Aaron

          After you

          • Aaron

            OK Larry.

          • Barry

            Dude, leave me out of this. I am just enjoying the show.

          • Aaron

            Their response to my post tells me someone's listening Larry. Or is it Barry?

          • mad hatter

            aaron is just a kid wishing someone would listen to him and trying to get attention, and being a close relative of huggins, he is grasping at straws trying to make us believe there is something left in huggin's tank

          • Aaron

            I've been around the game of basketball since I was about 7 years old, I've been associated with coaches that have won hundreds of game at both the high school and college level and I am a very intelligent individual.

            Whether that satisfies you or not, I do not really care as I have yet to see you make comprise an articulate counter-argument to any point I've made.

            Is there anything else?

          • Beaver Sniffer

            No please, as a matter of courtesy, I insist, you brought it up so please provide your credentials.

  • Aaron

    What I'm confounded with is this inane obsession with “fixing” West Virginia basketball. It is not an inanimate object that is broke, it is a team compromised of 15 individuals playing a game. They are young men, many away from home for the first time in a competitive environment in which they compete at an extremely high level while trying to maintain the status of a full time student. In every game, there is a winner and there is a loser and like it or not, it is not life and death, it is a game.

    I get that there are many detractors of Coach Bob Huggins and that many have GRAVE (is there any other kind) concerns with Coach Huggins (again) fixing the mess he created but in all honesty, many of you guys are going too far in your comments. First, most do not have a clue as to what they are talking about. I see far too many posts that state Huggins can no longer recruit but that fallacy has been debunked too many times.

    Go to rivals or scout and review the history of WV recruits. If you do, you will see that (depending on the site you choose) Huggins has recruited a 5-star recruit and 7-10 4-star recruits. No other coach in WV history, including John Beilein did not bring in the recruits Coach Huggins has. That is a fact that is backed by the stars and cannot be disputed.

    The problem is the lost recruiting class and then attrition from trying to make up for the lost recruiting class, not recruiting. You can blame Coach Huggins for that if you like but what are you blaming him for? A kid who is unhappy with his playing time leaving? Is he supposed to know how a kid will respond to adversity for the first time in their life and then predict how they will react?

    Seriously man, if that is the standard, I think you guys are setting standards that no one can live up to. Thankfully, the fans and the media are not responsible for judging the direction the program is heading and deciding who will and will not lead the program. I just wish Coach Huggins detractors would man up, be honest and state the real reason for their desire to see Huggins fired.

    • mad hatter

      wow, inanimate object,, ,cool

    • Beaver Sniffer

      Please, tell us more and by the way...are you employed?

    • John

      Do your homework. How many have actually played? How many top 25 recruiting classes has Huggs had at WVU. Huggins pay puts him in top 20 paid coaches in the country. The WVU Practice Facility is as good as ANY in the country. Yet the results the past few years especially those with only Huggins recruits have been bad. Huggins need to make changes to his staff. He also needs to look at his recruiting philosophy because his recruiting classes are average. The 2 kids coming in are rated 3 stars and don't have any big time offers from other schools. We can love Huggs for being a WVU Graduate but his coaching the last two years are embarrassing considering his pay and our facilities!

    • Brad

      Finally something intelligent!

    • Concerned

      Great comment.

    • mad hatter

      captain obvious, it's pure and simple, we're one game over .500 over that last three yrs.
      we lost 16 games this yr, and 19 last yr.. at our very best , we were .500 in the conf. this yr.
      I don't know what relation you are to huggins, but you are so biased in his favor , it smells.
      His recruits either quit, transfer, walk off the court,and just don't perform onthe court.. Who do we blame,, in all corp. it usually falls on the CEO>. My guess is your his daughter from all your comment.s

      • Aaron

        The last person I recall walking off the court was the young man in Huntington when Gale Catlett was the coach. Who's walked off since then? And who's quit? It would seem to me that if you make such statements, you should have no trouble backing them up.

        • bball fan

          Dan Jennings

        • mad hatter

          a huggins parrot.

          • Aaron

            You really think Tim Austin is a Huggins parrot? You're a bit paranoid, aren't you Hatter?

      • GoEers

        Aaron's comments stated facts...I had a feeling you might struggle with it.

        • mad hatter


          • Aaron

            Feel free to elaborate on how I'm wrong sir.

    • Charleston

      Well stated! I couldn't agree with you more!

      • sput

        du are right on and i checked everything out that u wrote and it is all right on..

    • squad

      nice comment

  • harvey lantz

    Ease up folks..Who would have dared believe that this team with so many new players ,,new system,new coaches would have a winning season??
    I think Huggins and his staff have turned the corner.We have the entire team( unless some are dropped to make room for new ones) back next year,players who will now have experience..Add to that mix the four new ones and you should be excited about the future in Morgantown..I am...Big Harv

  • Rich

    Staten is not a 1st round draft pick nor will he make an impact in the NBA. He is, however, an excellent college PG. If he dedicates his summer to developing a 3pt shot(where he can shoot 30-35%) he can boost his NBA chances and be almost impossible to guard at the college level. We NEED him back! I really like Harris and Henderson but they are wildly inconsistent and we simply need more consistentcy from them. Adrien and Williams had decent FR seasons and should improve. I'd like to see us RS Watkins because I believe he can be a defensive force once he gets stronger and more experience. Browne provides depth and leadership as does Noreen. The incoming FR look like they can score but how much PT will they see? That brings us the the ineligible duo that I still have to see to believe. I'm hoping that they aren't "all hype" and that they can actually provide Williams some help down low and sure up our defense. A lot of question marks heading into next season

  • Rick55

    I think Wannie would get drafted in the very low rounds or have to go free agent and in all likelihood end up playing in Europe. Purely a matter of size in my opinion. When you don't have size, you have to be better than the guys who do. I think the NBA would like him to have another year at the college level. Good luck to him but I'm hoping hell be a Mountaineer next year... Maybe just wishful thinking... We really need Holton to play well but if we can get Macon playing well his benefit would be measurable. I've heard he is truly the big body we need-Macon has the size but I've heard he is more of the big bodied outside player. As for Eron, my feeling is that it is mostly a matter of personal and court maturity- he's a very emotional player and I think it interferes with his play at times-over-excitement, discouragement, inconsistency, over/under confidence. Hopefully another year will bring more maturity. Few college freshmen come in knowing how to play defense. Optimistically, another bunch of practices and early games will allow Huggs to instill some defensive skills/knowledge and mental/physical toughness. As for the comments on switching conferences, boycotting Macon and Holton, and firing Huggins, I couldn't have said it better myself Pat; just silly and stupid- ignorant really!

    • Aaron

      There are only 2 rounds in the NBA draft. Only the first round has guaranteed money. Unless NBA analyst tell Staten he is going to be a 1st round choice, he will more than likely be back but that's his decision to make.

  • jay zoom

    I'm coming to Morgantown as well. don't mean Jack S--- . as far as Holton and Macon is concerned. we were suppose to be a contender this year - Huggins and the team blew it. same result next year - THANKS OLLIE.

    • Cigarman

      And who said we were to be a contender? Not one senior, picked to finish in the bottom half of the Big 12, how is that a contender. I'm often amazed at the comments made with seemingly little knowledge of WVU or sports. As for Aaron's comments- most often spot on!

    • Shawn

      We were picked 7th in the league! Nobody ever said they were going to contend for a Big 12 championship and they werent picked to go to the NCAA tourney. They actually finished better than predicted. That is with Williams, Adrien, and Watkins playing. This was also Dibos first year in the system. Will they be a better team next year? Yea they will because they'll spend the entire offseason working on D. Thats the good thing about having a returning team.

    • aquarius

      with jay zoom slithering in...the gangs all here...frank, william, your mentor of gloom.

  • Chris

    He also has 2 guards coming as well as 6-10,300 pound Levi Cook

    • Aaron

      Levi Cook is a high school junior and will not be in Morgantown until the 2015/16 season.

      • Aaron

        You got all that from reading stats from his games at Huntington Prep? Are you claiming young Mr. Cook will be one of those missed recruiting opportunities that you so eloquently elaborated on earlier?

        Oh, wait, never mind. You've not elaborated on anything of relevance in months. Seems your all hat, no cowboy.

        Despite your expert analysis, I think young Mr. Cook is in adequate hands at Huntington Prep.

        • GobblyGook

          Mr. Cook has "Project" written all over his 6-10 300lb. frame. That is the only type of center Huggins can recruit. In Big-12 basketball, an inside presence is needed. Something Huggins has had a few years to recruit to, but has failed miserably.

      • mad hatter

        from the look at levi's stats. he'll be a work in progress,,, not a big scorer, assit man , nor rebounder.
        at his size, 6-10, 290, i would expect a little better performance as a jr.
        he'll definitely be a redshirt when he comes to wvu , unless he makes huge improvements in his game his sr. yr.

    • Jonboy

      Levi Cook is coming in 2015. Have to wait one more year for that one

  • Frank

    We need to consider dropping into a conference we can compete in with success. Why not go to the AAC? BIG 12 is too BIG for WVU.

    • rdl

      Will just make a call and tell ACC we are joining??? I am sure they will say"Welcome."

    • Mister Man

      Yes. You guys need to consider dropping into a conference in which you can compete. You're in the Conf. USA. How much further should you drop?

    • GoEers

      Frank great comment...spoken like a true marshall fan

    • Aaron

      The AAC will likely pay out less than $5 million dollars a year. Revenue from the Big 12, with television money included, will likely approach $25 million annually regardless of how well WV does in their sports. Is the loss of potentially $20 million really worth a few wins against inferior competition?

      • GoEers

        Aaron believe it or not there are posters on here who actually believe that making $5 million is better than making $25 million....these posters are primarily your WVU haters or jealous fans of another team

      • Charleston

        Dittos to how everyone responded to Frank.

    • richard

      frank, making comments like you just did.....shows that you have no clue how conferences work or the workings of NCAA basketball. you just can't up and go to another conference. we came from the old BIG EAST----which was probably the best and toughest conference ever put together. we competed and won that conference. if we didnt win we were always in the top 5 or so the last few years we were in it. so how is it we can't compete in the BIG 12? this BIG 12 is no where close to being as good as the BIG EAST was the last years we were in it. you have no clue what you are saying. i'll give Huggins next year. let's see what happens. i bet we are much much much better than we were this year. if not,then i will join the others who say Huggins may want to hang it up. but i bet Huggins will prove e1 wrong next year.

    • aquarius

      well why didn't you tell us you want to call a conference or should i?

    • p

      That's gotta be the dumbest thing I've heard. Plus you can't just pick and choose where and when you can join a conference.

    • Art in Ohio

      Same thought....silly comment...I look for the day we win the BIG12 conference in football and boys basketball. It will happen...reference the girls basketball team Its better to win in this conference as compared to the AAC or MAC.

    • In da stickes

      Wrong. We can and will compete in men's basketball and football. Sadly, we entered
      the Big XII woefully understaffed in both sports to be able to compete. By following your logic, the women's basketball team cannot compete either. How did they fare? Co Big XII champs. Give them time. Next season will tell the tale of whether we can compete. If we have more trouble, then you can complain all you want and I'll help you.

    • Pat

      That's just silly.

  • William

    Holton is not a player that I would ever want to see wear a WVU uniform!
    I would NOT pay a dime to watch this guy play.
    The more Huggins recruits, the more I DISLIKE WVU Basketball.
    How old will he be when he plays his first game with WVU? -- 25, 26?
    Holton stay out of Morgantown and take your BAGGAGE with you

    • rdl

      Well then close your eyes when he is on the floor!

    • Rock Solid

      @William: Good then we can enjoy ourselves at all games that Holton plays knowing that YOU are not there. We will all be able to breathe fresh air!

    • richard

      william.....i'm sure WVU would tell you to keep your 10 cents. they don't want the likes of you there to watch a game anyway. you are the one with the baggage william. why dont you stay out of the conversation on this site?!!!!

    • aquarius

      hey two have a lot in common.

    • Marco D Buffalo

      Don't think we have to worry about you ever paying to see a game. You can't even afford basic cable TV to watch them on the tube. Good thing you live in Huntington and can pick up the Moo games with your rabbit ears antenna.

    • Pat

      Also just silly.

  • Roy Jones

    Retire Huggins. Your time has pased.

    • aquarius

      hey william and frank...i feel a love fest coming on.

      • GoEers

        It always is when the sisters of hate and jealousy are posting on here.

    • Pat

      Beyond silly, more like stupid.

      • Art in Ohio

        Agree.. Huggins will bring them back.

      • BE

        Hey Pat - sometimes contrite can be amusing; but 4 times in a row (after whatever stupid "zinger" you throw towards this comment) is simply annoying.
        Most folks - including the author of the article YOU are posting under have concerns, some grave concerns, about Huggs ability to truly fix this mess HE created. And that counts recruiting misses and transfers that are piling up exponentially! I will never understand why so many folks simply ignore his major problems the last THREE years. I personally give a horse's behind what he did 15 years ago at Cincy! I guess one good year with another coaches players gets you a forever pass. If he wasn't making one of the top 10 salaries in all of CB I'd forgive a bad season or two for a great one.
        I'm not, along with a growing number of others, convinced we will be so great next year.
        Go ahead..... Start the wait till next year excuses now homers, but I've lost track ; is that 15-16 or 16-17 or 2023?

        • Aaron

          Why is it NO ONE can elaborate on the missed recruiting comment. You guys are all huff no puff.

          • Aaron

            If you were not paying attention to me Larry you would not responded to my post.

            At all.


          • Aaron

            Daxter Miles is a kid from Frostburg, MD that signed with WVU last September.

            Are you sure you're not referring to Donte Grantham from Martinsburg?

          • Duane from Morgantown

            Dan Jennings, Dalton Pepper, Noah Cottrell, Will Thomas, Aaron Brown, Jabari Hinds, Aaric Murray, Keaton Miles, Dee Proby, Tommie McCune, Pat Forsythe.

            Also missed the bus with not offering Dexter Miles in state kid!

          • mad hatter

            to be honest with you aaron, no one pays much attention to you , other than your parrot quotes of huggins, and then we look at reality, and realize you're just a school child.

        • mad hatter

          BE , you are right on.. i concur.I would disregard whatever aaron says, he is merely a huggins parrot

          • Mister Man

            Aight Aaron!!!! Great posts!!

          • Aaron

            Perhaps you could elaborate on the recruiting misses.

            Just please try and do a better job then the old lady in the senior center that cannot keep focus.

        • richard

          hey can say (silly ) as many times as you like. they don't own this site. you have every right to say what you want as many times as you like.

        • Aaron

          I understand the transfers and all but one publicly credit Coach Huggins for being honest with them and for making them better players, but I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say "recruiting misses."

          Would you care to elaborate?

          • Aaron

            I realize that life in the nursing home is boring and mind wonders Mama but focus!!! You said you were going to elaborate so enough of memory lane. We don't care what you used to do with the football team or where.

            Missed recruiting opportunities?

            Focus and explain!!!!!


          • TW EAGLE

            yeah dummy , i'll be glad to elaborate . . .
            took me awhile to ruminate through some past experiences & I realized just what your "commute" was . . . I too , had a paper route and arose about 3:45 am (except sunday) to deliver the Dominion News in Westover in the early 60's . . .
            Tower Lane to the triangle ., and from the middle school to the top of High Street . . . bicycling those hills made my legs strong , and although I'm too old & worn for contact sports ,I still compete in bike races . . .

            as a youngster , I suggest you get involved in PLAYING team sports instead of trying to live a "sporting" life vicariously through the WVU teams . . .BUT , if my guess of home schooling is correct , you'll never get loose from your momma's apron strings .. . .

      • G Money

        Spot on.