MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — The leader of a national Republican training organization says Democrats are not addressing the concerns of many West Virginians and that will hurt them at the polls this year.

“It is a state that continues to be philosophically conservative and, as voters get a better understanding of the fact that their current representatives aren’t voting in a conservative fashion, they’re going to the place where they are — which is Republicans,” said David Avella, president of GOPAC, of West Virginia.

GOPAC, an organization created in 1978, coaches Republican candidates on ways to communicate conservative ideas and solutions with the goal of preparing Republicans to run for higher office.

Avella was a guest on Thursday’s MetroNews “Talkline” before a scheduled appearance at a Morgantown fundraiser for Kris Warner on Thursday night.  Warner is running for the Republican nomination for state Senate in the 13th District, the seat Sen. Bob Beach (D-Monongalia, 13) currently holds.

Avella — a native of Martinsburg and graduate of Shepherd University — said the GOP wants to be in charge in Charleston and in Washington, D.C.  “Republican leaders would welcome that opportunity to get a chance to put proven, conservative, pro-growth policies in place that would create jobs,” he said.

West Virginia’s Primary Election will be held on Tuesday, May 13.

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  • Levelheaded

    I'm a Republican but tend to agree with Rick. When the Republicans hold the House, Senate and the Executive the Rinos do nothing, which is why the Tea Party exsist. The only good thing is the Rinos don't do as much damage as the Dems do (Obamacare) when they're in control.

  • CaptainQ

    How hard is it to run for political office as a Republican in WV now?

    All you need to do is utter two simple words to boost your campaign: "President Obama."

    The "Shadow of Obama" will give any GOP candidate running in WV instant credibility, at least until 2016. It's not rocket science, the name of Obama is political kryptonite in the Mountain State.

  • C. F. T.

    Go Get-Er Done GOPAC. Any Dem. who supported Obama should not be elected to new Office (Tennany & Gainer) nor re-elected.

  • rick

    Does anyone remember all the good things the Republicans accomplished the last time they held the Senate, House, and White House with George Bush? Can you name one pro-growth policy proposed by the Republicans? No! to everything is not a policy and that is one reason we can't make much progress. As for the State they already hold the State House ....Dinos are just Republicans with a different name. Our delegation except for Rockefeller and Rahall are Repubicans currenly.