MT. LOOKOUT, W.Va. — The search for a shooter continued Thursday in Nicholas County.

Deputies with the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department said a Mt. Lookout woman claimed she was shot by a masked man with her own gun on her front porch on Wednesday morning.

The woman, 20, of Mt. Lookout said she grabbed her gun – a pistol – to investigate a noise she had heard outside at around 7 a.m. Wednesday.  While she was on her porch, the woman said a man grabbed her from behind and, in the ensuing struggle, took her gun.

She was shot in the left lower leg before, she said, the man fled.

As of Thursday, the investigation was ongoing.

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  • Damion45

    So where did she get the pistol? It is illegal for someone under the age of 21 to buy a handgun.

  • wayne root

    Oh no - they better bring back Paul "barney Fife" O'Dell out of retirement.

  • Tom

    This woman's story does not pass the "smell test."

    • Artimus

      Agree with you 100%. Of course, it's not the most thoroughly written story so that may be part of it. But there certainly are a lot of question marks immediately flying around.

  • griff

    stupid woman should have stayed inside her house. I don't believe her story. if she was scared why did she go outside.

  • more

    the more interesting news in nicholas county happened wednesday when a man was going to the courthouse to bail out of jail his wife and son, and collapsed and died outside the courthouse

  • Brian

    Curious story lacking detail. More than one person has accidentally shot themselves and claimed it was somebody else - including a firearms instructor who was "an expert" if you google for the video. I'm not saying that's the case here, simply a possibility brought on by a lack of detail in the story. Of course for the libs it was all the guns fault and nobody else's.

    • SCOTT

      Of course for self righteous pukes like Brian this is just another responsible gun owner...too bad she couldnt just fire off some shots at random out the door and kill someone like other responsible gun owners in the state do.

      • Brian

        Random and kill are two words that juxtapose responsibility and guns. But I don't expect gun-hating libs to have it register in their heads. Grandma and self-wounding shooters can't help themselves, guns make people irresponsible right Scott? Just like beer turns people into drunk drivers it's the alcohol's fault.

      • Jason412

        Yeah, she should have taken the approach of the responsible Grandmother from Clarksburg who hears a bump in the night and just busts a few shots into the dark, hitting her own grand son.

        • John

          Yeah, the news is full of responsible gun owners killing people at random with guns, right? Hundreds daily kill or injure people every day committing crimes, but you two pick one incident where a gun is used by an old lady irresponsibly as reason nobody should have one. I can show how bathtubs, cars, swimming pools, kitchen knives, electricity, and a few thousand other things are used irresponsibly and kill people every day. But for you, it's all about guns. Well guess what? I own them, I like them and you aren't taking them.