CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The arrival of spring at noon Thursday was welcome news to snow weary West Virginians.

Spring is officially underway when vernal equinox occurs. The axis of earth becomes perpendicular with the sun. Typically it happens around March 20 or 21.  Mother Nature evidently doesn’t pay much attention to the date.

“We’re not quite out of the winter yet, even though the calendar may say it,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Jonathan Wolfe in Charleston. “We’ll get to near 70, but then on Monday we’ll go back below freezing.”

Still West Virginians welcome any sign of spring after enduring months of snow, sleet, ice, potholes, salt trucks, and school cancellations.

“It’s definitely the worst one we’ve had in 20 years,” Wolfe said. “But in terms of the statistics we have all-time, it ranks about 30th coldest in 119 years.”

Wolfe said nothing in particular stood out as the single cause of the more harsh winter conditions or the pending cold which will stick around for nearly a month.

“Pretty much going to stay below normal for temperature for the next month,” Wolfe said. “But precipitation chances are near or below normal.”


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  • Hop'sHip

    Max: You're hard to argue with, given you consult with God. I need to stop reading those climate scientists and instead go see Noah.

    • Max

      Hop'sHip...I agree...Noah listened to the right Weatherman and the Supreme Scientist...and he survived...not ashamed to say I believe that wholeheartedly!!!

  • Tom

    STILL lol-ing at global warming sheep!

    • Plopaganda

      Just because it's cold in our area doesn't mean that it's not happening. In fact, the argument isn't even about it happening, the argument is whether or not mankind is making it worse. California had a record drought and their warmest winter on record. Polar bears can't cross bodies of water that are usually frozen in winter and starve to death. While we're experiencing these severe winters, the southern hemisphere is having severe summers. Educate yourself with facts instead of Fox.

      • Max've been listening to Nancy "is not" a fact...the ice cap at the North Pole is increasing if mankind is causing it as you and Nancy and oh yeah Barbara Boxer...who chooses those of us who are going to be exterminated? I got an park your car(s), turn off your lights and heat then you can lecture we Fox News watchers...which I am proudly...go ahead and stay with the 500 people who watch MSNBC.

        • Plopaganda

          Actually, I pay Ms. Pelosi and MSNBC no mind since I ditched cable years ago. A larger amount of ice melting causes a larger amount of ice to refreeze. How difficult is that to figure out? "who chooses those of us who are going to be exterminated" Boy, I wish you neocons could find a new argument. The misguided Nazi comparisons have gotten really old.

    • Max

      No...Tom...they've changed their narrative to "climate change" whatever that is...I've been watching the climate change about four times a year for the past 62 'bout you?

      • Hop'sHip

        Jeez, I know we have some who don't know climate from weather, but climate from seasons? It's hopeless.

        • Max

          Hop'sHip...thank you sir for getting my point...I don't want to see the environment trashed...I would just like some honesty from the crowd that thinks we have to stop using fossil fuel "yesterday." The term climate change is a joke. However, there is now a definition for climate change, but it seems inconsistent with the the combined definitions of climate and change. GOD is in charge of the weather and nothing we do will ever change that fact.

          • Rodney Hytonen

            That's an awfully large and exponentially growing "crowd" you're discounting there.

            But I can see you're among the "crowd" that will only get upset when THEIR baby starts having the nosebleeds and THEIR livestock starts dying off.

            Then you'll wish "they" HAD stopped it "'yesterday." And I'll see you out at the pads in the picket lines, demanding exactly that, when it's too late.

            You need able to see past the end of your nose, to see a fist coming in time.

        • Max

          Hop'sHip...I believe you're the one who doesn't know climate from weather...the definition of Climate; "the composite or generally prevailing weather conditions of a region, as temperature, air pressure, humidity, precipitation, sunshine, cloudiness, and winds, throughout the year, averaged over a series of years."

          Notice the phrase "throughout the year"...the climate is the seasons dummy.

          Just so you don't have to look up the definition of weather;...the state of the atmosphere with respect to wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, pressure, etc.

          Jeeze...Know the definitions of words before you start demeaning posts.

          • Hop'sHip

            Hmmm. Maybe I'm the dummy. I guess I read wrong when you said "I've been watching the climate change about four times a year." See I thought the phrase "throughout the year" suggested that seasonal variations were taken into account but thanks to you I have learned that means the climate changes every three months. I've been schooled!