RICHMOND, Va., — The governor of Virginia signed a warrant Friday for the return of Charles Severance to his state.

Severance, 53, was arrested in Wheeling last week on charges of being a fugitive from justice.

He’s wanted on a weapons charge but also for questioning in connection with three murders in the Alexandria, Virginia area.

Severance has been fighting extradition. He’s been an inmate in the Northern Regional Jail.

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  • MOCO man

    It would be my guess he wants to stay here because Va will make you pay the ultimate price for murder where here the taxpayers will just support you until you die naturally. Every state should carry the death penalty........should be carried out swiftly and not twenty years of bullshit appeals and delays or throw the lawyer in too........

  • Tom

    His looks remind me of another famous murderer, Ira Einhorn, who murdered his girlfriend in Philadelphia. He stuffed her body in a truck. He eventually fled to France and was loose for 20+ years before being caught. He fought extradition to the U.S. I think he was only returned after prosecutors agreed to drop the death penalty.

  • ole sasquatch

    Looks guilty if he don't go back. Why is he fighting extradition? I heard about those murders. If I recall all three were murdered at their doorstep and he has a reputation of acting rather bizarre. He ran for mayor of Alexandria.
    This person needs to go back and face his accusers like a man. Send him back W. Va.

  • griff

    send him back