WHEELING, W.Va. — Back from spending spring break with his kids in the Bahamas, Dana Holgorsen brought his football family to Wheeling on Saturday for the first of three ope-to-the-public spring practices.

Fans can watch West Virginia’s practice in Morgantown on March 29 and in Charleston on April 5.

“It’s always fun to come to Wheeling, we’ve had nothing but good times here,” Holgoren said. “The (traveling) idea originated because spring practice gets redundant. Our guys were excited about it. It’s got a little bit of a road game feel to it, too.”

Incoming quarterback Skylar Howard repped with the first-team offense but struggled with throwing accuracy and was intercepted by cornerback Daryl Worley. The sophomore tweeted post-practice: “Rough day, not acceptable on my part.”

Holgorsen was more diplomatic about the 5-11 junior college transfer whose running ability could be a new tool for the Air Raid offense: “Skylar does some good things and he struggles with a lot of things. Naturally he does a good job of keeping the play alive, which was a problem we had last year at the quarterback spot.”

Along with breaking in new players, West Virginia’s coaches are getting acclimated to new defensive assistants Tom Bradley and Damon Cogdell, as well as Tony Gibson spending his first spring as coordinator.

“This coaching staff is meshing really well,” Holgorsen said.

Check out Holgorsen’s entire interview from Wheeling.

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  • Big Larry

    Can Hardly wait to see this year's version of the Holgorsen "Air -Afraid" Offense...

    With the coaching staff starting to "Mesh" after four years...it should really help turn things around...

    Kinda brings a tear to yer eye now don't it?

    • 1olewvufan

      Big Larry, don't hold your breath on seeing Holg's 2014 Air Raid.

      I was at the practice in Wheeling, Saturday. During the scrimmages Holg played Howard, Moore and Millard. Moore performed better than Howard and Millard. Millard was the worst.

      At one point they had just Millard and McPherson doing passing drills to receivers. McPherson put on a passing clinic.

      In passing drills and in the scrimmages; Millard moved like he had lead feet, he was late releasing the ball, and his passes were off target. Millard also threw the only interception during the scrimmages.

      Molinari was the best receiver on the field and most consistent at catching passes. The best running back on the field was Dreamius Smith. Smith out played Shell.

      Molinari also didn't miss an extra-point attempt.

      The scrimmages were made up primarily of running plays.

      After seeing this practice many fans were shaking their heads for they were not impressed with Skyler Howard or Rushel Shell. Some fans wanted to see McPherson given a chance in scrimmages, and wanted to see less of Millard.

      During the passing drills, McPherson was the 4 most accurate of the QBs.

      At the end of the day, fans were curious as to why all the hype for Howard and Shell. It surely wasn't justified this day.

      • hailey

        oleWVUfan , I would strongly disagree.... I would love to see Larry hold his breath

      • gandolph

        George O'Bryan-

        McPherson is an unbelievable passer. If only Dana would figure it out...McPherson to Molinari would be one of the best duo's in the country. Lets hope we get our wish this year! Thanks for your honest and accurate journalism/comment.

        And to add a final thought, I'd like to see Josh Lambert get a couple of carries at RB this season. Have you noticed his speed running out on the field for a FG? I think him and Smith would be an excellent 1-2 punch...

        • Reality Check

          OlePennStFan and Gandolph you two are one in the same. Stop the hype fest! The boy will NEVER see the field.

  • wv4ever

    Wow, Howard found out that a little juco school is a tad different than real college football. I shall proudly wear my t-shirt displaying,"wait until next year" for the next year. We need that time to get the coaches and the players meshed into a team with Bradley as the head coach and DH gone for good!


    if you are looking to build unity teamwise ( coaches&players) , you are better off being secluded in the woods of Bruceton Mills than traveling on the road to state resort outposts . . . I do laud opening scrimmages to the public , and I can see the need to keep the media & public away from the "daily grind" . . .
    with the last of the Mounties from the Stewart regime graduated , and the cupboard almost 80% full of talent , I expect to see an
    uptick in the competitiveness of the Mounties . . . Holgerson , with more players under contract doesn't have the option of firing players wholesale and building in the excuse that he "has a young team" and they can't be expected to play well every game . . .

    • wvrefugee

      This Luck's idea to generate interest back into a football program that he ruined!

      • J the C

        Best AD ever!

  • Barry

    Lets Go Mountaineers... I think things will be better this year. I love that they are coming to Charleston. Hope to see them.

  • Chris

    For the most part i thought Skylar played ok he did manage to lead the offense to 2 scores there were good and bad on both sides of the ball still a long way to go.

  • kyle

    Some of u wanna complain just to complain no matter what its about either shut up and support the team or find someone else to root for...the same fans bashing holgorson are probably the same fans who wanted nehlen out a year before he retired then when u all found out he was retiring the next season u all wanted him to stay so shut up and quit whining. LETS GO MOUNTAINEERS

  • wvufaninpa

    I'm feelin it. This team next year is gonna surprise some people. Skylar is going to be the QB and our running game is going to be explosive.
    They're gonna be fun to watch.
    Let's goooooooooooooooo Mountaineers!

  • Aaron

    Thank god the rubes don't understand baseball.

  • Kevin

    I thought Sklylar looked really good today. I really enjoyed watching the practice and learned a few things.

    • 1olewvufan

      I too was at the practice on Wheeling Island and he was mediocre at best. During the passing drill where receivers were going to the corner of the end one he missed them all. Millard connected on more of these Logan Moore. Over all between these 3 QBs Moore was the better of the them.

      During the passing drills, McPherson out performed these three and later McPherson gave a passing clinic to Millard.

  • Big fan

    I guess that means MTEer and Mike you will not be coming to any games this fall. How many blue chip qb's have wvu recruited. You people make me sick these kids come here to play football and get and education and you talk about them as if they were making millions. For me and many people it is about supporting the kids not the coaching staff so lay off the kids. And really who cares who's idea it was to practice else where it's a good idea. And if so many of you weren't fair weather fans the stands would have been fuller. Let's go mountaineers

    • Art in Ohio

      Great comment...thank you....

    • Ridgerunner


  • Whiners

    Waaaah waaah waaah. I hear sPITT is looking for losers to fill their stadium.

  • MTEer

    Prediction: Skylar will be another mediocre- only QB bust for Holgorsen who hasn't recruited one blue-chip, can't-miss QB.

    • ezcheeze

      How about waiting for Crest to get into camp b4 declaring that Holgs hasn't brought in a blue chipper.BC i've watched the kid up close, and he's a real talent.

  • Mike

    The traveling practice idea I'm sure didn't originate with Holgorsen, who doesn't give a flying fig about the fans seeing his practices. It's a PR move on the part of Luck because the program desperately needs more support with the sad shape of the program. They wouldn't be doing it, if they didn't feel it was necessary to promote ticket sales.

  • mad hatter

    it would be absolutely great to see dana turn this program around this yr. but or now, i just hope we beat iowa st,and kan. st

    key people on the OL will b tuff, and trying to find a qb that wins for us and does't lose for us.

    I just feel with our fb and bb program we are headed in the wrong direction,,, make me a believer.

  • WSC

    Is this the coach? Is Dana really wearing the old gold and blue! One thing that stood out to me was the lack of fans! Let's GOOO Mountaineers!

    • Mike

      Another PR move by the school. Holgorsen wouldn't change from black if he weren't told to do so. The colors, the traveling practices, it all adds up.

      • Mike

        Go back to rooting for MU. WVU doesn't need or want you.

        • WSC

          Ok, Mike make up your mind BRO! Just really good to see the coaching staff where the old gold and blue! Forget MU! It's about the Mountaineers friend! I have been a Mountaineer for 35 years! Good to see all the coaching staff wearing "OUR" schools colors! It is d*** time!

          • WSC

            What a lot forget is this is a land grant university! WVU is "our"school, it is "our" pride, it is "our" colors, it is West Virginians who support this program! Let's go Mountaineers!