WHEELING, W.Va. — Back from spending spring break with his kids in the Bahamas, Dana Holgorsen brought his football family to Wheeling on Saturday for the first of three ope-to-the-public spring practices.

Fans can watch West Virginia’s practice in Morgantown on March 29 and in Charleston on April 5.

“It’s always fun to come to Wheeling, we’ve had nothing but good times here,” Holgoren said. “The (traveling) idea originated because spring practice gets redundant. Our guys were excited about it. It’s got a little bit of a road game feel to it, too.”

Incoming quarterback Skylar Howard repped with the first-team offense but struggled with throwing accuracy and was intercepted by cornerback Daryl Worley. The sophomore tweeted post-practice: “Rough day, not acceptable on my part.”

Holgorsen was more diplomatic about the 5-11 junior college transfer whose running ability could be a new tool for the Air Raid offense: “Skylar does some good things and he struggles with a lot of things. Naturally he does a good job of keeping the play alive, which was a problem we had last year at the quarterback spot.”

Along with breaking in new players, West Virginia’s coaches are getting acclimated to new defensive assistants Tom Bradley and Damon Cogdell, as well as Tony Gibson spending his first spring as coordinator.

“This coaching staff is meshing really well,” Holgorsen said.

Check out Holgorsen’s entire interview from Wheeling.

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  • ole sasquatch

    Ole Sasquatch never saw this practice but when it comes to Skylar Howard I saw all I needed to know; and that's why the coaches have him out there with the first string. Now is Ole Sasquatch wrong or perhaps not just me, but maybe the Coaches or wrong too?

  • jack

    Wonder how big the spread will be in the Alabama game?

  • Gary K.


  • mook

    Lets see if HE can stay out of the casino's and bars and set the example! ( He,means whoever's name you want attach it to)


    just wondering when and why its not published somewhere the date that the mounties are coming to charleston in april. If you would like people to attend and support then we need time and place posted. thank you

  • chad

    "It’s always fun to come to Wheeling, we’ve had nothing but good times here"

    Referencing the casino incident perhaps???

  • jay zoom

    what this article meant to say rather than mesh --- was the word MUSH --- 4 and 8 once again. THANKS OLLIE

  • Bama Franklin

    Sounds good for WV but looking at Bama at this stage if spring, I would say Wow! Bama is loaded. Bama is hungrey. They were not hungrey last year. This game can get out of control early if I am any where near correct on my thoughts.


    Bring a head coach to these functions.
    There is not one presently on board.

  • Joe Manchin

    You know darn well you don't have a good coach when your team is loaded with receivers and running backs but out of 5,000 high schools you can't find a gun slinger to come to WV. This years #3 rated QB from the west coast said he wanted to come to WVU but didn't get an offer?! WTF. So a proven sloppy Trickett and horrible Millard are there. And please don't mention Howard. A juco who will be playing arena ball and Crest who will back up the back up.SMH

  • Alex

    Come on people! This was a practice, it is NOT a game... When and if you all get to the point you understand football and how practice gos. Then you can act like William... They need to learn the system ..."TIME.... It's not a one day thing...It's repeat over and over. ..

  • Jim Moltzer

    Wow, this was only the six practice. Why don't you nay Sayers give the young new players a chance to know the system. So, Skylar had a fair practice or a so so practice that tell me a lot. Right now he doesn't know the system completely and when he does know it then we will be able to see what he can really do ... that also same about Shell. I hope that Spring game shows more! So, let's go Mountaineers!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    Wouldn't have been great to have the open practice in Charleston this weekend? Football in the morning followed by WVU's baseball team in the afternoon. Might be a suggestion to the athletic department to get this arranged next year.

  • 1olewvufan

    What impressed the fans during WVU's practice on Wheeling Island was WVU Defense, especially the speed.

    Who impressed fans this day:
    Storm McPherson during the passing drills
    Logan Moore - during the scrimmages
    Cody Clay
    Elijah Wellman
    Michael Molinari
    Dreamius Smith
    Dontrill Hyman
    Daryl Worley
    Karl Joseph,
    Brandon Jackson - this guy is fast for 352 lbs

    What didn't impress fans was the overall play of the offense.

    Who were fans least impressed with:
    Skyler Howard
    Paul Millard
    Rushel Shell

  • Big Larry

    Can Hardly wait to see this year's version of the Holgorsen "Air -Afraid" Offense...

    With the coaching staff starting to "Mesh" after four years...it should really help turn things around...

    Kinda brings a tear to yer eye now don't it?

    • 1olewvufan

      Big Larry, don't hold your breath on seeing Holg's 2014 Air Raid.

      I was at the practice in Wheeling, Saturday. During the scrimmages Holg played Howard, Moore and Millard. Moore performed better than Howard and Millard. Millard was the worst.

      At one point they had just Millard and McPherson doing passing drills to receivers. McPherson put on a passing clinic.

      In passing drills and in the scrimmages; Millard moved like he had lead feet, he was late releasing the ball, and his passes were off target. Millard also threw the only interception during the scrimmages.

      Molinari was the best receiver on the field and most consistent at catching passes. The best running back on the field was Dreamius Smith. Smith out played Shell.

      Molinari also didn't miss an extra-point attempt.

      The scrimmages were made up primarily of running plays.

      After seeing this practice many fans were shaking their heads for they were not impressed with Skyler Howard or Rushel Shell. Some fans wanted to see McPherson given a chance in scrimmages, and wanted to see less of Millard.

      During the passing drills, McPherson was the 4 most accurate of the QBs.

      At the end of the day, fans were curious as to why all the hype for Howard and Shell. It surely wasn't justified this day.

      • hailey

        oleWVUfan , I would strongly disagree.... I would love to see Larry hold his breath

      • gandolph

        George O'Bryan-

        McPherson is an unbelievable passer. If only Dana would figure it out...McPherson to Molinari would be one of the best duo's in the country. Lets hope we get our wish this year! Thanks for your honest and accurate journalism/comment.

        And to add a final thought, I'd like to see Josh Lambert get a couple of carries at RB this season. Have you noticed his speed running out on the field for a FG? I think him and Smith would be an excellent 1-2 punch...

        • Reality Check

          OlePennStFan and Gandolph you two are one in the same. Stop the hype fest! The boy will NEVER see the field.