WHEELING, W.Va. — Adorned in a V-neck sweater-and-tie combo straight out of the JoePa collection, Tom Bradley discussed his move to West Virginia, a job for which had 33 years of seasoning at Penn State.

Bradley was jovial and folksy while speaking with WVU beat reporters for the first time since his February hiring. His addition became THE story of the Mountaineers’ offseason and only became possible because of his friendship with new defensive coordinator Tony Gibson.

“That had an effect on it,” Bradley said Saturday, who reportedly declined West Virginia’s first approach before agreeing to come aboard because of Gibson’s persistence.

“It’s a good opportunity to help Tony in any way that I can. He worked me good. He recruited me.”

And now it’s Bradley who’s beginning to work—and deconstruct—the defensive linemen. Not around for their recruitment, he’s trying to learn their backstories, even through informal conversations at the training table. Beyond what he sees on tape, Bradley wants to know what buttons to push on his new players (just as Gibson recognized what buttons of Bradley’s to press in luring him to Morgantown).

“As (the players) begin to trust you, they’ll tell you more and more,” Bradley said.

Having coached in 27 bowls and on two national championship staffs during his three decades at Penn State, Bradley was considered only a peripheral figure in the Jerry Sandusky child-abuse scandal that toppled the program and caused Joe Paterno’s ouster.

It also led to Bradley spending two seasons out of coaching, though his foray into broadcasting wasn’t a dead period for professional development.

“You go out and do those television games, you sit down with the coaches and the coordinators,” he said. “You talk and they get on the board and you get on the board, and you have a lot of fun in that.”

He’ll need to continue the learning curve as he adjusts to coaching defensive linemen, one of the few units he didn’t oversee during a diverse career at Penn State.

“I’ve coached wide receivers, I’ve coached running backs at Penn State, secondary, special teams, linebackers, I’ve coordinated and been head coach,” Bradley said. “Coaching’s coaching.”

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  • pghmountaineer

    Coach Bradley is going to make a big difference to this team over the next several years. I'm really glad he's on our sidelines.
    Class guy.

  • Alex

    Good job covering the interview great footage, liked it very much. Hope you get to stay around for a long time Tom, I've known you forever.
    Go Mountaineers..

  • Long Time Fan

    Makes me fill good about the coaching staff to have a man like Tom Bradley on it. He has been there seen it all in his 30+ years. It was a strange thought came to mind about Tom being at Penn State when the scandal went on a couple years ago. If someone would slang mud at him over something he had nothing to do with.. If it was William, you should be able to figure out who William really is in real life. I know who he is, it can be only one person . Just think who would hate Luck and Holg. The most.

  • Low Rider

    Nice addition to the WVU coaching staff. Bradley's experience will help Tony Gibson's learning curve as D coordinator (still shaking my head over that one).


    well , the scapegoat has been heard from . . .
    other than tutoring Gibson , I don't give this reject from pervert state any credence at all . . . " HC in waiting " ? ? ? another person blinded by the mystique of psu . . .
    if Bradley actually had any usable football
    skills he would have garnered a coaching job at another school without missing a beat when the jopa regime imploded . . .
    this is the guy "set up" to get fired if/when the WVU season fails to meet expectations . . .

    • Charles

      OMG! What ridiculous statements. That kind of comment is what make people think WV fans are crazy. We need somebody on that coaching staff that has a clue. It can't hurt that he has been around a winning program.

  • Mike

    We need a guy like this on the coaching staff. Any position job would be fine with me. His personality alone will make a huge difference!

  • Shawn

    Can we remove the comment section on these articles? Comments like before are childish and rude.

  • In da stickes

    What ever his role, Coach Bradley is a welcome addition to the WVU coaching staff. He will be coaching more than the players IMHO.

  • Sam

    Can we just go ahead & remove the "head coach in waiting" tag now & give him the job? Or are we still pretending like that's not the plan?

    • Josh

      Like Oliver Luck would ever be crazy enough to attempt that. Twice.

  • SamWvu304

    Maybe!!!Next HC..although there will be people wanting him fired as soon as its announced. Something along the lines of " he's a Holg hire he needs to go too." We've never learned how to accept our winners till they are somewhere else Winning.History repeats itself. Holgs is the GUY!!!

  • Aaron

    For his first venture into the West Virginia media, he did a pretty good job. His experience will be invaluable not only in his coaching of the players but in his mentoring other coaches.

  • richard

    this guy is first class all the way. METRO NEWS.......IF THE NAMES THAT COME UP MATCH THE EMAIL ADDRESS....AND THEY ARE ALL WILLIAM-------PLEASE STOP POSTING HIS COMMENTS. HE HAS WENT OVERBOARD, NOT JUST THIS TIME, BUT MANY TIMES. west virginia was so lucky to get this coach. he is head coaching material. integrity above and beyond reproach! welcome coach bradley!!

  • Redford

    Next head coach at WVU.

  • Baldeagle

    "Scotch on the rocks" Is this another name for WILLIAM? What a horrible thing to say about a descent man, have you no shame?

  • Scotch on the rocks

    Be aware this cat might get players into the shower..in a couple years our program will be in a scandal like penn state

    • Bill

      the above idiotic comment by "Scotch on the rocks" should be removed!!! There is nothing amusing about implicating a guy who had NOTHING to do with what went on at Penn State. Everyone knows that. Totally classless post.........

      • Charles

        Scotch's reply is another example of idiot fans. Coach Bradley seems to be first-class all the way.

      • real truthteller

        I'm with you Bill. It's easy to block emailsand posts from pond scum like Scotch and Willuum. Just another reflection on the incompetence of Metro News professionals who couldn't get hired to give early morning grain reports in Kansas. Anyone puzzled why no metro news talent ever get offers by any stations to move up the food chain. They are at the bottom and still falling. The station owner, workers(if you can call them that) all suck. Heck if they had any competition they could all go work for Bridgeport HS. It seems it's Metro or nothing, which shows how low WVa has fallen in quality of life.

      • Hailey

        Do the right thing metro news and rake out the trash permanently , your readers deserve better