BATON ROUGE, La. — Asya Bussie called it “a roller-coaster game” and Averee Fields admitted West Virginia went through a lackadaisical spell before “we took care of business.”

Still the Mountaineers reasserted themselves when it mattered, pulling away for a 76-61 win over 15th-seeded Albany in their NCAA first-round game.

Click to watch their postgame comments after Sunday’s tournament game.

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  • Aaron

    I kind of thought that's what happened as I watched the game yesterday. At any rate, it's good to get it out of the system in the first game.

  • jay zoom

    I'm a still impressed. LETS GO LADIES don't let up even if you leading by 50. if you have to run up the score go for it. you play to win

  • Dave

    Congratulations Lady Mountaineers. Now, let's take care of LSU.


  • Michael

    Is Coach Carey available to take over the Men's program?

    • TW EAGLE

      great thought Michael . . . BUT , there's a 'good ole boy' sitting in that chair and he won't be leaving for a long, long time . . .

      seems he's accumulated a lot of wins many moons ago and is riding those , along with a list of excuses that is getting just as legendary as his penchant for becoming a 'victim' when he imbibes distilled beverages . . .