CHARLESTON, W.Va. — No. 5 Huntington oust seventh seeded Hurricane on late free throw to claim Class AAA state championship. Click above to watch highlights from this title game plus the final seconds in slow-motion.

Click below to watch the press conferences in their entirety from this championship game.

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  • 1louddog

    The play at the end of the game was a foul, but what about all the fouls by Huntington when putting pressure on the ball, they were running through players to get the ball, double hand checking to the stomach and just plain reaching in and no calls.I guess the refs just got caught up in the game and thought the players were good enough to make the steels fouls or no fouls, sorry job.

  • DP

    GET OVER IT HAHA-I assume you were replying to my post, since you used "cocky." I DID NOT say these boys were thugs or bad kids. I did ABSOLUTELY mean their actions were HIGHLY inappropriate! A couple of these kids MIGHT play BB at a small college. But I've seen enough BB to 100% guarantee none of these kids will ever make a living playing this sport!

    The Coach needs to address the behavior of these kids. They ARE State Champs and should be very proud of their accomplishment.
    Again though, I can't stress enough how important it is for these kids (and kids everywhere) to be humble, to be good sports and to leave their cockiness at home! It will serve them well in the future!!!

  • Aaa

    Lots of apartments in Huntington


    Huntington is state Champs get over it. even if somebody acts cocky while playing a sport it doesn't make them a "thug" or bad person. simply means that's there way of playing the game & if you don't like it ohh well!!!! they won get OVER IT haha

  • Unsportsmanlike

    How about the "player of the game" taunting the cheerleaders of the other team. How pathetic. I know these are just young men but show some class. You just won the state championship no need to show up some cheerleaders.

    • Aaa

      The cheerleaders were probably able to take him
      No class

    • HHSFan

      As somone who know this young man let me first say his actions were uncalled but most likely a result of adrenaline from a very competitive game. Let me also say this actions were highly uncharacteristic for a person who has always been a positive representative for his school.

      Rest assured those actions will not go unnoticed by his parents.

  • Jesse

    I am a neutral observer to this game with no stake in either team. I just watched the video and if anyone after watching this, doesn't think there was a foul on the last play, should take basket weaving instead of basketball. The refs did their job and made the right call.

  • foul

    He fouled him. A foul is a foul. Hurricane's coach should have never called that timeout before the second free throw. The kid from Huntington missed the first badly and was shook. The TO cost them

  • BasketballD

    You can't make that call with 2 seconds left ref out of position. Kid had hand on ball. Some of hand but rules say hand part of ball especially out of control player. I'm not from charleston area I have no love for either team. True opinion, should have went to OT.

    • What about the call before

      If you are saying the ref shouldn't have made that call very good argument but there was a call before that one ref over ruled a call made by the other ref 2 feet from the play he came from half court and called the foul clearly a call shouldn't have been made in a game this close I wonder why it wasn't shown no need to answer of course it will not be the truth.

  • DP

    Watching the highlights, it appeared to be an excellent game between two very evenly matched teams. It's a shame that Huntington had a few EXTREMEY cocky players that really distracted from their win!

    These 3 or 4 cocky boys are good high school players, but watching their actions, they each acted as if they were of the caliber of a Jerry West. Learn some humbleness boys, it might get you somewhere!!!

    • SS

      I agree with DP. Very disappointing to see that kind of behavior from those players.

      • Cap

        "Let's get this money bloodbath" was literally said a million times by tubbs. Ugliest jumper ever.