BUCKHANNON, W.Va. — Six people were treated for injuries when a massive fight involving 20 people or more broke out outside a fraternity house Sunday morning near the West Virginia Wesleyan campus in Buckhannon.

Buckhannon Police say the fight outside the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity house, which spilled onto the campus, involved students from both West Virginia Wesleyan and Alderson Broaddus University. The incident happened around 1:39 a.m. and as officers arrived on scene the crowd scattered.

“At this point we’re trying to piece together everything that occurred,” said Buckhannon Police Chief Matt Gregory. “We’re still conducting interviews and doing follow-ups.”

West Virginia Wesleyan issued the following statement Monday afternoon:

We are working closely with local law enforcement officials regarding the investigation of the assault of Wesleyan students by a large group of students from another campus. We are asking our students for their assistance in providing any additional information and reminding them to be vigilant when it comes to their own personal safety. Wesleyan is in the process of taking all appropriate legal steps to deny access to our campus to those who have been confirmed as a participant in some way in the altercation and our campus security and local law enforcement friends will increase their patrols of the area to ensure no further incidents occur.”

One person suffered a broken jaw and was treated at Ruby Memorial Hospital and another received a knife wound to his arm. He was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Buckhannon before later being transferred to Ruby Memorial. 

“There were a few other complaints of concussions and other minor injuries as a result of the altercation,” said Gregory.

So far no arrests have been made. The Buckhannon Police Department is leading the investigation. The Upshur County Sheriff’s Department, State Police and WVWC Security also assisted at the scene. 

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  • OldSkool

    Bet those guys will be placed on double secret probation.

  • Frat Boy

    Frats ??? Never understood why people have to purchase their way into being around folks they think are their friends


    This incident has nothing to do with fraternities nor alcohol. When the facts are all known it came down to protecting your friends.

    • Tom

      1:39 A.M-No alcohol involved? Where did you purchase those rose-colored glasses Mom?

      • WVWC MOM

        The truth is out and arrested

      • WVWC Mom

        Nothing rose colored here... read the news and you will see. It was an attack on our children. Really doesn't matter if anyone was or was not drinking.

  • Wowbagger

    You know in the early 70s the threat of being thrown out of college, reclassified 1A, drafted, and ending up sleeping with an M-14 in the jungle somewhere in southeast Asia or worse tended to suppress this sort of behavior.

  • Joe

    When you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way,

    From your first cigarette to your last dying day!!


  • thornton

    Might be worked into a WV Scholar competitive essay.

  • Wirerowe

    If there is a fight in a fraternity house, I would bet the house that alcohol was involved. Alcohol and testosterone is a bad mixture

    • Grant

      "The incident happened around 1:39 a.m."

      I bet my next two paychecks that alcohol was involved.

  • ole sasquatch

    The police need to really go after the person that pulled the knife. Some little chicken has to pull a deadly weapon.

  • Brian

    Fists and knives are to blame for the injuries - not people. Everyone with a fist or knife needs registered. Ha! I guess this incident is further proof of why fraternities can only self-insure since nobody else will insure them. This is not a college or religious matter but simply a matter for law enforcement.

  • The Real Deal

    See AB...this is what happens when you expand your athletic program to include sub-par students from major metropolitan areas who do not know how to behave in a quiet country community. Go back to being a private school with a good reputation and decent student body. No more punks who are good at lacrosse or football but are sub-standard students.

    • WVWC Alumni

      Creehan and his brother the AB president will have to answer for this.. truth will be seen when the football program releases half the players

    • DWM

      ..said raw deal without a shred of evidence to support his racist rant.

      • The Real Deal

        I am not sure what about my comment was racist? I have taught at AB for the last few years and have seen first hand the academic quality of the student body deteriorate since the expansion of athletics. I am clarifying that when you lower academic expectations to include students who otherwise couldn't meet the academic criteria to attend AB for the sake of expanding an athletic program, you reap what you sow. But hey, I'm sure everyone will be able to read between the lines on this post too and somehow make me out to be a racist white elitist.

        • wifeandmom

          As a parent of a future student at AB, I am very concerned about this very thing. I have stated before that most football programs lool only at the athletic abilities of an athlete instead of looking at the whole picture (i.e. character) of the student. My family and I live in a metro area where almost every week a football player from the local school is being arrested for either rape or assault. It breaks down the integrity of a program and slanders the reputation of the school. I truly hope and pray that AB takes swift action (which apparently they have) and begin to repair their reputation in the community.

          • WVWC Mom

            Choose another school.. it will take years to correct what the Creehans have done

    • J the C

      "sub-par students from major metropolitan areas"? Hmmmmmm. Code for...

  • Bismark

    Maybe they were fighting about how old the earth really is.

    • Say What

      I'm still laughing at your post, Bismark. Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.

  • WVU Guy

    Thank goodness it wasn't a WVU fraternity...just a few fraternity boys at a Methodist school fighting another bunch of boys from a Baptist school. Nothing to be alarmed about. They are all nice Christian boys acting up.

    • Walsingham

      I guess the only real difference is the Alderson Broaddus students brought their beer in a paper bag.

  • Big Jim

    And they both not Christian schools?

    • Retired Teacher

      AB cut ties with Baptist church recently.

      • Gary Karstens

        They only cut ties with the WV Baptist Convention. They did not cut ties with the American Baptist Church.

  • Independent View

    Animal House: "Toga, toga, toga, toga!

  • Frankly

    HIGHer education!!!!!