CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Charleston Mayor Danny Jones wants state lawmakers to call the state Division of Highways about the current road conditions in the city.

“We would like some help and I would like some legislators to call the DOH,” Jones said.

Kanawha County Delegate J.B. McCuskey tweeted Tuesday morning that he had spoken with the DOH and spokesman Brent Walker indicated repairing Charleston roads damaged by the winter weather is a priority but cold weather is slowing things down.

Mayor Jones said there are many state roads running through Charleston.

“We think because they’re state roads the state ought to fix them,” the mayor said. “They have fixed them sometimes and sometimes they won’t.”

Charleston has a $2 per week user fee that everyone who works in Charleston pays, which in part, finances road work. The mayor said they don’t want to raise the fee.

“We’d like the state to help us here and step up,” he said. “That Bridge Road, maybe there are some worse roads in the city, but I don’t know where they are.”


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  • Robert

    What makes your roads so special Mayor Jones? Don't look to the state, ie the taxpayers in the rest of the state, to bail you out. We have our own roads to take care of. Now go away, I have guns to clean.

  • Thomas

    I pay the $2 fee even though my commute is completely on state maintained roads. Not sure how complaining by the city is justified when I am sure there are a lot of people paying the city fee while not using city services. We also have private security.

  • Independent View

    The $65,000. that you have spent defending your gun laws, which was a lost cause from the start would surely fix a lot of potholes.
    Now you are going to throw more money at fighting SB 317 in court??
    Charleston Council needs some leadership which is not being provided by the Head Lemming Councilman Lane.

  • Brian

    I don't think I can add any more to the discussion than what has been covered by the comments below - all are great ideas.

  • Worm

    Charleston is a it's fitting. Keep the holes it will slow down people trying to score meth.

  • Gordon

    Yeah Mayor Jones. Tell ya what. You follow the STATES new gun law and maybe the STATE will help you with your crappy roads. Otherwise, Quit Crying and cut a couple silly expenditures and fix the roads.
    Cant have it both ways.
    I told my kids long ago, follow my rules and you will be taken care of the best I can after you turn 18. If you don't, then don't ask me for help.

  • Jenna

    Bridge Road? Really? There is a hole in front of the Clay Center you could bury a car in. Welcome to Charleston!

  • Mertz

    Atta boy... Threaten to raise the user fee to fix roads? That will make DOH respond quicker. "We think they are state roads " (paraphrase coming) but (insert doublespeak here) we'll collect the user fee. Because they say it's our problem and we can't afford to fix them so... My problem is the good workers of this city's problem. Umhum... Here's an idea -- hire more meter maids so to help the local economy by adding jobs. It's ok if people won't shop-- Logical!

  • Dr NATE

    Pull money away from funding that car show deal, the civic center fund, and all the other pork barrel deals, and fix the roads! You have been two dollar Danny for how many years?? So now the roads are in bad shape, then by now, there should be funds on hand!! Bad water,bad roads, parking tickets on Saturdays, shootings, purse snatching, druggies everywhere.......who wants to come to Charleston anyways?

  • Im the next Mayor

    I think the State should put a 2 dollar user fee on everyone that lives in Charleston.

  • C. F. T.

    Mayor Jones, are you saying that State Highways in Charleston are more important than State Highways in all the rest of West Virginia?, or are you creating an excuse to raise fees/taxes? My bet is you want to raise fees/taxes.

  • dusty

    User fees,sales taxes with Home Rule and now leaning on DOH maybe need a mayor to manage the city,

  • charlie


    • Mertz

      Now you're talking.

  • joeyjojo

    maybe double dollar danny could use some of that "user fee" to fix pot holes where workers actually drive and not residential streets for people who work outside of charleston (or who don't even work at all) and don't even pay the fee.