LOGAN, W.Va. — An assistant state fire marshal said Tuesday residents in a Logan community were fortunate there was only one injury as result of a house fire in the crowded area of Cole Street Monday night.

“Due to the size of the incident they are lucky that only one person was injured and transported to the hospital with some minor burn injuries,” Assistant FM Shawn Alderman told WSAZ-TV.

The injured 82-year-old man actually lived behind the home that burned to the ground. Firefighters were able to evacuate other residents.

“It was a pretty chaotic scene here,” Alderman said. “They had a lot of different stuff going on, a very complex-type incident. It’s not just a big fire. There were power lines being down, a lot of people in the street, propane tanks going off, two separate brush fires here and two different cars on fire.”

Alderman said it’s too early to say how the blaze began.

“There’s going to be a lot of witness interviews and a lot of people around the perimeter here we’re going to have to talk to,” he said.

Four people lived in the house that burned down. They lost everything.


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  • gnarly dude

    There couldn't be many structures left in Logan after the rash of blazes downtown recently. Something going on.