CAMERON, W.Va.The superload that began moving slowly through Marshall County Sunday arrived at its destination Tuesday afternoon.

The 18-foot de-ethanizer will now be installed at the Williams Partners Oak Grove gas processing facility near Cameron.

The state Division of Highways helped the company and contractors move the piece of equipment at a rate of 3 miles per hour on several highways including state Route 88, U.S. Route 250, county Route 17 and Fork Ridge Road.

Williams Partners, a Tulsa, Okla.-based company, announced last June plans to build three plants in Marshall County to separate the liquid portions of the natural gas stream from the dry portions. The company said the projects would cost $4.5 billion.

The superload was the second large piece of equipment brought into the area in recent months.

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  • Brian

    Nice to see "staff" add some content to this story since it was first published. Thank you.

  • Say What

    18 feet? Which part of this thing is 18 feet ?

  • bismark

    I didnt know what the super load was....I thought Senator Manchin was visiting.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Hey, Gov. Any further word yet on the "Wood County, Stop the Presses!, Phantom Fracker"?

  • john

    Geez, that must be one powerful UTV that appears to be pulling that monster. Seriously, we hope that this project will create some jobs in that area, as we sure need all we can create...

  • maybe it's true

    After doing a Google search (taking all of about 60 seconds), I found an article at The Intelligencer/Wheeling News-Register's website, describing in detail that the "Superload" is a "de-ethanizer" that is used to in the processing of shale natural gas.

    Pretty interesting stuff, however I saw no mention of the name "Jim Justice", nor was there any mention of sports, so I guess maybe that indeed is the reason Metronews is disinterested in this kind of thing.

  • Tony Hodge

    What's the point of a story with virtually no details whatsoever? MetroNews has gone downhill over the last two years.

  • wv4life

    Thanks metro news for are the details! I guess we can assume this is not a Jim Justice piece of equipment or we would have had days worth of information on it and how the tax break is going to!!

  • Thebighelmet

    That's one big crapper tank.

  • Robert

    What is it? What is it used for? What company is transporting it?

    Details people, it IS a news story.

    • Brian

      +1. Good grief what a lack of detail! I can get more info from DOH than metro news and that's saying something! DOH not being WV's largest radio and news network.

      • Robert

        I see MetroNews has added some information to the article since it first went online, sad we had to ask for it. Thanks "Staff"