BUCKHANNON, W.Va. — The spokesperson for West Virginia Wesleyan said he believes Wesleyan’s students “acted responsibly” during a fight outside of a fraternity house in Buckhannon early Sunday morning.

“Based on everything we’ve learned, so far, and supported by other students – non-fraternity members – everything we’ve learned so far is that our students did nothing to provoke this incident,” said Bob Skinner, West Virginia Wesleyan vice president of advancement.

Skinner confirmed there was a party at the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity house, which sits adjacent to Wesleyan’s campus, on Saturday night.  That party ended at about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday.

He said three students from Alderson Broaddus University in Barbour County tried to get into that party, but were denied because Wesleyan has a policy that limits frat parties to Wesleyan students.  “These three students were offended by that and called their friends,” said Skinner.

At about 1:30 a.m. Sunday, Skinner said five carloads of AB students arrived in Buckhannon.

“One of the members of the Kappa Alpha Order fraternity met the group of students at the gate of the house and told them that the party was over and that student was attacked and, what happened is, several other Wesleyan students came to his defense,” said Skinner.

In all, six people were injured in the ensuing fight that involved 20 people or more.  One person suffered a broken jaw while another received a knife wound to the arm.

As of Tuesday, Skinner said the injured Wesleyan students had been released from the hospital.

Buckhannon Police are investigating with the assistance of State Police, the Upshur County Sheriff’s Department and West Virginia Wesleyan campus security.

Skinner, a guest on Tuesday’s MetroNews “Talkline,” said additional security measures were in place on Wesleyan’s campus this week.

A call for comment from Alderson Broaddus University officials was not returned on Tuesday.

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  • thetruth

    The article has it wrong. The fight didn't started by a group of A-B students wanting to attend a party. It all started over a girl, who attends WVW, "connecting with" a group of guys, via twitter. Her boyfriend found out, brought a group of his boys with him, pleasantries were exchanged..... and there you have it

  • AB Alumni

    It is a shame that this happened and would not have happened 10 years ago. Alderson-Broaddus University has created this monster by mainly recruiting inner city students and bringing them into an environment that they are not use to. Then for the school to financially survive the school has allowed the students to run wild to be able to retain the students. There has been several behavior issues at ABU and it is terrible it has spread to a different community. It really shows that the leadership at ABU is subpar at best and has lost control. Hopefully ABU will gain control of these students and go back to focusing on what made ABU strong and that is academics.

  • WVWC Parent

    It means a lot that WVWC stands up for and believes in their students. I'm disappointed that their have been no charges... At the very least, AB students were trespassing. Seems if the law won't do anything that AB should enforce some kind of discipline for the behavior of their students. After all, it makes them look bad as a whole. Again, at the very least, an apology from AB should have already occurred.

  • WVWC Mom

    So proud of WVWC for making it very clear that they believe their students and believe the evidence supports them.

  • Chef Camille

    I thought it was about ginseng. They got into my patch!

  • Dave

    ABOUT TIME ...AB has run wild over the folks of barbour county , uncontrolled for way too long,, i hope every one involved from AB gets a very very long jail sentence

    • Dan

      Right... Because the "folks" of Barbour County make the college students feel so welcome. And there's soooooo much for college students to do in Barbour County.
      At least Buckhannon actually makes the college students feel like they're part of the community instead of sticking them on a hill with nothing in the town to attract them!

      • Alison

        This, exactly.

        I'm an ABU student and there is absolutely nothing to do in this county. This is a nightmare for the influx of athletes - they have pent up energy and there is nothing to do. I'm thinking there was a reason that Wesleyan isn't disclosing why the AB students escalated the situation with violence. The kids just wanted to have fun.

        • JJ

          No sympathy for you for anybody that made the choice to pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend college in the middle of nowhere.

    • DWM

      How about we get this from the side of the AB Students before we throw them all in jail, maybe due process is in order.

      • buffy

        Well now you can because the scumbag is in jail. Probably ratting out all of them