BATON ROUGE, La. — After West Virginia’s Sweet 16 hopes were derailed by a 76-67 upset loss to LSU, the No. 2-seeded Mountaineers emerged shell-shocked.

“We planned on going a lot further than this,” said senior center Asya Bussie.

“I felt we gave one away,” said coach Mike Carey.

Sure, the NCAA women’s format isn’t one for fairness—not when the Big 12 regular-season co-champs are forced to play on a lower-seeded team’s home floor in the second round. But that didn’t prevent DePaul from winning at Duke, or Oklahoma State from upsetting Purdue, or Louisville from cruising at Iowa.

“Regardless of where we played,” Bussie said, “we had to execute and defend down the stretch, and we didn’t do that.”

Click the video above to see highlights and hear postgame reaction from West Virginia coach Mike Carey, along with Bussie and Christal Caldwell.

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  • jay zoom

    he does not need to explain nothing. SEE YOU NEXT YEAR and thanks to you and the ladies for giving us something to cheer about this season -- no one else has.


    the lady Mountaineers failed to execute , MISERABLY , when it counted . . .

    winning teams have at least one person who WANTS the ball when the chips are down. . .
    these ladies ALL, threw the ball around like
    a game of 'hot potato' when it counted most . . .

    having gotten my attention , I did notice one thing that piqued my attention for ladies BB. . .

    unlike the men's game , the ladies still play without the BS moves of the playground . . .
    WHAT ? the ladies still only get ONE step after the LAST bounce of the ball - the men's game has stretched to three (regularly)and to five on occasion . . . I doubt men's BB will ever return to the "purity" that I grew up with . . . probably half or more of the games STARS would be relegated back to the playground if their game had to change to one step after the last dribble . . .

  • Independent View

    Thanks Coach Carey and the girls for a great season!

  • cutty77

    Here is the game stats.
    LSU shoots 38% for the game
    WVU shoots 30% for the game.
    LSU free throws 90% for the game
    WVU frees throws 75% for the game.
    LSU Rebonds 55 for the game.
    WVU Rebonds 40 for the game.
    I like Mike,but he got out coached and out Hustled for this game.

    • Robin

      I agree. LSU had their two big players down low with four fouls and we never took it to them when they came back in the game. It made no sense at all.

      What did make sense was the zone and LSU's inability to crack it. Which is why we immediately went back to man-to-man.

  • cutty77

    I don't care if its the men or the ladies Team.Neither Team can make a shot when they need one. You talk all that Defense BS you want,if you can't score you can't win.

  • wvrefugee

    Not a Carey fan but at least his kids made it to post season play. Football and Men's Hoops can't say that!

    • Allen

      Carey has never made it past the 2nd round. Mens basketball can say that. Football is another story and sport.

  • Chef Camille

    Was Booth Goodwin at the game?