Star City Police

Police released this surveillance photo of the Wednesday morning bank robbery. The man is on the counter pointing a knife.

STAR CITY, W.Va. — For the third time in less than 24 hours West Virginia police found themselves investigating a bank robbery where a man used a knife in the crime.

The latest robbery took place Wednesday morning in at the United Bank branch in the Monongalia County town of Star City. Police said a man, described at 6-2, 220 lbs., walked into the bank, pulled out a large hunting knife and demanded money.

The man, dressed in overalls and wearing a metallic mask, jumped on the bank’s counter and pointed a hunting knife at workers. He got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

There were two other bank robberies in West Virginia at just before 1 p.m. Tuesday where the robber had a knife.

Preston County police said a man robbed the Wesbanco branch in Bruceton Mills and police in Wheeling are investigating a robbery at the United Bank branch at the corner of 12th and Main streets.

No arrests have been made.

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  • Harpers Ferry

    "Knife? That's not a knife! (Pulls out Bowie knife) Now this, THIS is a knife!"

    - Crocodile Dundee

  • me

    CC would stop this crap. Might not be in such a hurry to jump on counter an brandish a knife if teller pulled out a hands gun

  • Hillbilly

    Hot lead moves a lot faster than a knife.. too bad someone could not have shot this garbage right there..

    • me

      CC would.if 8 was teller I would not think twice putting a 9 mm in his head. To bad teller can't cc

  • wvguy

    It was obviously an asult knife and all asult knives should be banned. This just goes to show that it don't take guns to rob and kill, it takes people. You can ban guns, knives or call them what ever you want. People commit crimes, no guns and knifes. If you take guns an knives away they will rob you with an axe or a hammer. Start holding people responsible and stop blaming guns. If the bank teller had a gun, he may not have been robbed.

  • David

    To be fair in the first paragraph only the word " knife" was used to describe the knife. I guess the only people that could be offended by that is the cutlery folks?

  • Larry

    It's too bad someone in the bank wasn't able to point back with, and fire a gun at this worthless miscreant.

  • Dr. Sarcasm

    The middle school editor skipped school today.

  • Jimmy Slade

    It was not a hunting knife !!!!!!!

    It was a fishing knife ................geez so obvious

  • Marion

    A HUNTING KNIFE ?!!!! Why is it called a hunting knife ?! Just another way for the media to badger honest law abiding citizen hunters ! The armed robber is a thug ! Not a hunter ! He is probably a drug head needing cash for a fix, not a hunter! It ticks me off every time there is a crime involving a gun or a knife. The ones that call themselves journalists ( media) always presume its a hunting tool !

    • Jason412

      I don't know if you realize this, but some drug addicts hunt. Hunting is certainly not exclusive to law abiding citizens.

      Also, I would guess it's being referred to as a hunting knife due to it's size.

      • mntr Bob

        J412, did you know that a hunting knife can be small and many hunters actually prefer a smaller knife.

  • TB

    No respect at all I tell ya! The police department is only a few blocks away.

  • camjoe

    Dressed in "overhauls"? Really?

    • Hoppy Kercheval

      Corrected. Thanks, Hoppy

    • GF

      LOL, boy what passes for journalism these days.....

      • Larry

        I know, everyone knows those are "coverhauls".