Steven Smith

PHILIPPI , W.Va. — An Alderson Broaddus University student is under arrest in connection with a fight that occurred this past weekend near a fraternity house at West Virginia Wesleyan College.

Steven Smith, 19, of Virginia Beach, Va. was taken into custody on Wednesday and charged with malicious wounding.

Smith was a football player at A-B. He was suspended last semester.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident which reportedly involved more than 20 students at the Kappa Alpha house just off the Weslyan campus.  Weslyan officials say a group of A-B students wanted to attend a party at the house, but were told it was over.  The group returned with five car loads of people and attacked the member of the fraternity who denied them access.

Several were injured including one victim who was stabbed in the arm.

Smith is in the Tygart Valley Regional Jail in lieu of $75,000 bond.

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  • thetruth

    The article has it wrong. The fight didn't started by a group of A-B students wanting to attend a party. It all started by a loose white girl, who attends WVW, "connecting with" a group of black guys, via twitter. Her boyfriend found out, brought a group of his boys with him, pleasantries were exchanged..... and there you have it.

  • Almo

    The kid comes from a very well off family. What makes him a thug?, the fact that he's African American. This is coming from a state where brothers and sisters sleep with each other and make babies really. Has nothing to do with being a thug just poor decisions made by those involved.

    • WVWC MOM

      If his family has money and is honorable they can step forward and pay the medical bills the WVWC students have compiled... I am thinking no one stepped forward to pay their bail because no one cares.

  • The Ironconservative

    Thats a shame

  • Kathy Smith

    These colleges scout for football players all over the US. The scouts don't take into account that they are sending thugs into our colleges. Their only care is the football team. These kids don't know how to behave like human beings, but act like animals. I suggest the college admin. stop putting football above the safety and education of our children

  • TB

    Better outlaw knives! It is the knife's fault. Take all knives off the street. Background checks are a must.

  • Christ

    I'm absolutely positive West Virginia leads the nation in idiots, per capita........

    • Oh Dud Ya?

      This guy is from Virginia.

      • DubV Steve

        I think he was talking about the comments below. The comments that have been left here are almost more embarrassing than the actions taken by the guys who picked the fight. People need to get a grip.

  • dogbreath

    how bout we hold the kid that committed the crime responsible? hows that for an idea

  • Harpers Ferry

    It's time for the Creehan brothers to leave AB, and take their football team with them. Unfortunately, the damage is already done. Creehan sold all the real estate assets the school held to natural gas companies, so AB no longer has a reserve parachute. He went all-in on his ridiculous idea that football would save the school and now AB will pay the price. The Creehans think of themselves as deity, so the idea of trying, first, to get the community to support the school more wasn't even considered by them. Coach Creehan destroyed the WVIAC and now the AB reputation. Both Creehans will be responsible when AB goes bankrupt in a matter of years!

    • thetruth

      Harpers Ferry, I heard about the Creehan brothers. I didn't know this is how they operate. They are bad news!

  • leroy j gibbs

    we must ban knives! if he didnt have one he wouldnt have been able to use it!!

    • TB

      Agreed - take all the knives away! Restrict law abiding homemakers from having a knife which will invariably cut down on crimes involving the use of this weapon. Some knives are more deadly then others. I will say it...assault knives.

  • Josh

    These are quite possibly some of the most racist comments I have ever seen on Metronews.

    • Abbagoochie

      Sad but true. Blacks are the cause of 80% of all crime in the country, so if you cant handle the truth then stay off the newsboard and get out of the land of oz.

      • Josh

        Spouting off made up percentages will cause no one to take you seriously. Anyways, I worked for the South Central Regional Jail for 3 1/2 years. The black jail population was significantly lower than the white jail population.

        • Abbagoochie

          Those are not made up. It comes from the federal UCR and if you were/are in law enforcement, then you know what the UCR is. By the way dash cams, and videos from any source prove my point and dont lie or are racists. Sorry you are a stranger to the truth.

          • notaccurate

            80% is a totally made up figure When citing a source perhaps you should actually read it first. If you are in law enforcement, I hope this is not a indication of your due dilligence. Actual fact, African Americans are arrested at 2.6 times the per capita rate of all other Americans.

  • ole sasquatch

    Most likely he was the one who pulled the knife.
    Imagine a big football player has to pull a knife out in a fist fight. How sad to grow up thinking like that and bring it into WV.

  • Dave

    note where he is from, NOT WEST VIRGINIA, these coaches, bring these kids in to our towns and turn them loose, no supervision ,no control....and AB is the worst of them., he will be back on the football team next year... and all this will be swept under the rug...

  • DWL

    It was the 5 cars' fault! I can't see any other factors that would have provoked this type of behavior from such a social responsible human.

    • must Go

      DWL you are so right. If it was not for those 5 cars that drove those thugs to Weslyn this never would have happened.

      There must be a ban on all cars, so this never happens again.

  • Robby

    He'll be arrested dealing crack in Charleston's West Side next month. Be involved in a drive by shooting in 3 months.

    • kory

      Probably so. You can take the boy out of the hood but not the hood out of the boy. I'm sure jungle juice and little Wayne had a part in it as well.

  • Curly Joe

    Easy to pile on and take the low road on something like this, but another suspended athlete from out of state. What is even doing hanging around Philippi?

    • Philippian

      The real person to blame in this circumstance is Sheetz. If Sheetz were still in Philippi the five car loads would have gotten schmuffins and dawgs and went back to campus and plotted revenge that would never happen.

      • The Ironconservative

        Rich also has the best coffee this side of the Missisippi

      • The Ironconservative

        Rich gas station is a world class gas station that can suffice any and all needs old sport

      • Art in Ohio

        Sheetz is gone? When did that happen?

        • WVU Guy

          Oh no!