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Bluefield’s Anthony Eades led the Class AA all-state boys basketball first team.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Bluefield senior Anthony Eades was named captain of the Class AA boys basketball all-state team, released on Thursday by the West Virginia Sports Writers Association. The complete list is below.



Devonti Birch, Robert. C. Byrd, jr.

Corey Bowles, Westside, sr.

Austin Canada, Wyoming East, sr.

Lykel Collier, Bluefield, sr.

Anthony Eades, Bluefied, sr. (Captain)

Noah Frampton, Poca, jr.

Justin Noble, Robert C. Byrd, jr.

John Wilfong, Bridgeport, jr.



Josh Butcher, Chapmanville, jr. (Captain)

Justin Cogar, Westside, jr.

Luke Frampton, Poca, fr.

Christian Hedinger, Wyoming East, sr.

Jake Martin, Ravenswood, sr.

Zach Meadows, PikeView, sr.

Jacob Neal, Roane County, sr.

Jared Tharp, Nicholas County, sr.



Taron Ayers, Wyoming East, sr.

Luke Dyer, Robert C. Byrd, so.

Will Fox, Westside, jr. (Captain)

Tavon Horton, Fairmont Senior, jr.

Michael Kearney, Berkeley Springs, sr.

Eric May, Scott, jr.

Kevin Steele, Robert C. Byrd, sr.

Michael Yost, Bluefield, sr.



Riley Allen, Ritchie County

Chase Banker, North Marion

Dante Bonamico, Bridgeport

Donnell Bonds, Mount View

Cody Brown, Scott

Cody Carpenter, Lincoln

Cameron Carvelli, Robert C. Byrd

Matt Chandler, Poca

Robbie Cogar, Webster County

Stephen Cole, Clay County

Isaac Crow, Ravenswood

Corey Coppola, Bluefield

Seth Cottrill, Ritchie County

Elijah Cuffee, Poca

Trey Dalton, Chapmanville

Dalton Davis, Webster County

Taylor DeHaven, River View

Chase Detrick, Frankfort

Dikembe Dixon, Mingo Central

D.J. Edwards, Bluefield

Grant Ferguson, Wayne

Brian George, Petersburg

Nick Greely, East Fairmont

Cody Hilton, Braxton County

Myles Johnson, East Fairmont

Brett Justice, Wayne

Justin Kenneda, Westside

Alex Lee, Mingo Central

Cody McClung, Nicholas County

Blake Newhouse, Sissonville

Darhius Nunn, Fairmont Senior

Cody Opron, North Marion

Eric Peyatt, Nicholas County

Kenny Plumley, Chapmanville

Jordan Ponder, Bluefield

Chase Robey, Bridgeport

Skylar Rucker, Grafton

Grant Shanholtz, Petersburg

Matt Ryan, Summers County

Brennan Smith, Oak Glen

Chris Smith, Grafton

Terry Smith, Summers County

Caleb Spencer, James Monroe

Ryan Streets, Keyser

Caleb Sturgell, Tolsia

Jason Weitzel, PikeView

Isaak Wilmoth, Roane County

Chris Wood, Weir



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  • Beaver Nation

    Haters can hate 'cause the Beavers are back-to-back champs and nothing that is said will ever undo what has been done. P

  • Basketball fan

    BLUEFIELD needed them refs to win all there is to it I sat through several games and saw that same ref crew at another game and they didn't even come close to calling on other teams what they did on that Poca team.Poca went to the foul line 17 times as a team the eades kid 16 but I guess when your daddy is a big time ref

    • Terry Lewis

      Bluefield "needed them refs to win"? First of all your grammar is 3rd grade mentality level as well as your thought process. Poor Poca getting fouls called on them. Stop your crying. Bluefield dominated everybody in the tournament. They beat Mt View in the first sectional game by 50.Then they beat PikeView in the sectional final by 28. Wyoming East in the regional final by 10. Chapmanville by 29. Poca by 16 and then RCB by 25. And why bring up that his dad is a big time ref? Sounds like you are saying they cheated for Bluefield. 18 straight wins to end the year and they won their 6 playoff games by 158 points. Eades averaged 28 in all of the tournament games. Not sure where you are coming from but maybe the reason the Frampton kid got into foul trouble was because he was guarding Eades. Frampton is going to be a good player no doubt but he is not on Eades level right now. Big time players step up in big time games. Eades did that. Frampton didn't. The stats speak for themselves. His time will probably come but not this year. Eades and the Beavers are back to back state champions. Get over it and move onto to something else.

      • Basketball fan

        Wow Terry I must have hit a nerve to get such a strong mature response LOL

  • dave

    EF Miles Johnson has heart. Who tracks stats for him? He should shoot more and stop assisting.

  • JEB

    Only saw some of these players during the state tournament, but need to give a shout out to 2 that will be higher than 3rd team next year: Will Fox from Westside (jr.) and Luke Dyer from RCB (so.). The 2 freshman from from Poca should also be fun to watch during the next couple of years.

    • Aaron

      I was impressed with the Fox kid. I only saw the other in the championship game and for whatever reason, I'm not so sure that was the real RCB team. I think they were worn out and flat which is ironic given all the lip service the SSAC pays to the current format.

      They say a losing post season team should get a second chance based on when they lose because that's the fairest thing to do to ensure the best teams get to Charleston then they turn around and play games at 9:30 in the morning and 3 games in 3-4 days. Absurdity in my opinion.

      I agree on the underclassmen, particularly the younger Frampton, who I felt was the most talented player in AA of the teams I saw. IMO, he should have been 1st team AS.

      • Beavers

        Aaron,He is a good player but the most talented?Did you sleep when Eases was on the court please.You need to wake up.

        • Stir The Pot

          I hear the bluefield boys will only have 2 years of eligibility in college since they didn't leave high school until they were 22. Hey Beaver don't hate because a freshman from Poca is getting D1 looks already and your little boy is going where? Is it a prep school in Ky? Tussle college in Tn? Can't really recall the name, but good luck and hopefully he has the same success in college that he has had in high school.

          • Aaron

            I agree, give credit where credit is due. You say Frampton wasn't ready to step up which means either you didn't watch the game, you do not understand basketball or you cannot judge talent.

            Frampton played 15 minutes. During his time on the floor, Poca was +8 in scoring and Eades had 9 points with 3 coming on the questionable foul that sent Frampton to the bench. I call it questionable because if you watch the replay, the official underneath the basket signaled block while the foul was called by the official at the top of the key. The play occurred at the basket.

            Frampton also consistently beat the press when he was in the game. At one point, with about 3 minutes in the 1st quarter Bluefield quit the press for 6 possessions. After that, they went to a half court press. They didn't return to a full court press until Frampton received his 3rd foul on a charge (I saw more charges called in 1 game than I did all season) and went to the bench.

            As I've said before, I'm not taking anything away from Eades or Bluefield. He's a great WV high school basketball player and Bluefield had by far the best AA TEAM in Charleston. They played their style better than other teams.

            Like you said though, give credit where credit is due. You state Frampton is not on par with Eades. D-1 schools already reaching out to Frampton disagree with you.

          • Terry Lewis

            Little boy, who I assume is Eades, lit your Big Boy, once defeated Poca team up for 34 points. Then he dropped 29 more on undefeated RCB. Damn stop hating on the Beavers and Eades. Frampton wasn't ready for a big time team like Bluefield though next year he probably will be. Matter of fact nobody was ready for the big time Beavers in Charleston. With them losing 4 starters next year you guys will get your chance. But for the last 3 years they have been dominant in calls AA. Give credit where credit is due.

          • Aaron

            I'm curious STP, before reading the gentleman from Bluefield with the well thought out moniker, have you ever met someone not smart enough to insult?

        • Aaron

          Yes, I was awake at the game. I witnessed Poca being +8 in scoring when Luke Frampton was on the floor. I also watched him hold Eades to 9 points with the last 3 coming on the BS call that fouled Frampton out of the game. I say it was a BS call because the "foul" occurred at the basket but was made by the official at the top of the key on what the low official signaled was a clean block.

          I was wide awake as I watched Poca consistently beat the press in the first half when Frampton was in the game, to the point that Bluefield abandoned any pressure midway through the first quarter for 6 possessions at which point they resorted to the half court trap. That didn't work either, at least until Frampton got was whistled for his 3rd foul and was forced to set for the remainder of the first half.

          I'm not trying to take anything away from Eades because he is a great high school player (I agree with Fred Persinger regarding his shot) but the bottom line is Frampton was at the very least, as talented as Eades, who did the bulk of his damage against Poca without Frampton in the game. Not bad for a 15 year old kid who's already getting D-1 looks.

          • Aaron

            I’ll note that you did not address my comment but instead only try to trash talk and insult me, which is sad as I would love to have an intelligent conversation with someone who understands the game. Instead, I get the typical response of one who does not have a clue.

            Is there anything else or is anecdotal comments and braggadocios tripe all you have?

          • Beavers

            Aaron,Please you make us laugh here in Bluefield.He will not play d1 ball.And they will not win a state championship.The state is owned in our region.Everybody on here told you what was going to happen and it did.You sir need to get out of your Moms basement more often.

  • Aaron

    Clearly this is a list of players in successful teams.

    • Beavers

      Aaron,Lets see 34 points for Eades 4points for Luke.And I will say this Bluefield loses four staters but their second team will beat Poca again next year.Luke only had 4 points and you want to talk about Poca out scoring Bluedield when he is in there.Please I will check back with you Poca will not win a State Championship with Luke.

      • Aaron

        Says the individual who is not smart enough to hit the correct reply button.

        Enough said.

        • Beavers

          Aaron,Don't be upset just because everything we told you would happen did happen.See you in Charleston when we are cutting down the nets Atleast 3 out of the next four years.

          • Aaron

            By we you mean the team collectively that you in no way have anything to do with other than live in the same town as, right!!!

            I've met that kind of "we" all my life. I've yet to be impressed.

            I'm still not.

  • Steve

    Greely from East Fairmont - Honarable Mention? What a joke! Should have been at least 2nd Team.

  • steve

    How did the Dixon kid from Mingo Central get mentioned? Half a year earns you a spot?

  • Dee

    George kid from Petersburg should be better than honorable mention. 19 pts 13 rebs a game. Team goes 16 and 3, loses him in final regular season game. Team gets upset in sectional by a team they beat by 21 and 16 in regular season.

  • big nice

    the importance of the Nunn kid for Fairmont sr really doesn't show up in the stat books. He will wow the state next year.

  • sc

    cogar kid from westside easily top 5 kid in AA. should be on the first team. unbiased opinion from putnam county.