MARTINSBURG, W.Va — A Martinsburg man faces prison time in the child abuse death of his young son.

A 12-member jury found James Mauldin, 21,¬†guilty¬†Friday in the New Year’s Day 2012 death of three-year-old Kaiwon Connelly.

The verdict ended the four-day, often emotional, trial.

Mauldin was found guilty of various charges including death of a child by a parent, guardian or custodian by child abuse.

Mauldin will be sentenced May 29.

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  • Tom

    Death penalty!

    • SoapBox

      That's it? Death Penalty, throw a exclamation point and nod emphatically at your computer screen.
      Legal constraints associated with capital punishment is not what a cash strapped state should take on.

      • DWL

        Yet, I've never heard of a "repeat offender" to which the death sentence was carried out. The only reason it is expensive is because of lawyers. If you want to rectify that, the lawyer should receive the same sentence as the convicted perpetrator, thus solving 2 issues with one injection.

  • DWL

    Society did it. Why aren't they being held accountable?

  • chasmo

    This POS is a prime time candidate for sterilization !