MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Monongalia County is now the third most populated county in West Virginia. U.S. Census numbers from 2013 were released Thursday showing the county jumped over Cabell County.

“Mon County’s been the fastest growing county in the state for the last three years,” Monongalia County Development Authority Director Don Reinke said. “It’s certainly good news but not that surprising.”

The census said the county now has 102,274 residents, up 1,747 between July 1, 2012 and July 1, 2013. Berkeley County added approximately 1,500 residents over the same period and is the state’s second most populated county at 108,706. Kanawha County continues to be the most populated at 191,275. The county did lose the most residents in the time period, 786. Cabell County’s population is now 97,000, the fourth highest in the state.

Reinke said ┬áhe doesn’t see things slowing down in Morgantown and the surrounding area.

“I personally think we’re well-positioned to keep the ball rolling for the foreseeable future,” he said.

Some experts have said Morgantown is nearly recession-proof with 7,000 WVU workers and thousands of others who work for federal government operations in the area. Reinke said the county is also feeding off national rankings that continue to put Morgantown at the top of their lists. A recent ranking said Morgantown was one of the best places to retire.

“We relay that via our marketing message to quality employers, quality investors who are interested in our area,” he said.

Southern coalfield counties continued to show population losses while Doddridge County may be benefiting from Marcellus shale operations. The county showed a 1.7 percent growth rate by adding 136 residents.

Reinke said Monongalia County needs to stay vigilant in addressing the issues that come with rapid growth.

“Traffic and transportation are one of the key issues the community is looking at and needs to address in the years ahead,” he said.


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  • cutty77

    They forgot Charleston has Dollor Danny Jones as its Mayor. lol

  • Independent View

    Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah--o.k. you get the picture--stop whining.

  • Hop'sHip

    Is anyone familiar with who ranked Motown as "one of the best places to retire?"

    • Hop'sHip

      Found it. Forbes twenty five best places to retire. Interesting tidbits: among the pros for Motown - good state tax environment; among the cons - below average air quality.

      • Aaron

        I've never noticed the air. The biggest problem I have with Morgantown is traffic. I can get from my home to the 77/68 split in 2 hours. From there, to get almost anywhere in Morgantown, it takes another half an hour with the majority of that time spent setting in traffic.

        My youngest has spent much of warm weather finding ways to be the traffic on his Ninja. It's paid off. Earlier this week, he showed me a shortcut to bypass the campus and get down by going through parking garage.

  • charleston

    Charleston only had 1 murdervlast year... How many did Morgan town have?

  • Mike Dineen

    This will not last unless we address some critical infrastructure problems

    • Aaron


  • North Central WV

    It's refreshing to learn that the balance is tipping away from Charleston and Huntington. For too long North Central and the Eastern Panhandle WV folks have been treated like step-children, with the prevaling attitude of, "what's good for Charleston & Huntington is good for the whole state"
    There are a few statistics that Charleston and Huntington can keep: highest murder rates, largest drug problems, largest concentration of politicians and good 'ole boys and most thugs per capita.
    Oh, and yes, by all means, keep the likes of Danny Jones in Charelston.

    • pc

      Ignored? Get real- -the reality is that an overwhelming and disproportionate amount of state monies, particularly higher education spending, including capital $$$, are spent in the Morgantown/North Central area. Hence, the "recession proof economy" while at such locations as WVU-Tech, WV State, etc., the classrooms/labs are crumbling/obsolete, the dorms are uninhabitable, mold ridden, etc. And the state spending on roads like I-79 in North Central WV and I-81 in the eastern panhandle are at or above the levels of spending on similar roads elsewhere in the state.

      • Dustin

        Morgantown may get the money but the rest of Monongalia co get very little just go west on Rt 7 to Blacksville and see the conditions of the roads, its laughable the differance.

        • pc

          You want to compare Rt. 7, a state route, with the conditions on US 52, a FEDERAL Highway, which runs from Wayne County to Mercer County, through Mingo and McDowell County?? Rt 52 runs through some of the most rugged terrain in the state, is a major coal haulage road, and is EASILY the most ignored federal highway in the state. A CRITICAL factor in the economic decline and population loss in the aforementioned southern WV counties!!

  • Aaron

    Now if only our Department of Highways officials would understand that Morgantown isn't a sleep small town with a few thousand residents and 10,000 students.

    Save the turnabout on 705, the infrastructure is 50 years outdated whereas we need to plan for 50 years in the future.

    They could start by bringing a bridge from the new baseball field exit off 79 all the way to the end of Patterson Drive. From there, a bypass from Star City along the river to 68 with an exit for downtown is needed. Something that would alleviate all the traffic along west run road would help tremendously. They could also widen Monongahela Blvd to at least 2 lanes all the way to downtown.

    • Elliott

      That bridge is one of the alternative locations for another bridge over the Mon in the MPO's Long Range Transportation Plan. The other locations are by the end of Collins Ferry Rd (with an extension to West Run Rd) and from 8th St over to Westover. From what I gather, the bridge directly from Patteson to UTC is preferred at this moment, but they're in the nascent stages of planning let alone any actual engineering studies.

      A bypass would be nice (see the now defunct West Run Expressway), but that's not going to happen any time soon with the highway funding situation both on the State level as well as federally.

      • Aaron

        In reality, there needs to be 2 bridges but one would be great. I would favor an increase in the sales tax if the money was guaranteed to be directed at NEW infrastructure projects but that is not going to happen.

    • WVU Guy

      WVU has 30,000 students.

  • Freeman

    Did I miss Cabell's population? Kind of silly to put it in the title and not even include it.

    • WV Hillbilly

      Freeman you either missed the Cabell population or they have added it. Plainly states 97000.