BUCKHANNON, W.Va. — A second student at Alderson Broaddus University has been taken into custody in connection with a fight on the West Virginia Wesleyan campus last weekend.

Police have charged 20-year-old Mychael Knox, 20, of Virginia Beach, Va., with obstructing police in their investigation.


Mychael Knox is charged with obstructing police.

Investigators said they had a search warrant for Knox’s cell phone and he refused to give it to them. He’s in jail on $5,000 bail.

Steven Smith, 19, of Virginia Beach, Va. was taken into custody on Wednesday and charged with malicious wounding.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident which reportedly involved more than 20 students at the Kappa Alpha house just off the Wesleyan campus.  Wesleyan officials say a group of AB students wanted to attend a party at the house, but were told it was over.  The group returned with five car loads of people and attacked the member of the fraternity who denied them access.



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  • Retired Charlie

    Wish you had not shown the mug shot. Now everything I say will be racist and it's exactly was I would have said before I saw the mug shot.

    • Fed Up

      Yes, the race card has already been pulled in this forum.

  • chasmo

    Has Sharpton / Jackson every been to WVW ???

  • sshepherd

    It has nothing to do with race. when you stab someone and then hit the rest with baseball bats I think you can throw the race card out the window. thats not what boys do. Boys fist fight and then get up and dust themselves off.....

    • big S

      I think u was meanin to say white boys fight get up and walk away

    • Sick of it

      Couldn't have said it better. Geez, knives and baseball bats. Aren't college students supposed to be on a track to become a professional? The race card has no place in this discussion. I hope these students get the maximum punishment allowable. Both in court and from their school. If the students arrested were white, they would be calling for hate crime arrests and charges. I'm am totally sick of hearing about the race card.

  • Tom

    Boys will be boys if he wasn't black you all would have no comments I graduated from AB many years ago we did the same stuff at D&E

    • WVWC Mom

      I hope your child is never gang attacked and requires surgery. I hope if you were a part of a vicious attack as a youth that you were punished. WVW students were NOT involved in a fight they were attacked.

    • Virgil Cain

      Tom, are you serious? That is the most ridiculous, absurd thing one could say. I'm embarrassed for you, that you try to pass that B.S. off. If you stabbed and beat other people with ball bats then I hope you went to prison.

  • J perry

    Va Beach definitely has a gang and thug problem. Portsmouth is a great place to get a beat down just for being non black. S&W is definitely required for traveling in this area.

    • Virgil Cain

      Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, the entire Tidewater Area is thug nation where you can find a Vick brother on every corner. Memphis, TN and Louisville, KY are not far behind.
      Entire malls in Memphis have had to be leveled because the crime rate in the areas were so high and as recent as last week Louisville experienced a night terror from as many as 200 thugs roaming the city inflicting violence at will.
      Strange that Danny Jones seems to what Charleston to compare these metropolitans.

      • Enough of Thugs

        I used to travel to the VA Beach, Hampton Roads and Norfolk area a lot for business. The hotel managers would always tell me to be in the hotel by 9 PM or I would be at great risk of assault, robbery, etc. They lock all the doors, gates, etc. These areas are high black populace areas and are dangerous after dark. I can only imagine what the older self-respecting black people think about this image. Many are very hard working people and have been their entire lives. But the young people of their generation in this region have totally destroyed any positive culture and societal civility. You have to reside near Williamsburg or the military communities embedded in VA Beach if you want safety. So I'm not surprised about this young man's origins or his behavior. I hope they burn his butt in court.

  • Philippian

    Sheetz, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Buckhannon PD needs to go after Sheetz owners. If Sheetz were still open this rumble would have never occurred. The total lack of Schmuffins, Dawgs, and subz has all of the metropolis of Philippi on edge. The people need their Sheetz!!!!!

  • AnxiousEER97

    Why are folks observing that this individual looks like a thug? It's a mugshot - not a glamour shot.

  • Harpers Ferry

    Give AB an explanation President Creehan and Coach Creehan. NO EXCUSES!!!

  • thornton

    Nice hat.

    • DWL

      That's not a hat. It's a rag mop! I thought it was female at first glance, now I realize its a wanna be..

      • thornton

        Cecil Roberts still has it beat.

  • Mike

    As soon as he leaves jail and is released by AB, Doc will come calling!

    • IRS

      Lois Lerner could use a few more good men!

  • Joe

    Well WVU has the rabble from New Jersey, I guess AB can have the rabble from Virginia. AB used to be a nice peaceful campus until the football program started. Is this a coincidence?????

    • Harpers Ferry

      Um, no. But the Creehan brothers are ALWAYS right! NO EXCUSES!!!

  • DWL

    First the cars did it. Now the cell phones are to blame! I don't see any other common factors.

  • N

    Look at that thug...

  • Virgil Cain

    Was there ever any doubt who would be involved in this.

    Buy'em books, send'em to school and whadda they do,,, destroy a society...

    • observer

      Virgin Cain...you need to quit!
      Society is hardly destroyed because of these acts... Unless you are one of those that are preparing for the end of the world race war by purchasing illegal weapons and crawling around in dirt and mud while shooting guns at targets in the hills of WV.
      Maybe you should try to buy some books and get educated beyond fifth grade!

      • Virgil Cain

        Observer, quit showing your own ignorance, bias, lack of education and maybe guilt by association. I was talking about the "theoretical" student-athlete diminishing the standards of higher education.

        But it is interesting to see your interpretation and just as reveling your reaction of being so defensive.

        • Virgil Cain


  • chasmo

    AB-- might want to start examining the thugs you are bring in to try and play some of the sports the Administration should have never started. What a disgrace for a once proud and prestigious college .Shame on the administration , shame !

    • Harpers Ferry

      A very, VERY trusted source told me that this was brought up to Coach Creehan and he thought nothing of it. He gets what he asked for.

    • T. J.