BUCKHANNON, W.Va. — A second student at Alderson Broaddus University has been taken into custody in connection with a fight on the West Virginia Wesleyan campus last weekend.

Police have charged 20-year-old Mychael Knox, 20, of Virginia Beach, Va., with obstructing police in their investigation.


Mychael Knox is charged with obstructing police.

Investigators said they had a search warrant for Knox’s cell phone and he refused to give it to them. He’s in jail on $5,000 bail.

Steven Smith, 19, of Virginia Beach, Va. was taken into custody on Wednesday and charged with malicious wounding.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident which reportedly involved more than 20 students at the Kappa Alpha house just off the Wesleyan campus.  Wesleyan officials say a group of AB students wanted to attend a party at the house, but were told it was over.  The group returned with five car loads of people and attacked the member of the fraternity who denied them access.



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    MOB WHOOOP!!) Is what we would yell before we jumped someone and took their stuff (just because we could) or made a girl do what we wanted them to do. "MOB WHOOP" was our call to arms or when we wanted to announce another sexual conquest with a young hottie. We had fun in Ocean Lakes. We did what we wanted to do. We were called the Ghetto MOB or just plain MOB. At OLHS our actions were mostly covered up or ignored by Principal Askew or Coach Scott. As a football player we were protected. We got away with a lot of bad sh!#t. People feared us a little bit, but what people really feared was retribution from Mrs. Askew, Coach Scott or the other cronies to include some teachers and Security Gaurds. Now KARMA is catching up to my old crew. Three former Ocean Lakes residents, OLHS students and former MOB members are in jail awaiting trial for murder and now Big Mike is in trouble. I wonder if Coach Scott will travel to WV to fix this??? If OLHS Administration and Coaches had not given so many of my brothers a free pass and special treatment while we were in high school maybe we'd would act differently after we moved on? They were supposed to educate us, not hide all of our dirt (just some of it). They did us all a big BAD. Maybe Jamel Alexander Smith would still be alive today? (Read story of Mr. Alexander's murder at http://wtkr.com/2013/10/12/police-investigate-fatal-shooting-in-virginia-beach/) Maybe, there are some things that are too big for Principal Askew and Coach Scott to cover up??? KARMA is seeking us out, one at a time. However, I don't feel sorry for Big Mike. He is getting what he deserves. ROFLMAO!!! KARMA WHOOP!!!

  • SmallTown

    After reading the comments for this article, racism is still present and living well in the U.S. It's still amazing to hear how people can deduce from this incorrect article that black football players are thugs and the white ones aren't, considering there were white players that came back with those black players to WVW that night. Or how your small towns were crime free until the blacks moved in. I wonder, if these race fueled comments would be here if the students at were arrested were white? .... Somethings will never change

  • Brian

    Unless he's released anything said by anyone will be considered racist in the liberal media and its forums.

  • Patricia

    Don't care how old they are, what their DNA is, where they go to school, or anything else - those who act like thugs should be treated like the criminals that they are. No excuses.

  • Puppyand cheese

    The thing is when you embrace the rich city life that philippi has you tend to make mistakes. This kid is proably intimidated by the voncrete jungle that is philippi

  • WVWC Mom

    Where is the news coverage on this attack? This wasn't boys being boys, this was a gang attack on innocent students... How can a student be stabbed and another have his jaw shattered and need reconstructive surgery at the hands of Creehan's criminals and nothing in the news.

  • big S

    Upon arriving at the party the young man in the picture shouted.

    "Where da white women at"

  • B

    How is AB able to afford a football program in the 1st place? I know the attendance doesn't even come close to the amount of money necessary to run a football program. I hope to God that the taxpayers are not paying for this BS.

  • toothless

    I'm sure he (or she) was mistreated or molested as a child, so it's really not its fault. Let's get it some therapy sessions and put it on government assistance (welfare)

  • Jackie

    OMG i thought that was a female lol, I'm sure his jail mates will find out for sure. Oh and Tom if you were there you were the one sitting in a chair on the other side of the room that no one talks to

  • DWL

    So misunderstood! He didn't want to give up his phone 'cause it had his customer list on it.

  • Mtnr in Ohio

    Have we heard anything from the AB president or any school administrator?

  • Retired Charlie

    Wish you had not shown the mug shot. Now everything I say will be racist and it's exactly was I would have said before I saw the mug shot.

    • Fed Up

      Yes, the race card has already been pulled in this forum.

  • chasmo

    Has Sharpton / Jackson every been to WVW ???

  • sshepherd

    It has nothing to do with race. when you stab someone and then hit the rest with baseball bats I think you can throw the race card out the window. thats not what boys do. Boys fist fight and then get up and dust themselves off.....

    • big S

      I think u was meanin to say white boys fight get up and walk away

    • Sick of it

      Couldn't have said it better. Geez, knives and baseball bats. Aren't college students supposed to be on a track to become a professional? The race card has no place in this discussion. I hope these students get the maximum punishment allowable. Both in court and from their school. If the students arrested were white, they would be calling for hate crime arrests and charges. I'm am totally sick of hearing about the race card.