MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Dana Holgorsen said West Virginia continues searching for a third offensive tackle, auditioning running backs at slot receiver and benefiting from the simplification of its “odd defense that gives us a bunch of different looks.”

The Mountaineers head coach met with the media before Saturday’s spring practice at Milan Puskar Stadium, the second of three that are open to the public before the April 12 Gold & Blue game.

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  • Jim

    If the school is so proud of the fact that the team will be practicing in Charleston on 4-5-14, then why is it not even really being advertised. I had to call the school to find out what time it starts. I was told 1:00. A lot of the people that I have talked to had heard that they were going to practice in Charleston, but was not sure when. It's not just MetroNews, it is all media in the Charleston area.

  • wvrefugee

    Anyone else tried of the wv apparel Holgorsen is wearing from head to toe now??? Reminds me of a guy who just walked out of the fan shop!

    • scott

      I cant believe the wvu management doesnt read this page and learn how to run a program. People picking on his clothes....what knowledgable, critical thinking fans we have.W Vfugee who is a fashion critic and jayzoom who thinks we were better with corny mcstewart in the schools that nobody else wanted conference.


    • Aaron


  • jayzoom

    were searching alright - and searching - and searching - what we should be searching for is a new head coach and athletic director. 4-8 come December 2014 way to go - then we can look for new assistant coaches again when we should be looking for a head coach THANKS OLLIE

    • Allen

      You could always apply for the head coaching job. You seem to know a lot for a couch coach.

  • chasmo

    One question : QB ?????????????????????

    • Aaron

      After the OK State game, WV fans loved Clint Trickett. He showed what he can do when healthy. In that game he tore his labrum. I don't think I'd count him out just yet.

  • The Wisetalker

    I am so happy that things are finally looking up and the prospects for a winning season and a major bowl are laying right ahead of us...

    Oh happy day!

    • sam

      Tell me exactly what games you think we'll win to have a winning season.

      • FNP

        I think we'll win these games:

        Iowa State

        I do think we'll pick up one against either Oklahoma or Okie State.

  • Aaron

    I like the "odd" front on defense as well as it does provide for multiple looks, whether it's an old school 5 front with 2 or 3 backers. You can also slide into a 4 if you choose and it opens up pass coverages up to zone, man or a combination.

    The key will be whether the 3 guys up front cam put pressure without having to bring the house while also containing the run game.

    The key on offense will have more to do with how the game is called than who's saying "hut hut" as the defense simply cannot be on the field as much as they have been for the past two years.

    Far too often the best defense is a solid running game. With a bevy of running backs and a simpler blocking scheme, instead of trying to copy the rest of the Big 12 Holgs should try to dictate tempo by slowing the game down.

    Dare to be different instead of running with the crowd.

  • BooneCoEER

    I Believe.......I Believe!!!!!!
    Get'em right Gibby! Van, WV has faith in ya!

  • Sam

    "Uuh, you know, ...[cough, cough],... you know, well, uh, ... you know [smack gum], uh , you know, ...uh [smack, smack]....

    I'm so glad we replaced Stewart with someone articulate.

  • Tom S.

    Good to see the coach in Blue and Gold again!

  • mad hatter

    IMHO, we have to show progress this year, if not, i think holgie loses a lot of respect from the fans and alums.
    We can't have empty seats, somehow he has to put a product on the field that makes it important for those people in beckley and charleston area to drive all the way up to morgantown to what them .
    Right now, and i'm talking like capt. obvious, is we need a dependable qb who can move the team and score.
    Yea , we might have passed for alot of yardage last yr, but it was mostly in desperation, and against prevent defenses,cause we ususally were behind.
    I think the running game is ok, the OL is breaking in new starters and questionable, and of course our secondary, which has been absolutely terrible the last two yrs.
    I mean terrible. Let's hope the DL can put added pressure on the qb and help the secondary out some.
    Over all, i would say a 7-5 season, and a bowl , would be exactly what would signal the fans that we may have turned the corner.
    6-6 is just not good enough.
    I hope Tom Bradley gets to have a hugh input into the def. as Gibson will need allthe help he can get.

  • WFC

    Good Luck, Coach Holgorsen. Go Eers!

  • Rob T.

    I'm glad to hear Buie's name in there! He has worked his way back. Nice work young man!