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George Washington’s Jon Elmore led the state in scoring this past season as he was named captain of Class AAA first team all-state.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — George Washington senior Jon Elmore is named captain of the Class AAA boys basketball all-state team, released on Sunday by the West Virginia Sports Writers Association. The complete Class AAA all-state list is below.

Elmore, meanwhile, was also given the Evans Award, which goes to the best player in the state.



C.J. Burks, Hedgesville, sr.
Jon Elmore, George Washington, sr. (Captain)
Jimmy Galusky, Preston, sr.
Brandon Knapper, South Charleston, so.
Dominique Newman, Washington, sr.
John Riley, Lewis County, sr.
Rondale Watson, Greenbrier East, sr.
Trevon Wesco, Musselman, sr.



Jerome Jones, Washington, sr.
Carrington Morris, Capital, sr.
Donte Nabors, Woodrow Wilson, sr. (Captain)
Arick Nicks, Huntington, sr.
Ryan Reinbeau, Wheeling Park, jr.
Obi Romeo, Greenbrier East, sr.
Henry Sorsaia, Hurricane, sr.
Ja’Darian Wade, Parkersburg, jr.



Scottie Core, Morgantown, sr.
A.D. Cunningham, South Charleston, jr. (Captain)
Tavian Dunn-Martin, Huntington, jr.
Aaron Ferguson, Princeton, jr.
Elijah Freeman, Martinsburg, sr.
Jacob Kilgore, Spring Valley, jr.
Cody Monroe, Parkersburg South, jr.
Nick Tubbs, Huntington, sr.



Elijah Bell, Wheeling Park

John Bellomy, Winfield

Phil Bledsoe, Wheeling Park

Anthony Billings, South Charleston

Nequan Carrington, Woodrow Wilson

Steven Chhabra, Shady Spring

Travis Clower, Hampshire

Thomas Cole, Brooke

Jordan Colebank, Parkersburg

Trey Dawson, Hurricane

Anthony Dean, George Washington

Daniel Delaware, Hedgesville

Tevin Dixon, Univeristy

Ty Dobson, Parkersburg South

Tanner Filben, John Marshall

Zach Fisher, Winfield

Chase Hancock, Woodrow Wilson

Tommy Hargroves, Musselman

Kade Harrison, Ripley

Greg Herbert, Spring Valley

Jamison Hunt, Ripley

Jarrell Jones, Martinsburg

Jordan Kinney, Capital

Logan Lawrentz, Parkersburg South

Jalen Jones, Oak Hill

Anthony Meadows, Huntington

Joe Nichols, Lewis County

Logan Phillips, Elkins

Josh Rein, Logan

J.T. Rogoszewski, Hurricane

Jalen Smith, Jefferson

Kendell Smith, Washington

Trenton Smith, Wheeling Park

Steven Solomon, Morgantown

Josh Steele, Spring Valley

Brynden Street, Logan

Tyus Wood, Riverside

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  • Professor

    School is back in session class!....
    Last I checked we still do live in WV. Country roads...last I checked only certain folks live in the country. This is the 'good ol boys network! Are you hearin what I'm sayin?
    Politics runs the show here! You scratch my back and i'll do the same for you.
    It doesn't matter if its sports or business...
    You have to be favored or know somebody to get your name in the paper!
    So don't get it twisted or get your tail caught in a tizzy (something like that)....
    just realize that some people are relevant and some are not!
    That's why I'm the Professor...cause I'm relevant!
    You'll come back now..ya here!!??

  • Wvssac

    When Kendall smith (Washington ) averages 25 ppg and 15 RPG then he can get higher mentions then trevon wesco (musselman) wesco easily had a double-double a game honestly should of been POY

    • Shepherdstown

      Wesco was the only player on Musselman who was decent. He was a very physical basketball player. More of a football player than a basketball player actually. He was limited in what he could do. Smith dominated him. Jefferson controlled him in his final game (at home ironically) and Hedgesville shut him down. Smith was unstoppable by eastern panhandle teams. He was also surrounded by 4 very good players who could score so his numbers were down. There is not comparison between the two players.

      This again coming from someone who had no love for Washington, but respect for their abilities.

  • Shepherdstown

    I am anything but a supporter for Washington, but to put the kid from Musselman on the first team instead of Kendell Smith is laughable. Smith was the second best player on the most talented team in the state, and clearly the third best player in the eastern panhandle. Burks from Hedgesville would have started for Washington, but not Wesco.

    • backwoods

      Yes I agree the smith kid did deserve better honors great player

  • Andy


    anyone care to take up for the kid who averaged 2.9 PPG and made this list?

    • Mick

      You Sir are Totally Narrow Minded! You see only points not attitude & leadership! The players that always talks to the fans & takes time to talk to small children will be the ones that will always remembered. Few will remember the ones that are arrogant & only care about themselves & not the rest of the team. some players love the game & some love themselves in the game!

      • cindy

        That is crazy! We are talking about All State BASKETBALL! If a player exhibits more talent, then clearly they should be on the list! Great that you think smiles are important, but remember what we are voting for,,,, ALL State Basketball. Players who spend time making their game better during the off season, otherwise its just a popularity contest....stick to the same criteria or don't take a vote at all.

      • Andy

        Professionalism? Not sure what you are talking about. First post here. Just saw on another board that a kid with that average made All-State and can't believe no one is talking about it!

        Just don't think a kid that averaged 3 points and 2 rebounds and started half of his team's games deserves All-State.

        • backwoods

          Ok its not about points wat u need to b a allstar is have a player who tries his best treats others with respect and never gives up it can be a defensive player without defense you wpuld loose all games

          • Kassie

            Backwoods aka "TM" Spell check, learn how to write and just leave something that is none of your concern or business alone. Thanks.

          • Mick

            Well put Backwoods!!!!!!

          • Mountie

            Didn't start and made all state? Wow.

        • backwoods

          First of all its not always bout points its how u treat others ur game defense also helps win if u dont have defense ur goin to lose its a fact if he plays hard and gives his best treats others with respect than he is a all star instead of someone being a prick to everyone thats not a allstar nor does that deserve honorable mention

    • backwoods

      More professionalism classy

  • backwoods

    True sportsmanship is what makes a leader correct me if im wrg guys

    • Dave

      I agree with you.

  • josh williams

    As a professional I should not even go there and let the debate between the public opinion stay there but I am going to let it be known. I don't care what the schedule is we do our best to schedule who we can and it is true about the wins and losses, but these selections are not based on wins and losses entirely because of who and what teams they represent are on the list. His overall career accomplishments are good and he has put a lot of work in honing his craft. Never judge a man until you have walked in his shoes because I watched the state torney also and I saw some attitudes from players that were not sportsmanship as well. We received 4 recognitions from the wvssac from officials applauding and recognizing our teams sportsmanship this year. As for stats 17.8 ppg 7.9rpg 3.3assists per game and 3.0 steals per game. He led the team in steals, deflections, and ASSISTS for 2 straight years and was second on the team in rebounds. Another player Alex Somerville made 51 three point goals 13.6ppg 4.7rpg 1.2assists per game and 1.1 steals per game. When we did play those teams we might have lost but he either held his own or outscored them in head to head. All-State is about players not teams and if that matters then there are players on there that do not fit the criteria. I am sorry if I side for my players. I have a hard time believing that a piece of paper does not qualify them to be in the top 61 players of the state. Show me out of the 61 players there who play on teams with a winning record and beat schools over 500 and I will formerly apologize. Coach Williams PPHS

    • Dave

      Your post about witnessing poor sportsmanship at the State Tournament is irrelevant. Yeah, there were poor actions. However, just because everyone else has bad actions/sportsmanship doesn't mean that it's right to have a bad attitude and be a poor sportsman. It's about doing the right thing. Who cares what every other player is doing? If it's not the right thing, it doesn't matter. Doing the right thing is what matters. An individuals actions can come back to haunt them. We are told this from the time we are kids. We as adults need to help these kids be accountable and leave from their mistakes. Moving on...I think that I know what Mick meant by the soft schedule comments earlier. Of course, All-State is about the player. However, the teams that the player faces plays a factor. The fact is if you want one of your players to be recognized you have to play a quality schedule or advance deep into the postseason. I was at the Winfield-Point Pleasant sectional game and the boy didn't display teamwork. I could see the frustration from the spectators and players. And yet Point Pleasant was still able to make a game out of it. If teamwork was displayed, Point Pleasant probably would've won.

    • backwoods

      In my prospective I have seen bad sportsmanship and a teamleader is not always about being highest scorer its how u treat others thats what makes u a leader I have watched him play and ive seen nothing special about him I want players that want to win but also show respect for everyone and if ur a professional why r u debating with the public its over with next year is wat matters now anyways

  • Dave

    Josh Rein - Logan?

  • Mighty Mighty Devil

    I guess the question I have to ask is, now that Rondale Watson's high school career is over, are his family's at The Greenbrier?

    But congrats on signing with Wake. If you and Jack Flournoy had stayed put you both might be suiting up in the Old Gold and Blue next year. Oh well.

  • Shelly

    Shout out to Brandon Knapper for being the youngest member on the Class AAA First Team! And side note in both SC-GW games SC won and I think Knapper was by far the stand out! Looking forward to seeing this talented young man play the next 2 years! Congrats to everyone nominated, it was an exciting year of high school basketball!

  • Brian

    These kids need to kill it in aau circuit or go to camps. Playing wv competition is not going to get a wvu offer. Maybe Marshall but never dub v

  • Harold

    17 ppg, two years of honorable mention, all time leading scorer in school history and Wade Martin from Point Pleasant gets no mention? What a shame. Wonder how Point had a winning season with no all staters yet Ripley won a few games with 2.

    • Mick

      The schools that Point Pleasant had wins over were all below 500.They never beat a AAA school that was having a winning season. (Soft Schedule) also 2 of their wins were against 1 A school & 1 AA School.

      • Andy

        Who do you propose that PP play? They are an indy playing in the middle of MSAC country. Some of the teams they do play...Hurricane...Winfield...they can only play once because of that schedule. Spring Valley included in that. He was fortunate enough to pick up SC a second time late in the year and he did that on a one day notice. Games in this area as a AAA are not easy to come by.

        • Mick

          Maybe they look @ attitude & if you are a team player or not. Anyone can score points if they keep the ball from their teammates. Some players think its all about themselves & not as concerned about winning as they are trying to make themselves look good. But people watching the game can see what they are all about!

        • Mick

          I must have hit a nerve, Ill say it again, Now take your time & read it slowly! If there any mistakes let know. They did play a few good teams but unfortunately they Didn't beat any of them! The schools that Point Pleasant had wins over were all below 500.They never beat a AAA school that was having a winning season. (Soft Schedule) also 2 of their wins were against 1 A school & 1 AA School. What part are you disagreeing with?

          • Andy

            I just don't understand the schedule mention. Good player is a good player. He's been a good player his entire career. Two all state mentions before this year.

            There's plenty of teams on the list that didn't beat anyone good.

  • Baldeagle

    So, are any of these players being recruited for WVU?

  • ryan

    Seems u 2 suffer from big fish-little pond syndrome

  • Dave

    Logan Phillips only gets mention he competed with class and averaged 23 a game in one of toughest conference in the state, shame on the voters !!!!

    • ryan

      You beat nobody

      • Dave

        If that's the case then I can show you three on first team that never beat anyone either , and some on losing teams!!!!

  • Randy

    Travis Clower- 25.6 ppg gets you honorable mention? Wow